June 21, 2022

Transformation Tuesday #76

Happy Transformation Tuesday! I really wish I had pictures of Noah's room to share, but I simply didn't get it done in time. I'm super bummed! I worked on it until 2:00-3:00 AM a couple of days, but it was the shelves that killed me. What should have been incredibly easy ended up being a nightmare. I just painted one part of them but I have to get some sort of stain or contrasting paint for the other part. At least Noah got to see the new color of his room and his poster that are hanging up!

As for Transformation Tuesday, I have a few fun ones from readers... enjoy :)

Years ago I painted our front door yellow. I’ve wanted to paint it pink for a couple of years now and I finally did it the other day, I love it!

- (There was no name with this one)

Wow! That shade of pink is so unique--it looks fantastic! I like the white flowers next to the welcome mat, too :)  -Katie

When we bought our house, there was this pond and waterfall. It always leaked and also was annoying to clean as it was at least 3 feet deep. I was always afraid of the dogs falling in and having to fish them out. So over the last year my Husband and I with the help of Friends and Family have been removing the pond and putting up a pergola. It’s not completely done, it still the top slats and some landscaping. But still very happy! This suits us much better. Lol maybe someday I will have a new fence, I will send you the update if that happens. 


Ruth, the pergola looks fantastic! That would be much more my style, too. It looks like it was a lot of work, though! You did a great job. -Katie

We’ve owned our house for about 14 years (longest I’ve ever lived anywhere!) but have never done anything with our small backyard, aside from mowing down the weeds. We had this old broken chain link fence that needed replacing but I didn’t want to spend the money since our backyard was so depressing anyway. 

But, during the pandemic, I became kind of obsessed with the concept of stock tank pools, and this past fall I just decided to go for it. I bought a stock tank from Tractor Supply (in early November), and then watched pretty much every stock tank pool YouTube video I could find as I plotted out what I would need and how to go about turning it into a working pool. Also, I knew once I purchased the tank I was committed, so after that it became a scramble to get it up and running by this summer (the goal I promised myself I would keep!)

Anyway, it finally came together and while not perfect (there are a lot of little things, like — why didn’t I figure out a better place to put the trash cans? Etc etc) the pool is working, crystal clear (so far!) and I am thoroughly enjoying hanging out for the first time ever in our new backyard. The pool itself is just big enough for me to float around in, which is exceedingly relaxing when I get home from work or need just a couple minutes to myself :)

-Melissa, Washington DC

Melissa, I have to admit I've never heard of a stock pond before, so now you have me very curious! It looks like so much fun--so inviting. I hope you enjoy it this summer! :)  -Katie

Thank you so much for sharing your transformations! If any readers have a transformation they'd like to share, I'd love to see it! Just send me a before picture and an after picture to: katie (at) runsforcookies (dot) com. Don't forget your name an a description of your transformation!


  1. Amazing what a difference the color makes on that front door. Your readers are so creative!

  2. That little pool is amazing! Wow I love that idea! And the new fence takes the backyard to a whole new level! Everyone had such great transformations!


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