June 24, 2022

Friday Night Photos

I have been in a bad funk for the last week or so and I'm having a hard time fighting it. I feel like I really need to get away for a few days, but have you checked out the price of airline tickets? I nearly had a heart attack!

I was thinking of going to the pacific northwest, but it was $1400 for the cheapest ticket to PDX (the others were $1700). I used to pay under $400! The cost of gas is insane, too, so I don't really want to drive anywhere. I'm not sure what I am going to end up doing. I just need a break. Jerry's been on several trips over the past couple of years and I'm jealous ;)

Anyway, here are my Friday Night Photos... surprisingly, I don't have as many as you'd think, considering I didn't do a Friday Night Photos post last week. Most of the photos I have I've either already posted or they are for a upcoming posts (Noah's bedroom reveal and my vegan recipe review). But here are the photos I have...

I think this pic is adorable! My dad and Riley are good buddies (Riley is his only granddaughter) and they were eating breakfast outside while watching the ducks swim. You can see in the bottom of the picture just how big they are getting. (My dad just has resting bitch face; he usually smiles for pictures! haha)

The sweetest cat in the entire world. My little Duckling. (Maybe I can't go somewhere--I'd miss Duck too much!)

Speaking of cats, we got a new shower curtain. It suits us more than the boring gray and yellow one :)  I hoped the wrinkles would come out with the steamy water, but no such luck. I refuse to iron a shower curtain, though. There are so many other things I'd rather do with my time ;)

Jerry was petting Phoebe and she LOVES when he scratches her back up by her tail. She sticks her butt up in the air and her eyes roll back into her head when she gets really into it!

Well, I tried the vegan "mozzarella" I experimented with last weekend even though it looked disgusting--I just plopped a little here and there. I made a homemade whole wheat pizza crust and used leftover homemade marinara (so good!), plopped some "cheese" on there, and then I caramelized an onion and put that on top of it all. It was actually really delicious! Even the vegan "cheese".

The cats are used to getting wet food first thing in the morning, but I had a jar of chicken baby food (gag) leftover from when I was trying to get Phoebe to eat, so I gave each of the cats a big spoonful of it. I thought it was so funny that they all lined up nicely together and ate their baby food. (Left to right: Phoebe, Duck, Chick, and Estelle). Phoebe has a hard time eating off of the plastic plates, which is why hers is different.

I may have posted this already, but this is the morning that Noah, Eli, and their girlfriends drove up north to my sister's property for a long weekend.

When I was cleaning out Noah's bedroom before painting it, I happened to find this note that I wrote him. I have no recollection of it or what it was about, but it kind of warmed my heart <3 

These are Noah's anatomy and biology books--seriously. For one semester! And after I took this picture, I found two more. Some of the books are so thick now that they don't even get bound; they have a hole punched at the top of each page with a metal ring through it. I am stunned that he managed to get an A in his (college) classes!

Jerry got this shirt and it's PERFECT for him! He's obsessed with Ghostbusters now (almost as much as Star Wars). And obviously, the old English D is the Tigers logo. So this shirt was right up his alley.

WTF happened to this can of primer?!!! I bought it from Sherwin Williams not too long ago, and I'm always so careful when I close up paint cans. It took both Jerry and me a few minutes to get the lid pried off and it is clearly destroyed (thankfully we're up to date on tetanus shots!). I don't even store the paint in the garage because of the temperature changes. There is still a lot of good primer in there, so I need to buy an empty paint can or something ASAP.

These are the pieces for Noah's shelves that I finally finished! I'll reveal them tomorrow. (I'm making this sound way more exciting than it is--but I happen to love the change in his room, so it's exciting to me.)

And.... it's fish fly season. Ugh! They haven't lasted very long, so hopefully there isn't a "second hatch" where we get more of them. If you're not familiar, these are gross bugs that show up once a year and they get on everything! They don't bite or sting or anything like that--they are literally just bird food, basically. But they make a popping sound when you step on them and when they die, they smell like rotten fish--which is why they are called fish flies. They last a couple of weeks.

When I was looking for shelf ideas for Noah, I thought these were so cool! They are shaped like the Tetris pieces from Nintendo. I'm really tempted to make some, but I"m not sure what I'd do with them ;)

Jerry always leaves me cute little notes, but this one was just weird. I was making baby potatoes a couple of days ago and one of them looked like this. I couldn't bear the thought of cutting it, so I just kept it on the counter. The next day, I found it like this.

The kittens are so predictable and it cracks me up. In the mid-morning, I use a spray called Meowijuana (basically just catnip infused spray) on their toys. They go crazy for it! As soon as the kittens smell catnip, they start wrestling, which turns into rabbit-kicking each other in the face.

And finally... Eli got his driver's license! He's been 16 since January, but he hadn't gotten enough practice with his permit in order to get his license. During the pandemic/lockdown, we didn't go anywhere, so he never drove. For the record, this car is not his ;)  It's my car, but he was excited to take it to the rec center and lift weights. And I was happy that I didn't have to drive him! 

And that's all I have. Have a great weekend! xo

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