June 18, 2022

My Little Helper

Oh wow, it's 9:30 PM already, and I always publish my blog by 10:00. I have been non-stop busy for the past few days! Like I mentioned, Noah and Eli drove up north to my sister's property. They took Joey with them, too, so the house has been quiet when Jerry's at work.

Again, no Friday Night Photos post--I just haven't had time (those posts take a long time to do). Maybe I'll do that tomorrow instead of a recipe, because I haven't had time to find, cook, and take pictures of a vegan recipe.

I really want to get Noah's bedroom makeover finished before he gets home. I moved everything out the bedroom yesterday, then primed and painted. I was up until after 2:00 AM painting! But it looks really good (I'll share pictures later).

Of course, Duck was super jealous that I was paying more attention to the paint brush than to him, so he climbed up on the ladder and pushed his face all over me while I was trying to paint. (That's primer on the walls, by the way--not the color!)

I want to start putting his room back together, but in order to do that, I need to hang shelves so there is a place to put things instead of cramming them in his closet. I've been wanting to make shelves for the longest time for him, but I'm such a perfectionist that I never ended up making them. I would try something and if it wasn't perfectly square or something, I would get frustrated and try to come up with a different plan.

This time, I made a decision of what I'm doing and it's relatively simple. They will look cool and hold together well (there are some types of joints that aren't strong enough for shelves--especially since I'm using solid oak). I cut out several of the pieces I need for the shelves and only have a few more before I can start putting them together.

I wish I had something significant to show, but everything in my house and garage is a disaster! Anyway, I have to cut this short. I'm going to head back out to the garage for a few more hours and see what I can get done. It'd be nice to get them finished by early tomorrow afternoon. (Yes, I'm probably dreaming, but I can hope!)

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