June 17, 2022

Noah's Bedroom Makeover (Part 1)

ETA: I wrote this whole post thinking that it was Thursday! So I don't have Friday Night Photos tonight. I'll try and do that tomorrow; I love my Friday posts!

Wow, this is turning into so much work! Noah's room is very minimal, so I didn't think it would take long to get it ready to paint and put in some new decor.

Noah is very interested in Japanese culture (he wants to live there for six months after he's done with school). He has a Japanese bed--which is basically a particular type of mattress that you just lie on the floor (usually with a mat underneath, but since he has carpet in his room, there is no need). 

He wanted to get rid of most furniture; all he has are the corner desk I made him (of which he didn't want drawers), and the round table that we made together based on another Japanese table we found online. The legs fold in on the table, so it's easy to store. Likewise, the mattress folds into thirds and fits in his closet when he's not sleeping on it.

He really likes his room this way! He just wishes he had posters and shelves on the walls to put his little knick knacks--and I've been meaning to make some for the longest time--but I just couldn't figure out how I wanted to do them. Now I think I have an idea, but first thing's first: painting the bedroom.

Noah picked out the paint he wanted and I bought it a while ago from Sherwin Williams. Right now, though, I have to move everything out of his room. First, I pulled everything out of his closet. EVERYTHING. His room was a disaster. (The first picture was after I moved all of his bedding as his mattress.)

This was just the closet before (I collaged them together, so you can see the left side and right side):

After pulling everything out of the closet, it looked even worse! (I moved the mattress to my closet to keep the pets away from it.)

I started organizing things into containers: electronics in one, cords for everything you can imagine in another, video games in another, etc. It was hard to organize without having shelves (other than what's in his closet, but that's mostly for his clothes).

Noah has an odd closet, in a way. When we got the house, the closet was really deep and the clothes hung from left to right. There was only one shelf and it was right above the clothes. It was really inefficient; because the closet was so deep, it was a big waste of space in the front. When Jerry and I redid the boys' bedrooms in 2018, one of the things I did was try to make more space in his closet.

It can't really be considered a "walk-in" closet, because it's still cramped, but at least now he has a lot of shelves and his clothes are on one side. So, we're trying to maximize space without looking too cluttered.

Without having shelves to put things temporarily while I paint, I had to move a lot of stuff to the kitchen table. I'm making progress, but it's slow going!

Here is what it looks like at the moment:

I'm going to work on it tonight and hopefully it'll be ready to paint tomorrow! Moving his computer desk is going to be scary--he has so many things that I have to be extra careful with. And I still need time to make his shelves--yikes. Hopefully it'll all turn out good :)

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