June 07, 2022

Transformation Tuesday #74

I've been working on projects all week, but nothing is complete yet! The only before and after pictures I had from this week are from organizing my mom's spice drawer/cupboard (that was on Saturday's post). I was a little disappointed not to have more transformations to share today, but this one from a reader is pretty jaw-dropping and probably deserves its own post!

This is actually from Rach, a blog reader who I met up with for breakfast when I went to Boston with John and Caitlin in 2017 (that was such a fun trip). Rach is so sweet, and when I saw that she posted these pictures on Facebook, I told her I would love to share them on Transformation Tuesday. Here goes...

My partner and I bought our first home together last year and were excited to do some projects to make it truly ours. In addition to ripping out old carpets, painting, and even installing some new flooring ourselves (a total first for me!) we also outsourced a few projects. 

I really wanted a new outdoor living space, and to beautify our yard. This meant hiring a crew to install a new patio in back of our house and spending many days planting new flowers and shrubs ourselves! A local company gave us a reasonable quote and their incredible crew demolished our old patio and installed a new one. Here are some photos. We have been loving it!

- Rach

Rach, I absolutely LOVE the patio--it's exactly what I hope to have someday! It looks so cozy and it's perfect for entertaining. What a great place to hang out all summer. I'm glad you've been enjoying it :)  -Katie

A huge thank you to Rach for sharing your photos--the whole transformation is gorgeous! If anyone has a transformation to share, please do. It doesn't have to be something huge, like a patio. Just send me a before photo and an after photo at: katie (at) runsforcookies (dot) com. Be sure to include your name and a description of your transformation, and I'd love to share it for Transformation Tuesday!


  1. This is a fabulous transformation. Those outdoors spaces became even more important during the pandemic, but I know we and our neighbors all got used to spending more time outside and still love it. Thanks, Katie for sharing Rach's transformation.

  2. Wow, what a great job. I am impressed by the new patio. Would it be possible to post the name of the contractor? I am in Boston area, and am hoping to redo our patio this summer. thank you so much.

  3. Hi Pauline! I'm the Rach who posted the photos and would be very happy to share the name of the company/contractor! I had SUCH a good experience with them! The name is RiverFront Landscape, and the owner is Kyle Palmblad. I'm sure you can find them easily online. If you can believe it, they scheduled us only a few weeks out and completed this project in only 4 days! I think they're based in Sudbury, MA. I hope you have a great summer!


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