March 25, 2021

On This Day: March 25

A couple of weeks ago I didn't have anything to write, and I decided to post some pictures that were taken on that day in previous years. It was fun to see what was going on back then! I don't really have anything new to write, so I'm going to throwback to this day (March 25) in years past (at least as far as my photos go back)...

This was taken in 2005, when Noah was eight months old. It's so hard to imagine a house with just one baby and one pet! (We had Chandler at the time.) Noah was 18 months old when Eli was born, so the house wasn't this quiet for TOO long ;)

I don't have any pictures on March 25 from 2006-2010, unfortunately! But here is one from 2011... Noah used to get a magazine from LEGO in the mail and kids submit photos of them with things they built out of LEGOs. Noah asked me to take his picture to send to the magazine. So sweet!

This is a race photo from the Rock CF Half Marathon in 2012. My gait looks terrible here, haha. This was the first and only race I've ever worn headphones. I didn't like wearing them because I didn't get to chat with people on the course. Even if I don't talk to other people, I at least like to listen to what's going on.

A post-race photo with my friends. Left to right: me, Alicia, Andrea, Jessica, Stephanie, and Renee.

I ran the half in 2:02:57, which was a PR for me at the time. My previous best was 2:10:40, so it was a big jump down.

In 2013, this was Noah's "special day". I used to let the kids have a "special day" once per school year. They could each play hooky from school and choose something fun to do with me--just the two of us. Usually we would go out to eat and go to a movie or bowling. On this day, we went bowling, then lunch at Red Robin, and then ice cream at DQ. I miss doing special days with them. Now, if I suggest missing school, Noah tells me all the reasons he can't do that if he wants to get into the nursing program at school! Haha, he's a good kid.

At the bowling alley for Noah's "special day".

Jerry and I went to see Divergent in 2014. It was later this evening that I called Mark's nephew to let him know we were going to visit the following day, and Mark's nephew told me that Mark didn't have much longer to live--the hospice nurse was there and there wasn't time for me to go up and see him. He passed away a few hours later, in the early morning of March 26. (Here is Mark's story if you're not familiar.) Can you believe it's been seven years since Mark died? 

This is Eli playing with Luke in 2018. Luke had just turned a year old and he LOVED Eli. Thankfully, Eli is great with kids and he loved playing with Luke just as much (he still does). I miss when Eli was really into his hairstyle! This is the blond that was left after the blue faded.

This was in 2019--I just finished a four-day bathroom makeover. I'd removed the popcorn ceiling, taped and mudded the drywall seams, painted, made a new countertop, replaced the door, painted the cabinets, and Jerry installed new flooring. You can see the details and before photos on this post.

This was fun! I may make this a regular "Throwback Thursday" type of post (at least when I don't have much to write about).

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  1. That's great that Noah has his eyes on his goal and wants to work towards it! He sounds like a very goal-oriented, self-motivated student, and those are great qualities to have.


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