March 09, 2021

Transformation Tuesday #17

I have a variety of Transformation Posts to share today... thank you so much for sending them in! I have a few more to share next week, but it helps if you get them emailed sooner rather than later so I can prep the posts ahead of time. Please keep them coming!

I previously shared my DIY dining room. This one is of my son’s room. I had a million projects started, but a couple weeks ago when my son said he wanted his room done, I couldn’t help but stop everything and jump on it. His room was extremely feminine when we purchased the home. He loves Nascar and Richard Petty, and gave me his favorite car to use as inspiration. I thought the blue might be a bit much in his room, so I just did his bathroom in it. I used duct tape around his mirror to add the bright orange! That is my favorite part...duct tape! I put the peel and stick vinyl tiles down in his bathroom in the cool checkered pattern (I still have a couple to do around the toilet). His desk is an adjustable work bench! He loves how it turned out!

- Valerie Kendall, Owasso, Oklahoma

I have a small dog who is my little shadow and my closest companion, he knows all my secrets!  BUT...he pees on my carpet and rugs. If I wasn't so in love with him I would have tried to re-home him a long time ago, but I absolutely adore the little guy and I just can’t do it. We have tried and tried to train him not to pee in the house, but he has separation anxiety and when I’m not home he still resorts to peeing in the house. It’s easy to replace my rugs, but no matter how much we clean our carpets, we just couldn't get the smell out of the house.

So we decided to remove all of the carpet and install luxury vinyl flooring.  The living areas and bathrooms are all tile, but the stairs, landings and bedrooms were all carpet. Some of the rooms are still a mess and not ready to share, but here is the transformation on the stairs and the master bedroom.  I’ll send my office and our home gym when we get those finished.

We did the vinyl on the steps but I wanted the white front for a more classic look.  My stepdad did the installation while my husband and I moved furniture, scraped caulking, patched and painted the walls.

Here is the bedroom (I forgot to take a before photo until after we removed the headboard and platform for our bed). All the furniture is the same in the before and afters.

- Shanon, dog lover and DIY'er

I have struggled with my weight all of my life. At one point I had lost 150 pounds and felt great physically. But my mental health got worse, I struggled, and gained 90 of it back.

I have worked hard on my mental health, got pregnant, and had my baby boy in August. Now it's time to focus on myself physically!

I started Weight Watchers in December, but did not actually start trying until January 1. As of the end of February, I am down 15 pounds! 

- Alli, Germany, New Mama, and focusing on me

Valerie, that does not even look like the same bedroom--holy cow! I don't blame your son one bit for wanting a change ;)  I love the creativity.

Shanon, I LOVE my luxury vinyl planking, and I'm sure you will love having it, too! You are one patient dog-mom and he's very lucky to have you. The flooring looks great!

Alli, you look AMAZING. I can't believe what a huge difference there is in just a couple of months! That has to be super motivating to keep going. And a big congrats on the new baby!

To submit a Transformation Tuesday (please do--I love these posts!) just send me an email including a before photo and an after photo, along with a description of the transformation. Include your name, location, and what you like to do (if you feel comfortable sharing). You can send it to: katie (at) runsforcookies (dot) com. I will post them in the order that I receive them or if I have enough for a certain category, I might do that.

Remember, transformations can be about ANYTHING--organizing a closet, upcycling an article of clothing or furniture, a new hair style, a before and after of telling your dog he's a good boy, etc. There is no transformation that is considered boring, I promise!


  1. All three stories made me smile this morning! What a great job on the bedroom for your son. The floor looks great, and the stairs are awesomefor the dog mommy! Way to Go Alli! Working on your mental health first is so helpful for your weight loss journey! Congrats on the new baby, soon he'll be running around and you will be right behind him! Enjoy.

  2. Love the transformations! I can understand the "offender" story totally. How could you resist that little face, those huge dark eyes. That's what I call cute! I've spent hours on my knees scrubbing carpets with Resolve cleaner. And gallons of laundry soap washing bedding. All the work and money you did is just so amazing. He appreciates it, but he just cant say it. We do it because we are loving people.

  3. What struck me the most here as is the LOVE that shines through in each of these posts for the people & creatures in our lives. These projects really underscored how Transformation Tuesday projects are labors of love.

  4. To Anonymous who wrote "What struck me"--what an awesome comment! Love all these transformations, and hooray to all for sharing their results even if they are in progress instead of waiting for perfection. Fantastic lesson for us all.

  5. Congratulations on giving love and attention to your mental health. In this time of uncertainty, all of us need to take a lesson from you! Thank you!!!


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