March 31, 2021

Summer School

It has been so hard for me to rest my hands! I've been trying to do as little as possible with my hands because my carpal tunnel syndrome flared up--and now I'm so antsy. At first, I thought, "This will be great! I can sit around for a couple of days without feeling guilty, reading my book, watching TV, etc." But just a few hours in, I was itching to go work on something.

I'd already finished painting the TV console and coffee table, but I still hadn't painted the drawer pulls, so I couldn't put the hardware back on the tables. I bought spray paint for those and every couple of hours yesterday, I went out to the garage to put a light coat on them, then turn them over, repeat. That didn't really bother my hands.

Today, I put the hardware back on the drawers for the coffee table, and I love how it looks! Restoring it took much longer than I expected it to (and it was a LOT more work) but I think it's worth it. I want to give the paint another day or two to cure before moving it into the house. Here is a before and after of the coffee table:

I'll post more pictures once we bring them in the house.

Last year, I was going through some papers and came across financial records from when I went to college. I went to Eastern Michigan University for two years, declaring psychology as my major. I had no idea what I planned to do with a degree in psychology, and after two years, I moved back home and started going to community college. I was accepted into a Dietetics program but I changed my mind about that. I took some health classes, thinking about nursing--but knew I didn't really want to do that, either.

Finally, after three years of college with no idea what I was going to do, I quit. Jerry and I had just gotten married and I was working as an assistant manager at Curves. I got pregnant a couple of months after getting married, and family life took over.

I never regretted not finishing school. And I still don't. There isn't a different career path that I'd wished I'd taken; I am happy with the way things turned out.

Anyway, I found the financial records and it made me curious about my grades and the classes I'd taken, and stuff like that. It was so long ago that I don't even remember anymore! I pulled up my records online and I noticed that after all of my credits from the university transferred to the community college, I was only two credits away from an associates degree.

Even though I have no need for a degree, it seemed kind of silly to be just two credit hours away from one. So, I decided to look into taking a class this year and finish the degree. I even added that to my 40 Goals by 40 Years Old List 2.0

Jerry told me recently about a program that was recently passed in Michigan that allows people 25 years and older, who don't have a degree, to go to community college tuition-free. It includes both new students and returning students. The only caveat is that you have to enroll at least half-time (six credit hours) per semester.

I only need two credit hours, but if the state is going to pay for my tuition, I might as well take another class to hit the six credit hours needed. It's actually cheaper for me to take two classes, even after paying for my books.

I registered for two classes: Mental Health and Lifespan Psychology (Psychology of Aging). I'm sure not a single person reading this will be surprised by my choices!

I have to buy the books, but the total for those is only $130. I already have one of the required books for Mental Health--interestingly, it's a memoir of a woman with bipolar disorder. I think I'm going to like the class ;)  While it would be kind of fun to go back into a classroom, both of the classes are done online. At least I don't have to be the random old lady in the room sitting apart from all the spring chickens ;)

I'm hoping that the tuition grant will go through before the tuition is due, otherwise I may have to wait until fall. I qualified for the grant and I started the whole process yesterday; the website said I should be good to go for summer classes, so we'll see. The classes start on May 10.

I'm kind of excited about it--even though I'm only taking these for "fun", I'm super interested in all things psychology; it'll be fun to learn more about it, and read and write about it.


  1. I have a degree in psychology and I LOVED my Aging class :) So fun that you're going to finish your degree!

  2. I went back to college in my late 40s. I am 57 now and have a BA and two MAs. Loved online classes and learning!! I have a hard time not going back for more!
    I’m proud of you for choosing this path! Way to go!!

  3. When I left the law firm, I took a few psychology classes at a community college. It was perfect. Many of the students were my age or older and everyone was there because they wanted to be. It felt so much different from my younger college experiences. I hope you have fun and it will be tremendous to congratulate you on another accomplishment!

  4. Katie, I teach at university. I will be very interested to hear your point of view as a returning student taking classes for the first time in years. I usually find that returning students are the most earnest because they really want to be there. Good luck!

  5. How exciting! This sounds like so much fun; your state's grant program sounds like a great idea!


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