March 16, 2021

Transformation Tuesday #18 : Home Revamping!

Since I started my obsession with DIY'ing home renovation projects, I can't get enough of before and afters of renovations/redecorating. It's SO amazing what a little paint can do, or replacing flooring, or simply rearranging furniture. I find that my mood is so much better when I enjoy the way my space looks, too. I'm sure my orange furniture and ginormous wall clock aren't to everyone's taste, but they make me feel good ;)  

I'm going to share SIX fun transformations today... enjoy! (And please keep sending them--after today, my folder is empty of transformations. See bottom of post for how to submit your transformations.)

I wanted to update my kids’ bathroom on a budget, so I painted everything! Including the walls, cabinets, trim, sink (technically a glaze) and countertops (bought a kit). We used leftover flooring from when we redid our floors on the main level. And I kept the same fixtures and cabinet hardware. Our only new purchases were the toilet, mirror, shelf, shower curtain, and window shade.

- Melissa, amateur home remodeler from west Michigan

Recently we took out a window and replaced it with a slider. It has added so much light to our living area, and now we can enjoy our backyard while watching the sunrise from our chairs. Our cats also like it!

- Rhonda

I had this ugly green carpeting on my stairs for years. I wanted a more updated look. I am retired now and have plenty of time, so I wanted to try to do some projects myself. I am a “hire a person” type because my husband and I are NOT handy!

I ripped out the old carpeting, who knew there was such things as tack strips and that they tacked down carpeting with a bazillion tacks! It took a while and when it was all done I thought I could just wipe it down and it would look brand new. It was a lot more banged up than I realized. I also didn’t know that the backs of the steps were not oak which means I couldn’t refinish the backs. I refinished the treads and then painted the backs and molding.

- Sue

My husband and I bought a new house in December and it’s beige beige beige, the most boring color (to us, anyway). We finally got around to adding some fun color, starting with - your favorite - orange! And yes, that is a white pumpkin on the red stool (we have a pumpkin patch every year, that was our favorite pumpkin from the 2020 season, and it’s still in great shape)!

- Amy

I wanted to submit my quarantine reupholstery project for transformation Tuesday. This is a Norwalk Furniture couch that was stamped May 7, 1970 on the inside.

- Peg

We repainted our bathroom!  In the before picture (from the realtor pictures online) you can see the wallpaper border and off-white walls. What you don't see is that the previous owner did a quick fix with flat white paint to cover the nicotine stains in the bathroom!  After we bought the house it only took a few showers to see those stains again. 

So we picked out a lovely light grey paint and cleaned, applied two coats of Kilz primer and repainted the bathroom. It looks brand new! The downstairs bathroom also needs an upgrade; I will make sure to take pictures of that too (there is red shag carpeting....).  

Shannon - Idaho

Holy smokes--I LOVE these transformations this week!

Melissa, I am in love with your entire bathroom remodel. The shower curtain is the best! 

Rhonda, that was such a good call with the window--what an awesome place to put a glass door so it's not hiding the (amazing) view.

Sue, I am SO impressed that you did all that yourself with the stairs. It's scary when things don't go as smoothly as we expect (like when I tore out the crown molding and saw that the drywall seams weren't finished underneath them--ugh!). The stairs look professional!

Amy, you captured my heart with the orange wall. LOVE it!

Peg, I am so jealous of your upholstery skills--I tried it once and it was so much more complicated than I thought and I gave up. What a great couch! I love old furniture--the quality back then was amazing. 

Shannon, the update you gave that bathroom is stunning! And now I am dying to see the red shag carpeting in the bathroom downstairs--oh, lordy. Haha!

Thank you thank you thank you for sharing your transformations this week! To send in a transformation, just email a before photo and an after photo (of anything at all) to me at: katie (at) runsforcookies (dot) com. Include a description of the transformation, your name, location, and what you like to do. Depending on how many I have to post, it may be a week or two before it's up, but I will definitely post it!


  1. I would love to know the brand and name of Shannon’s bathroom paint!

  2. Amy, I spy a "snowflake quilt" from modern handcraft! Did you do the quilt along last fall? I did!

  3. Wow you people are so creative!

  4. Those all look amazing! They give me some motivation to work on my kids bathroom, which I have been putting off for almost a year. Ugh!!


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