September 09, 2019

Anne Taintor Mug Giveaway (From Me, With Love)

Mug giveaway

I tried SO hard to get a post up last night, but the post I've been working on is really long and detailed and is going to take me some more time, so I'm going to at least get this post up up this morning, and hopefully the other will be ready to post tonight.

I've been meaning to give these away for a while and just haven't gotten around to it; but since everyone has been so generous with donating things to my cross country team, I want to give something back (no, this isn't anything super special, I know, but it's something!).

When I was remodeling my kitchen, I bought these mugs because they go really well with the epoxy countertop that I made for my island. I bought six of the mugs because the mug tree that I bought had spots for six mugs. However, the mugs are large (not standard size) and I could only fit four on there. I planned to return the other two, but the store is so far away that I just never got around to it. And then I had the idea to just give them away on my blog. Because I think they're pretty fun mugs!

This one is my favorite. Because I'm legit crazy, and my cats don't give a shit. They love me because they've trained me to be at their beck and call.

"Cats don't care if you're crazy" mug

Here is my collection that I decided to keep. These are Anne Taintor ceramic mugs that hold 14 oz of your favorite bev!

And here are the mugs I'm giving away (one of them is a duplicate of mine because the store only had five different ones--clearly I'm a cat person, haha):

I have one of each: "Dress for the job you want" and "You say 'crazy cat lady' like it's a bad thing".

I don't like making people jump through hoops for giveaways, so you don't need to comment, tag, hashtag or anything else on social media to enter. Just fill out this simple Google form (it will be for my eyes only). I will use to select a winner. Please only enter for one of the mugs (not both). One entry per person, and duplicate entries will be voided (because let's play fair, kids!).

I'll leave entries open until Friday, September 13th at 1:00 PM Eastern Time. If you win, I'll email you and get your shipping address. And I'm so sorry for those of you outside of the States, but shipping would cost probably twice as much as each of these mugs do, so I'm just going to open this to those in the States.

Okay! If you want one of the mugs, just fill out this form:

Like I said, I'll choose a winner on Friday and notify the winner via email. Good luck!


  1. How fun! Thank you for the opportunity! These mugs are adorable!

  2. The cat mug cracks me up. I am (sadly) very allergic to cats, but I adore them and before my allergies got bad, and my son was diagnosed, we usually had at least two cats!

  3. I like your style :D! Thank you for the opportunity!

  4. I love Anne Taintor. I have the 2019 wall calendar and it cracks me up!


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