September 28, 2019

My Weight Loss Goal List from 10 Years Ago (and how it measures up to my current body/weight)

It occurred to me recently that next year will be 10 years since I reached my goal weight. Because it's a nice round number, I want to hit that date with a bang. I want to look and feel as great as I did 10 years ago!

I have a full year until then, so I'm going to try to come up with a plan to reach those goals. With over a year, I can make some serious goals that will require dedication. I think that would be great for me! (Using the seasons--fall, winter, spring, and summer--as guidelines will be helpful. I can start with the goals I wrote for fall).

Anyway, all this had me thinking about the beginning of my weight loss journey (I hate the cliché phrase "weight loss journey" but I'm not sure what else to call it).

At this point 10 years ago, I'd been on Day 41 of counting Weight Watchers' Points. I wasn't going to Weight Watchers meetings or anything; I had all the program materials at home, so I just used that to follow the plan on my own. And I was a bit of an expert--I'd joined and quit so many times before, it was no big deal for me. And I honestly didn't think that time would be any different.

So, 10 years and 41 days ago:

I hadn't yet started running. I wasn't do any exercise at all, actually. Changing my diet was hard enough, and I hated exercise, so I didn't force it.

I weighed 235.5 pounds, which was a loss of 17.5 pounds from my starting date of August 19, 2009.

On September 23, 2009, I wrote this list of things to look forward to when I'm "thin"--things thin people may take for granted (I didn't specify what "thin" meant, however--I think that, at 167-ish pounds right now, my "old self" would consider my current self as "thin" at this weight. I certainly don't feel thin right now, but when I was 235 pounds, I would have killed to be at this weight!):

1. Bend over and tie my shoes without holding my breath.

Thankfully, I can do this! It didn't take too long before this was possible (maybe three months into my journey?)

2. Take off my wedding rings (they've been stuck on my finger for more than 2 years now).

Yes, I can take them off. And I actually did... permanently. It's not that I don't want people knowing I'm married, but I am not a jewelry person (well, except for my ears) and I didn't love wearing my rings. So, after discussing it with Jerry, I sold them. Maybe someday Jerry and I will get simple bands. (He had to take off his ring frequently for work, so he doesn't wear his anymore, either).

3. Wrap a normal-sized bath towel ALL the way around me.

I can definitely still do this. It's hard to remember NOT being able to, because I have so much extra room now. At 253 pounds, I remember there was a gap in front that wouldn't close.

4. When I go clothes shopping, looking for clothes I LIKE first, followed by finding my size--right now, I automatically look for my size, THEN look to see if I like it.

I hate clothes shopping right now, because my size is so much higher than two years ago. I recently  found myself looking at sizes first, and then whether or not I liked the item when deciding. I remembered this goal on my list, and I corrected it. I started looking through clothes to find what I liked, and then checked the size. So, this one is a so-so.

5. Sit Indian-style on the floor.

I know that "Indian-style" is not politically correct but those of you from my generation probably know what I mean. I'm not sure what the PC term is now? Anyway... Yes, I can still do this, and I find it very comfortable sometimes! I sat on a hill today at the cross country meet, and it makes my legs feel good. At my thinnest, I could sit on an airplane seat like that! I most certainly couldn't do it with the extra pounds right now, though.

6. Sit on the floor at all without shifting positions 100 times from being so uncomfortable.

This is another so-so. I do change positions a lot! It's not usually because of my weight, though; it's usually because of my pain. I have bad back pain, so I try to sit in a way that makes it comfortable. However, holding still is hard for me.

7. Wear CUTE bras and panties, rather than the comfy granny-panties.

Sadly, I've gone back to the comfy granny panties! I really miss wearing cute panties, but I don't feel "cute" wearing them. I just don't love how my body looks when I'm naked (or close to it) so I dress for comfort rather than how I look. This is a bummer! (Jerry thinks so, too)

8. Ride a bike without my butt hurting really badly.

I haven't ridden a bike lately, so I'll have to do that. The couple of times I was going to ride it, the tires needed air, and I didn't bother looking for the air pump (sheer laziness, I know). The last time I rode, though, I was able to do it without my butt hurting.

9. Enjoy getting my picture taken.

No, no, and NO. I hate it right now! I can't help but compare it to how I looked even 18 months ago. I wish that I truly didn't care, but I'd be lying if I said that. I think even if I lost just 5-10 pounds, I'd feel a lot better about myself. The only pics I have right now are ones that others have taken (usually at cross country).

10. Wear clothes comfortably, without tugging my shirt down.

This is another no. I'm very self-conscious right now about how things fit (or don't fit), and I still tug at my clothes to hide the spots I dislike (my stomach, arms, hips).

11. Sit in a lawn chair without worrying about exceeding the weight limit.

Definitely don't have to worry about that anymore, unless it's a child's chair ;)

12. Go to an amusement park without worrying whether I will fit into the seats on rides.

I haven't been to an amusement park in a long time, but I'm sure that at this size, I'd fit just fine on the rides.

13. SINK in a pool instead of float.

I haven't been swimming (I really hate the pool) so I'm not sure about this one. My body fat is up quite a bit since last time, so maybe I'd float. Who knows?

14. Sleep without snoring.

Luckily for Jerry, I don't snore ;) Nor do I have sleep apnea anymore, like I did at 253 pounds!

15. Cross my legs with ease.

This depends on what I'm wearing, I think. If I'm wearing tight jeans and sitting in a smaller chair, then it probably takes effort. But if I have room to shift my weight to one hip or another, then I can cross my legs.

For the most part, I'm much better off now than I was 10 years ago. I think that most of the issue I have with my weight now is cosmetic. There are few physical things that I wish were more comfortable--like cross my legs with ease, exercise (running feels SO challenging right now), and doing activities that normally (when thinner) wouldn't make me out of breath or sweaty.

One of the biggest positives right now is that I am much more active on a daily basis than ever before (well, maybe not when training for the Chicago Marathon, haha). But because I love doing projects around the house, I put a LOT of blood (literally), sweat (literally), and tears (literally) into my projects. I love doing them, and as a bonus, they are tough work!

I had been planning to share pictures of myself at that size--from September 2009, at 230-240 pounds, but I don't have any! I actually just have the following picture, from Noah's first day of kindergarten:

And my most recent picture (sitting "Indian style" with the kids at cross country):


  1. It's Criss Cross Applesauce now. :)

    1. My sons teacher added, spoons in the bowl to keep their hands to themselves. So funny to me!

  2. This is awesome. I think it's incredible you've managed to keep the weight off for so long - definitely inspiring! I have no doubt you'll manage to get to your goal weight again.

    I think I might make a list for myself too, I need to lose around 20kg. Hopefully I can reflect on it in 10 years time at a stable healthy weight like you are!

  3. I think it's just called sitting cross-legged now :)

  4. Criss-cross applesauce is what they call indian style now!

  5. We called it “Indian style” as a kid too but I’ve heard the kids these days call it “criss cross applesauce”! Lol. You have so much to be proud of!! I totally get what you mean though. I’m trying so hard to love myself at the size I am now but I would still love to lose 15-20 pounds to get in a more comfortable existence ;) I’ll be here cheering you along though Katie!

  6. I think "healthy lifestyle journey" now instead of weight loss journey.... A healthy lifestyle includes so much more than just weight loss and in the grand scheme of things healthy is really what we are looking for. Great post. PS - I started my health journey in 2007 and reached my WW goal in May 2009. I'm up about 20 pounds from where I feel best and don't like it and need to get back to serious!

  7. Unsolicited advice alert (lol): Have you ever tried Aerie underwear? I love them because they feel amazing to me, even if its a size XXL, and I feel cute in them. They're the only underwear I buy nowadays, since I hate my body way less in them.


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