September 04, 2019

13 Years of Back to School Photos

I hate to just throw a post up here without writing much, but I don't have much to say today... and I made a goal (just to myself that I wasn't planning to make public, haha) to write every single day in September. I'd love to get back in the habit of posting every day. Even if it's just pictures, which is pretty much what this post will be.

My kids went back to school yesterday, and my mom asked me why I didn't post the usual back-to-school photos on Facebook that all the other parents share. Honestly, I just don't use Facebook much at all! And I wonder does anyone really even want to see pictures of my kids on the first day of school?

So, I'll just get on the bandwagon and I'll raise it... by 13 years. Here are 13 years of back-to-school pictures of my kids. It's so strange to me that some of you started reading 8 years ago, and a few of you since the Open Diary days before my kids were even born!

In this first picture, it was Eli's first day at the library playgroup (what we called his "school"), and Noah decided to "help" him get ready... by coloring ALL OVER him with markers! (Look at his legs.)  It was Noah's first day of three-year old preschool.

In 2008, Noah was starting his first day of four-year old preschool, and Eli was going to his library "class".

In 2009, Noah was heading off to his first day of kindergarten and he got to ride the school bus! He was so nervous, and even had tears on his cheeks, but a little neighbor girl grabbed his hand and went up on the bus with him saying, "C'mon, you can sit with me!" He was just fine after that. Eli walked with us to the bus stop, and this is what he chose to wear, hahahaha. Eli was always wearing funny things when he was little. I have a whole folder on my computer of Eli's funny outfits.

In 2010, Noah was starting first grade and Eli was going to four-year old preschool. This was when they didn't mind wearing matching clothes ;)

In 2011, Noah was entering second grade and Eli was SO EXCITED to ride the bus to kindergarten for his very first time. The bus stop was listed in the newspaper as being right in front of our house, so we thought that was awesome. We waited and waited and waited... and it never came. When I called, I was told that the stop was changed to a couple of blocks over (they never told us!). Eli was super disappointed, and I was heartbroken for him. I drove him to school. But he got to ride the bus home.

In 2012, Noah was going to third grade and Eli was starting first grade.

In 2013, Noah was going into fourth grade and Eli into second. Here, they are showing off their new school shoes. The shoes were a big deal for them that year! haha

In 2014, the boys no longer rode the same bus, so I ended up getting separate photos. I forgot to get one before taking Noah to the bus! Noah was entering fifth grade at the middle school and Eli was in third grade.

In 2015, the boys still had separate schools. Noah was in sixth and Eli in fourth grade. Check out those lunchboxes! ;)

In 2016, Noah was going into seventh grade and Eli, entering fifth grade, was attending the middle school with Noah. Noah was ALL about that enormous trapper keeper type thing he was carrying. It was huge and he carried it to all his classes.

In 2017, Noah got glasses while entering eighth grade, and Eli, going into sixth, became very interested in styling his hair. For his school haircut, he asked to have it cut like his favorite YouTuber.

In 2018, the boys clearly had a growth spurt. Noah started "Year 1" at the middle college (it's not called ninth grade there--they are referred to by Year 1, Year 2, etc.). And he was now solely at the college campus! Eli, going into seventh grade, became a trendsetter and definitely marched to the beat of his own drum. That year, he would dye his hair blue and get his ears pierced (despite lots of teasing). Several kids followed suit not too much later ;)

This year, they're both taller than me (about 5'7"--I'm 5'4!). Eli got braces last week and he just started fall baseball. Noah has a pretty serious girlfriend and is now driving with his learners permit! (Joey wanted to be in the photo, too)

Can you believe how much they've grown? I feel like I just blinked and a whole decade went by. I miss so much about them being little, but it's also super fun having kids that are very "adult-like". I do not miss Thomas the Train one single bit (is that not the most boring show EVER?!) or having a house where I'm tripping over toys everywhere.

Now, I just have to remind them to put on deodorant, not forget their lunchboxes, and do their homework. In the evenings, we all like to take Joey for a walk around the neighborhood, watch an episode of Naked & Afraid, and have a bedtime snack.

The years go by so fast! If you have little ones, make sure you treasure every single moment. :)


  1. My family (me, DH, and DS14, 9th grade) love watching Naked and Afraid together, too! Great pics!

  2. This is so adorable! And they are so big!! Time really does fly! I've been reading your blog since 2012 (I think?) and wow, I just remember you posting about the boys and they were so small! Sometimes 2012 feels like just yesterday (I wasn't even engaged then) and then other times it feels like lightyears away (on September 13th I'll be married 5 years!). I'm loving getting all these blog post notifications from you!! <3

  3. It's nice to have the pictures to look back because the time really does fly by.

  4. I've been reading your blog since 2009/2010 back when you were on OpenDiary. The pics from those years are still how I remember your boys!

  5. I LOVE this post! Such handsome gentlemen you live with!

  6. So fun! Thank you for posting these! I used to take the kids' pictures every year as well, and was SO touched and tickled when they would send me ones from college, too. Middle son is at the Air Force Inst. of Technology doing his Master's degree and still sent me one on his first day - uniform and all. What great memories!

  7. Oh god, my son is 1 1/2 and I love Thomas haha. My brother and I used to watch it obsessively when we were little, and I think I'm just glad my kid likes it too. He always asks to watch "choo choo" or "train" whenever he sees the little icon on Prime.

    Anyways, what's that saying...the days are long but the years are short...? I feel like that looking at this post and they're not even my kids!! How do they grow so fast?!


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