June 01, 2018

Day 1: 11 Random Facts About Me

Like I mentioned on my last post, I am challenging myself to write 30 blog posts in 30 days. I have a list of topics to write about, so each post will be a different topic--relevant or irrelevant, it doesn't matter. My goal in doing this is to find my love for writing again.

So, I thought starting with a "facts about me" post seemed fitting for Day 1. (I chose 11 facts because 11 is my favorite number). I've been blogging for 18 years (on Runs for Cookies for 7 years), so there probably isn't much that I haven't written about before; but, I'll try to think of some unique items! Here goes...

  I hate the sound of my own voice. I've been interviewed on several podcasts, appeared on TV and even the From Fat to Finish Line documentary--but I won't listen/watch because I cringe so hard when I hear my voice. (The link above will take you to a page listing my interviews, just in case you want to listen to my God-awful voice! haha)

  I went to college for three years, but I never finished--I was constantly changing my major (hello, bipolar! haha). I don't regret quitting, though.

  I was an extremely creative kid--my imagination was way out there. I loved to play school, and my parents even hung up some chalkboards and got a couple of old school desks for my "classroom". I used to spend my allowance at the teachers' store, getting things for my classroom. My friends and brother were lucky enough to be my students ;)

In this photo, I was playing photographer (and Lance was the lucky subject of my photography). I hung a blue sheet on our porch to look like a backdrop at the department store studio (haha!) and then took pictures of the neighborhood kids posing with stuffed animals.

  I grew up surrounded by boys--playing sandlot baseball, walking along the railroad tracks in the woods, playing hide and go seek with flashlights at night, and lots of other stuff. I have always felt more comfortable around males, which is probably why I have more male friends than female friends.

The childhood friends I grew up with

  I hate summertime. In a perfect world, for me, the weather would be ideal for sweatshirts and jeans and the sky would be overcast all the time. Summer is just so hot and humid!

  I was an escort in college. Sorry, it's not a risqué as you're probably thinking. I worked for SEEUS (Student Eyes and Ears for University Safety). Students could call the SEEUS phone number in the evenings, and the dispatcher would send two of us (we were always in pairs) to go escort that person from one spot on campus to another.

From the 10p-3a shift, we were in a van. I loved those shifts, because they were very quiet, so the other escort and I would just make conversation for five hours. One night shift, I was dispatching, and very bored--so I looked up bored.com, and I discovered Open Diary, which was an online journal (before it became known as a blog). That was when I started blogging!

  I have a skin condition called vitiligo. Yes, that is the condition that Michael Jackson had. It causes areas of the skin to lose pigmentation, so they turn a very pale white. Since I'm already white and rather pale, the spots aren't very noticeable. And most of them are in hidden areas--my armpits, for example. I do have a spot by my left eye that seems to be getting bigger lately.

  I cannot stand being barefoot. I must always have socks on, except on the very rare occasion that I have to dress up. This is one of the reasons I rarely wear shorts in the summer (or even capris)--I don't want to wear sandals or flip-flops!

  I used to be obsessed with peanut butter. If you've been reading my blog a long time, then you know just how obsessed I was. And then, in late 2016, I started having an aversion to it for some reason. And the aversion never really went away! I might eat something with peanut butter in it here and there, but the thought of eating peanut butter kind of grosses me out. I have NO idea why this happened.

  I love Converse Chuck Taylor shoes. If I am not going for a run, you can bet your life I'm probably wearing my Chucks.

  My brain is constantly seeking out number patterns. When I'm out for a walk, for example, I notice house numbers or license plates or other signs that have numbers on them, and my mind sees patterns. I don't deliberately try to do this, and it's not a huge focus; but I can't look at numbers without seeing patterns or associating them with me somehow.

And there you have it--11 random facts about me! (Hey, I didn't say they would be interesting... just that I'd try to make them unique) ;)

That was fun. I'm actually looking forward to writing another post tomorrow!


  1. This is such an interesting post! Some comments: You should live in the Pacific Northwest- sounds like the weather there would be perfect for you! I totally wear my running shoes and socks with capris because plantar fasciitis. (I wear keds, not chucks, with powerstep insoles. And these cute little half socks I bought on amazon and my 17 year old says are weird. BUT they cover my toes without slipping down at the heel! Because I must have socks on with my keds!) All that to say, wear what you are comfortable in- you are a grown up now! I don't like shorts, so capris save my life on hot, not days!

  2. I’m ALWAYS looking for number patterns too! Usually relating to 13, haha! As I read this list, I realized how much we have in common... crazy!

  3. Love this post. If you know who Nikki Sixx is, you might find it interesting that his favorite shoes are Chucks. He even wore a pair to his wedding. I tried to find a link to his Instagram photo of his collection, but no luck. Now there's a random fact about me, I still follow my high school rock star crush! And...my daughter is named after him.

  4. I absolutely hate my voice, too!

  5. I have friends that wear sandals or flip flops all the time. I've never understood the obsession! I live in NY so it is cold here a good portion of the year. They still wear them! Crazy! This was so interesting ! Thanks for sharing!

  6. I can remember most of my high school classmates' birthdays. Since I graduated 49 years ago, that is pretty strange. Just don't ask me where I left my cell phone five minutes ago....

  7. I have been following you for a long time- love your recipes and reading about your running. Glad to see that you are doing well and enjoying running once again. Random fact about me; I am a cancer survivor and decided to run a marathon in 2010 with LLS and Team in Training. I had only done a few 5k's to this point. One of the hardest and most rewarding things I have ever done. It was the Nike Women's marathon in San Francisco!

  8. Is your shoe pic from the Portland Airport? I used to fly there a lot and they have very bold carpet!

  9. When I see numbers, I'm constantly trying to make them 'work' mathematically. And when I see license plates, I try to make as many words as I can out of the letters in the plate.

  10. I've been following you for 7 years or so & had no idea about the vitiligo or barefoot phobia haha I am the opposite, I love being barefoot, & am not a fan of shoes. They feel too restrictive!

  11. I thought I was the only person who either saw patterns or made the numbers "work" that I see... normally it is license plates.
    My daughter loves Chucks!They just don't have enough support for me.

  12. I love your voice. *hugs*


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