May 31, 2018

June Goals

After a super busy May, I'm SO looking forward to a super relaxed June. Other than the kids' summer baseball games, we don't have any plans--no vacations, no parties, nothing to stress over. In other words, the perfect time to work on some goals!

My friend Emily sent me a list of her goals for June yesterday, and I was inspired to write my own list. While she has hers organized into nice, neat categories, mine is all over the place. I did give a good amount of thought to them, though.

   The first is to try a 30-Day Blogging Challenge. I will write a blog post every day in June. Since I've gotten away from blogging frequently, I thought it would be kind of interesting to write about something daily, like I used to.

Instead of just writing about day-to-day happenings, though, I made a list of topic ideas and I will just choose from the list every day. It may be a short post or a long post (or maybe even just photos or a video), but the goal is to write daily.

   I'd like to complete five more bullet journal pages for my 40 Goals by 40 Years Old list. They are time consuming, but fun to do; and it'll be cool to have a keepsake when I'm done with my list! Here are a few of my favorite pages in my journal...

(Since someone usually asks, the specifics of the bullet journal stuff that I use are on this post). Also, I've been posting my pages to an Instagram account solely for my 40x40 goals.

   Run four times per week, for 30+ minutes each time. Starting on June 21st, I'm going to be doing my "Cookies Summer Challenge".

   Read 30+ minutes per day. Normally, I set a goal to read 15-20 minutes daily; but for June, I am going to aim for 30 or more. I want my kids to get in this habit as well, so we will all do it together in June. I'm almost done with book #3 of 40!

   Continue to read a chapter (or more) of the Bible every day. Currently on Exodus 12.

   Keep random spending to a bare minimum. We haven't paid much at all toward our debt in the last three months, because things keep coming up (auto repair, baseball equipment, and things like that). We've also started falling back into some old habits (buying things for the house that we don't really need, dining out, etc.).

We haven't increased our debt at all, but we haven't paid much down on it. We are literally about two months away from having it paid in full--so I am determined to get it done. (Still, I am shocked that it's only been a year, and we've paid off over $12,500!) So, for June, I want to keep the budget super strict and only buy what we've budgeted for--and hopefully we'll pay off most of the remaining debt by June 30th.

   Write and start a specific cleaning routine. Right now, I just clean things as I notice they need it; but I'd like to have a daily/weekly/monthly routine that I can do to keep the house clean. I actually really enjoy cleaning, and I'm excited to tackle some summer projects.

   Plan out weekly groceries and dinners every Friday before grocery shopping. When I used to really plan out the groceries based on sales and coupons, I was saving SO much money. It takes a good chunk of time to do that, though, so I haven't done it for the last month or two.

Rather than just winging the dinner plan each day, I want to know what I'm going to make ahead of time and already have the groceries for it. I made a calendar of meals for the month, and if all goes well, I'll cook every day.

In short, my goals for June:
  1. 30 days of blogs (various topics)
  2. Run 30+ minutes per day, 4+ times per week
  3. Read 30+ minutes per day
  4. Read one chapter of the Bible every day (by June 30, I should be done with Leviticus, chapter 2)
  5. Keep spending to a bare minimum
  6. Write and start doing a specific cleaning routine
  7. Plan out groceries and dinners every Friday
  8. Complete 5 more 40x40 bullet journal pages
  9. Complete at least one more item from my 40x40 list
It looks like a lot, but considering each one is a small task, I think it's doable. The most difficult one is going to be 30 days of blogging! I've gotten in the habit of writing so rarely these days.

This is completely random, but I just had to share. Check out this little guy that Jerry found while he was mowing the grass! We see a lot of snapping turtles this time of year--they come out from the marsh and lay eggs in our yard. After they hatch, we'll see baby ones like this here and there. Estelle wanted to keep him, but I returned him to the marsh ;)


  1. Wow you have really given your self a lot to do! I really like the idea of writing letters but never get round to them so instead I have set up an e-mail account so I can send e-mails to my kids - they don't know this yet and I find I type little messages about days and things that come to me more than I ever have done when faced with the task of putting pen to paper. I also like this blogger who writes about an organised house and routines thought you might find it interesting.

  2. I love turtles!!! (okay I know there's this,,but really I LOVE turtles!

  3. I love your June goals! You’ve inspired me to write my own :)
    If you are looking for something fun (also a bit sarcastic and dry) I really recommend anything by David Sedaris. He’s hilarious and his books are in essay and short story format, so it’s easy to read for 30 or so minutes a day. He’s so funny! And if you are looking for a great concert, I’d see if Jenny Lewis, Josh Ritter or Margo Price are playing near you. Sometimes a smaller show is nice for a first concert :)

  4. Love your June goals! My plan is to sit down and write up a similar list! Thanks for sharing! Really curious about your Summer Cookie Challenge!

    Thnaks for another great post

    Rose Thomas

  5. I just love your journal pages, they're so creative! I think I need to set a goal for myself but I need to start slow. Otherwise I know I won't follow through. I love your idea of sitting down and planning out a dinner menu for the week. I'm going to do that and actually sit down and make a grocery list and find some sales/coupons. Honestly, we've been eating out and/or eating cereal for dinner wayyyy more than I want to admit this past month. We just got a puppy in the beginning of May and she's turned my life upside down! Lol. But time to get back in the swing of things!

  6. Sweet baby turtle! <3 And I covet your bujo skills! :)

  7. Thank you for continuing to blog! It is greatly appreciated! I will make my June goal the same as yours, 30+ 4 days a week. I just finished day 1. Keep up the great work!!!

  8. Hi Katie,
    I don't intend to squash any of your goals. I do want to caution you about reading the Bible straight through from beginning to end. I work as a pastor, and I know many people who have tried this who end up giving up and never turning to the Bible again. Unlike most books, the Bible is not intended to be read straight through. The stories do not flow from one book of the Bible to the next. You have many different types of literature within the Bible, and it makes it extremely difficult to read in that manner. If you'd like I'd be happy to send you some different reading plans so that you read the entire Bible throughout the year, or I could give you some other ideas that I think would serve the same purpose as this goal that you have.

  9. if the turtle had a yellow under side it's a red eared slider :) not a snapper, snappers are brown underneath, just saw one laying eggs this week ! good luck on your goals !

  10. Can you do a post sometime where you walk through a day in your life? I’m curious what keeps you so busy!

  11. You are SO talented in so many ways. I love reading your blog. I am so happy you will be posting every day in June. The details of your life are never boring because you are refreshingly honest and have such a neat take on the world. Even pictures of your cats bring a smile to my face. I have a kitty who looks just like Phoebe. I am a huge fan!!

  12. Love your June goals! You may want to check out the FlyLady for a quick way to establish a cleaning routine. Her's is awesome.

  13. Cute turtle! And your goals look great!

    Have you ever read The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin? She does a lot of self improvement projects that seem very similar to yours. You should definitely check it out. Gave me tons of great ideas. I want to reread it in the fall when I am not working so much.


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