June 11, 2018

Day 11: The Worst-Kept Secret

You guys. I am finally able to tell you about a huge secret that I’ve been dying to reveal for months now! It’s not my secret to share, so I’ve been waiting for the go-ahead. But it has been killing me, especially because even they admitted it was a terribly kept secret. Most of the people in my life already knew, but I still couldn't be public about it (basically, I just really wanted to share it HERE).

(Yes, I am deliberately dragging this post out a bit because I don't want the secret revealed on the front page of my blog. It kind of ruins the excitement and makes it less dramatic that way!)

When I wrote my post last week about spending a couple of days with Luke, I felt like it would have been a really great time to share this secret. But I still didn't have the go-ahead. It was like torture.

As you know, I have three siblings—my sister, Jeanie; my brother, Brian; then there is me in the birth line-up; and finally, my younger brother, Nathan. Jerry has a sister who has been married for four years.

My own kids are 12 and 13 years old, so you would think that they would have several cousins by now... but when Luke was born in March 2017, he was their first. (Two-fold, actually... their first cousin in relation, but also their first and only cousin in the family).

Anyway, come August, Luke is going to be a BIG BROTHER!! (Is he not the cutest kid you've ever seen? My heart melts every time I see him!)

Yes, Friends, Becky is pregnant :)  Like I said, it would have been so easy to share it last week--remember I said that I offered to keep Luke for a couple of days so that Becky could get some rest? Well, having a 15-month old is exhausting in and of itself, but Becky is also 7 months pregnant. (I learned this news in December, I think--can you believe I had to keep this from you all for this long?!)

Brian made a fun video to announce the news publicly on Facebook (even though they had already shared the news with family and friends in-person), but he hadn't edited the video yet. And that's all that we were waiting on before sharing the secret. Brian and Becky have been crazy-busy getting their property ready to build a house this fall, and Brian works a lot--so, the public announcement was taking much longer than anticipated.

But wait! There is more...

I'm going to have a NIECE!! Brian and Becky revealed the sex (way back in March) so I've been keeping that a secret, too. (Actually, I was VERY good at keeping that secret... Becky told me about a week before she told everyone else, and I didn't even say a word to Jerry about it. The restraint that took from me was astronomical.)

Her due date is August 31, but Luke was born a couple of weeks early, so I'm guessing this baby will be also. Right around Jerry's and my 15th wedding anniversary!

As you can imagine, my whole family is super excited to welcome a little girl to the family. I adore having my boys, but it will be so much fun to have a niece to do girl things with!


  1. Congratulations! What exciting news! Luke is a super cute kiddo, they are so lucky to have your family around to lend a hand!

  2. How exciting. Congratulations to your whole family

  3. Congrats!!!!! How fun!!

  4. Congratulations to Becky, Brian and Luke! As well as to you aunt Katie! It’s the strangest thing, but Becky and myself are due date twins! I am also due August 31st with a boy! It will be my first. Terribly happy for Becky and think it is so nice of you to have kept it a secret for so long. (I always am hearing of social media outbursts of parents being upset because someone else shared their news) to be honest though, I was thinking you were about to announce that you might be expecting- lol

  5. Omg!! That's so fun!! Congrats to the whole family!! A little girl will be so fun to have around!

  6. August 31 is my due date with my second boy! I was hoping for a girl, but now that I've gotten used to the idea of having two boys, I am really excited about it. Congratulations to you and your family!!

  7. Congrats!!! Niece's are so much fun!

  8. Congratulations Auntie!!!

    he is TOO adorable!

  9. I WAS THINKING IT WAS GOING TO BE YOU EXPECTING!!! Congratulations to you and your family anyway!!!

  10. Congratulations!! My (only) nephew is a few months older than Luke and it's the best being an Aunt.

  11. Congrats, aunt Katie!

  12. Yay congrats! I can now testify how fun baby girls are! And August 31st would be a great birthday, right Thomas? ;D

  13. Yay congratulations! :D Super exciting


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