May 26, 2018

Wednesday Weigh-In, Running, Spring Cleaning, and Other Catch-Up

I'm starting to wonder if this is the start of my quitting blogging. I've been posting less and less frequently, and I feel like I have less and less to write about. I don't have a "plan" for quitting, but I definitely don't make time for it like I used to.

I've been crazy busy lately, and the thought of sitting down to write a blog post feels stressful. So, I've been trying to get back to the point where I only write when I'm in a real mood to write, instead of forcing it. Just doing what makes me happy!

Despite how busy I've been, I actually don't have much to catch up on. Noah had three double-header baseball games this week, which took up the whole afternoon/evening. I wasn't even able to cook dinner until 8:30 on game days!

I remembered to take a photo for my Wednesday Weigh-in, but didn't have a chance to post it. Phoebe is actually the one who reminded me ;)

 I didn't put her there! She just ran and sat there when I was brushing my teeth.

I can't remember what my last WWI was, but I think this is about the same as last time. I've been at this weight for a while now! I'll make progress for a couple of pounds, and then return to this weight. I've said several times now that I feel like my depression is finally lifting, but I think I jinx it when I say that, because the feeling only lasts a few days at a time.

Right now, though, I'm feeling pretty good. My weight is what it is, and I'm thankful that I'm not gaining (even after going to Kansas City!). I've been conscious of listening to my body and not overeating.

I haven't been running in about two weeks--sigh. As I've said a dozen times in the last six months, I'd like to get into a good routine. It's been so hard, though! I am no longer a morning person, and getting motivated to do it in the morning is a big challenge. Usually, I'll do laundry or pay bills or something that just isn't very active until I feel awake. But with the kids' afternoon sports, I always think that I'll just run when I get home--and that never happens, either.

I'm not making excuses; I know that all I have to do is make time for it, like I used to. In order to try to get into a morning routine again, I think I might try a 30-day challenge for June--running 4 days a week, 30+ minutes per day. One of my 40 Goals Before 40 Years Old is to complete a 30-day challenge of some sort. Since the kids will be out of school, I won't have to do it super early in the morning.

I've been trying to get some spring cleaning done, which is actually something I enjoy (never thought I'd say that about cleaning!). On Wednesday, I spent literally all day pulling out weeds. We have a ton of gravel next to the driveway from when we built the garage a few years ago. It was in a big pile, and then we spread it out, but we can't really get rid of it without some sort of excavator.

I HATE having it there, and I have been saying each summer that I want to just dig it out by hand (there is no way that I actually could--my back could never handle that). But, the worst part is that it grows a ton of weeds and we can't mow over it (considering all the rocks underneath).

Anyway, after I drove the kids to school on Wednesday, I came home and when I pulled in the driveway, I just couldn't stand the sight of it. So, I grabbed a weed pulling tool (it looks like a screwdriver with a v-shaped notch at the end) and got to work. You push it into the ground and use it to pull up each weed by the root.

I didn't expect it to take as long as it did, but it actually went by kind of quickly. I turned on a true crime podcast on my phone and listened to that while I worked. By the time I was done, my back was killing me and I was totally sunburnt, but it looked a million times better. I'm going to get a weed killer for the rest (I probably could have for all of it, but once I got it in my mind to pull them all out, I couldn't help but finish).

The weeds filled an entire large garbage bin (the kind that holds several trash bags of garbage), another large container, and a paper bag. I was excited for Jerry to get home from work and see it! (He was very impressed)

There are so many other projects I want to do around the house, but they all require money--painting, new doors, replacing the flooring in the kitchen, and some other things. So, they will have to wait. We do still have money from our tax refund, but we're still deciding how to spend it.

Speaking of projects that cost money, I have been SO FRUSTRATED with Lowe's. We bought carpet from them last April with our tax refund, and I was thrilled with it--for about a month.

After that, I noticed it was getting matted and pilling up (the carpet is plush Stainmaster PetProtect). There is a one-year warranty, but I didn't even think about that at the time. I just assumed we were screwed and had to keep the carpet, so I never called. I mentioned it to my mom in February, and she told me I should call and complain about it, because it should not be wearing down like it was.

So, in February, I called Lowe's and let them know the problem. Weeks later, someone got in touch and said they were going to send someone out to take pictures and file a claim for us. A few weeks after that, someone finally came out and did that. A few weeks after that, they finally called to say that they would fix the padding in a couple of areas that had issues, but that they didn't know anything about the carpet itself.

To keep from getting redundant, the last several weeks has been nothing but phone calls back and forth. They told me most recently that because it's been over a year, the warranty is void. WTF?! I called about this in February, which was 10 months in, but they said the claim was never filed. So, now we'll have to call a dozen more times and talk to a dozen more people that will only continue to give us the runaround.

Normally, I don't like to bash companies on my blog; but I will never buy carpet from Lowe's again. This has been so frustrating, and it's looking like we're going to be stuck with this new carpet that looks 10 years old.

In other (not very exciting) news, I've been doing really well with my cumulative goals. I was able to knock three more states off my list last weekend (Kansas, Nebraska, and Iowa).

I finished reading Genesis in the Bible, and started Exodus (I planned to read one chapter a day, but I found myself getting really interested in certain stories, so I would read several chapters at once here and there--maybe I'll finish this goal sooner than I planned). I've been reading a book for 15+ minutes a day, and finished The Catcher in the Rye (I thought it was incredibly boring, unfortunately... but that completed my "Read a classic novel" goal).

I really like having these sorts of goals where I make just a little progress each day. It doesn't take much time at all, but all the little things add up. I'm starting to think about a road trip next year to cross several more states off my list. I don't have any trips planned right now, and it feels kind of odd--usually there is something on my calendar to look forward to! I think planning a road trip will be fun.

Hope everyone has a great weekend! We're going to the Tigers game in Detroit today, and I am just hoping it doesn't rain.


  1. I really think that it is natural to do less blogging as time goes on. I started my blog in 2010 and I started out as a daily blogger. But over the past few years, the frequency has decreased. Now I only blog a few times a month, if that. I basically keep posting for myself, so that years from now I have some records and memories to look back on.

  2. Sometimes you just need a break from blogging Katie. That's ok. It shouldn't be a chore, it should be something you enjoy. If you don't enjoy it or don't feel like you have much to say then take a break. Just remember that you don't have to have something profound to say all the time. The other thing is... if you (general, you but also "you" ) want to keep your weight in check or you are still trying to lose weight, checking in keeps you accountable. I've definitely skipped months of blogging and either didn't lose weight or gained it simply because I wasn't really accountable to anyone (and clearly, being accountable to myself doesn't work). Just know we're here reading whether you are profound or not :) Hopefully the busy-ness will die down at some point for you. Having other goals is also good so you are still doing a great job in life :)

  3. I look forward to reading your blog so I hope that you continue writing it even if you don't have something to write about every week. I enjoy reading about your goals for weight loss, exercise routine, etc. Your blog keeps me motivated.

  4. I hope you stick with the blogging at least occasionally, and leave your site up, as I find it inspirational in many ways!

  5. I hope you continue to blog! I enjoy reading your posts! Great job on those weeds too! Looking forward to hearing your road trip plans.

  6. Katie - I would hate to see you go, but you have to do what feels right for you. Your blog has really been informative and inspirational, so I totally look forward to each new post. If you do choose to take a break, or stop all together, know that you will be missed and wished every happiness.

  7. I think you should do whatever makes you happiest - but I would be sad to see your blog go! You're a huge inspiration to me and I love reading it.

  8. I sincerely hope that this isn't the end of your blogging! I love to hear your updates and you give me so much encouragement without even knowing it! But as always, do what is best for you and your health.

  9. Please, please don't stop blogging. I read your blogs all the time. I check everyday to see if there is a new post!

  10. Hi Katie! I have recently started reading your blog after watching from fat to finish line. You are such an inspiration not only with your weight loss, but also with being so open about talking about your struggles with bipolar disorder. I just wanted to say hi and let you know that I am enjoying reading over your posts and I hope you continue to blog :)

    Laura (from Vancouver, Canada)

  11. I enjoy your posts immensely but I can see that if you're over whelmed and not feeling like blogging, it's not a good place to be. Hoping for the best for you

  12. You should come to Memphis at some point - you will be able to cross off Arkansas and Mississippi off your list very quick, as all you have to do is cross the Mississippi river to get to Arkansas, or drive south for about 10 minutes to get to Mississippi. Perhaps even take a train from Memphis to New Orleans and also get Louisiana.

  13. This comment has been removed by the author.

  14. You could do a drive on historic route 66 through a couple states...there are some really neat stops. I'm in Oklahoma and we have the Blue Whale and Pops (a soda fountain shop with every type of soda you can dream of). I'd be pissed about the carpet too.

  15. Little Women is the only classic I was ever able to finish outside of school, and I loved it!

  16. While I would hate to see your blog come to an end you need to do what is right for you. You have been an inspiration in my life, and in so many others I'm sure, so thank you for all that you have given over the years. Whatever you choose, I wish you happiness.

  17. It's bittersweet to read that you may quit blogging. For so many of us, you've been a small part of our lives for all the years we've followed you. Your honesty & openness about the ups & downs of weight loss & maintenance & mental health have reassured & inspired, & your positive, 'let's see what I can do with this' attitude during challenges has shown us that there's a healthier alternative to feeling hopeless & ineffective.

    I'm sincerely happy that your life is filled with activities & things that keep you busy & happy & healthy. That's truly wonderful & very well deserved. Whichever path you take, posting only occasionally when you're inspired or stopping blogging altogether, I & so, so many more people will always feel tremendous gratitude for all you've shared & will have a warm place in our hearts for you, Katie. Thank you so much for all of it; you've been & continue to be a truly wonderful person. 💜

  18. I hope you don't quit blogging!! I know it's so silly, but I would feel like I lost a friend. At least once a week I start a sentence with "Katie said.... "!


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