April 20, 2016

Week 36 Weigh-in

The moment of truth weigh-in after a week in Portland/Seattle ;)

I left for Portland on Friday the 8th, and came home last Wednesday. Since I was in Seattle on Wednesday morning, I didn’t get a chance to do my usual Wednesday Weigh-in. I have to admit, that was kind of a relief, considering I ate a LOT of very caloric food on my trip. 

Out of curiosity, however, I got on the scale Thursday morning, and was kind of shocked (but not really) to see 132. I left home weighing 124, so that’s an eight pound gain over six days! I didn’t panic, because I was still under my goal weight. That was the whole point of having a cushion under my goal—so I could indulge on vacation, or treat myself here and there without going over my goal. 

Also, I knew I didn’t actually gain eight pounds of fat. I imagined probably 3-4 pounds of it was “real” gain, and the rest was water weight that would be easy to take off once I got back into my normal routine. So, I honestly didn’t worry too much about it!

It was very nice to not be over my goal weight, though—if I had left home weighing 133 (my goal weight) and come home weighing 141 (eight pound gain) I am sure I would feel differently. 

Anyway, I tried to get back to normal eating habits this week, and I did pretty well! I was pleased with the scale this morning:

I was 127.2, meaning I am up 3.2 pounds from when I left for vacation. Not too bad! I ate and drank some really delicious things while I was gone, and I don’t regret a single one. 

I’d like to get back down to about 123 over the next few weeks, however, because I want to have that 10 pound cushion come summertime. I just wrote a couple of days ago how I want to still be under my goal weight at the end of summer, so if I start summer 10 pounds under goal, then I’ll feel more confident in doing that. 

I don’t want to drastically cut calories or anything, so I’m going to try and aim for about 1700-1800 for a couple of weeks, and see what happens. When I was eating 1900, I was maintaining pretty well. On my trip, I averaged over 3,000 a day! (I did log everything, but I didn’t restrict myself in any way). 

This week, I did pretty well with my long term goals:

(App is called Momentum)

7,000+ steps 6+ days per week: I only managed five days this week. On Wednesday, I was traveling back home, so the day was really short for me. And Thursday, I was just exhausted, and didn’t want to move much. 

Binge free: Today is Day 260. Still going, and feeling really great!

Cook one new recipe per week: My family LOVES the bubble up casseroles, so I’ve been experimenting with different versions of them (if you search “bubble up” on Pinterest, you’ll see a ton of ideas). I was inspired by this recipe to create a chili dog version of the bubble up casserole. Needless to say, my kids loved this one (as did Jerry and I). I didn't follow that recipe, but I just took all the ingredients of a good chili dog and mixed them with the biscuits and baked the whole thing. It tasted just like a chili dog, only it was not nearly as messy to eat. 

Overall, I’d say it was a good week! I am glad that I was able to get right back into my routine and minimize the damage after I got home from my trip. I’m also glad that I had some pounds to spare before I left ;)  Ten years ago, I never would have guessed that I would one day weigh 127 pounds—let alone AFTER A VACATION. 


  1. That's awesome! I tend to struggle on vacations and getting back on track after them, but I've found tracking really does help me even if I go over my goal range.

  2. that is awesome!! It is like your thoughts are in my head! I recently maintained over a spring break vacation which was a first for me. I am 3 pounds under my goal and I know exactly what you mean about having that cushion for special events! I too struggle during summer which I always found odd since I'm outdoors more and have more time as a teacher on summer vacation. Maybe us Michiganders just get a little crazy after the long winters!

  3. I LOVE Balega socks :)

    Good job on getting some of those pounds off. Returning from a trip is always hard for me. I leave Wed for a five day trip and I eat things I normally wouldn't. . . which then start the addiction to those things again. Coming home and getting back on the wagon is always a struggle. I get so *mad* about how my weight can fly up and it's suppose to be artificial but I have to work hard as heck to get it off.

  4. I love how you allowed yourself to enjoy the vacation and embrace the gain, knowing it's not there to stay. Just like vacations don't last forever, the gains don't have to either. Awesome.

  5. Awesome job Katie! You continue to be my inspiration!

  6. That's pretty awesome that you're still so far below your goal after a fun and indulgent week off. Great job!!


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