April 03, 2016

Runs for Cookies is 5 years old!

Five years ago, after reaching weight maintenance, I decided to start a fresh, new blog. I had been blogging since 2000, but the site that I was using was really difficult to add photos to posts, so I went to Blogger.com and started from scratch. I had no idea how much it would change my life!

I originally titled my blog "Maintaining Half My Size", but that didn't fit quite right. I wasn't exactly half my original starting weight, and while that was my goal at the time, the title was kind of boring to me. I decided that I wanted to change it to "Cookies and Wine"--but the .com wasn't available. Eventually, I decided "Runs for Cookies" would be perfect, because it explains in just three words what much of my blog is about: I am a runner; I love cookies (or any dessert); and I run in order to maintain my weight loss and still eat the foods I enjoy. I thought it had a nice ring to it!

My first post was called FAQ #1: How did you lose the weight? because I knew that would be the first thing people would want to know.   (There are a few posts dated prior to April 3, 2011; those were copied from my previous blog.)

Having blogged for so long, I got used to answering those kinds of questions. What I was not used to was having more than a handful of readers!

Shortly after starting Runs for Cookies, SparkPeople featured my story on their site, which drove a lot of traffic here. I was terrified. I had always been very candid and personal on my blog, and when I saw how many people were reading it, I immediately worried that I'd made a mistake. However, I continued to write, and when the blog started presenting some pretty awesome opportunities, I was stunned at this world I never knew even existed just a year prior!

Looking back at the last five years, I thought I'd share some of my favorite posts. Here are my personal favorite Top 5:

The Evolution of a First Time Bikini Wearer
The Difference Between Motivation and Determination
How to Support Your Runner
Five Years!
How Running Changed My Brother's Life

Looking through the last several years of photos, I realized that there are SO many things I wouldn't have done if not for this blog. Here is a (very incomplete) list of things that never would have happened if I hadn't started writing Runs for Cookies:

I was a guest on The Dr. Oz Show.

I ran the Ragnar Relay Florida Keys with 11 strangers-turned-friends.

I took part in a documentary called From Fat to Finish Line (to be released soon).

I was on the Today Show.

I started earning an income from doing what I love--writing! When I was a kid, I always said I wanted to be a writer. My teachers said I'd have to choose something else, because it's very hard to make money by writing. That was before the internet ;)

I hosted a Virtual 5K on my 31st birthday, where hundreds of people ran "with" me to celebrate.

I became a certified running coach.

I was in Runner's World, Fitness, and Woman's World magazines.

Mark received HUNDREDS of cards from around the world (from RfC readers) while he was dying. This is probably my favorite item on the list. Because of each of you that sent him a card/letter/gift/etc., he felt very loved when he passed away in 2014.

I formed a team of blog readers for Ragnar SoCal, and they've become some of my best friends.

I hosted an Oscars party, which was so much fun.

I met Bart Yasso (twice)!

I went on trips to NYC, Boston, St. Louis, San Diego, Portland, Indianapolis, Key West, and Bethlehem, PA. Some were for blogging purposes, others were just for fun, but none would have happened if it weren't for Runs for Cookies.

My brother and I were the top fundraisers for Wins for Warriors, and I'm so glad that Nathan got to share his story.

... All of these things happened because I enjoy writing, and I put myself out there on the web. Six years ago, I never could have even imagined that I would have done all of these things. My "dream big" goal back then was simply to get rid of my excess weight!

I feel so fortunate to have gotten these experiences, and I have you, dear Readers, to thank for that. Thank you for reading my almost-daily ramblings; for offering advice when I asked for it; for lending sympathy when I most needed it; for celebrating with me when I reached some major goals; and for encouraging me when I didn't think I could do things. I appreciate all of it!

Right now, I have no idea what the future of Runs for Cookies holds, but I look forward to finding out. Cheers to five years!


  1. Congratulations on an awesome milestone! I have a blog as well, but I do not blog on a daily basis - I know it is quite a commitment! I have been reading your blog for the past year or so, but I have gone back and read a lot of your previous posts. You have a great way of making even an ordinary day interesting! I look forward to many more years of following along on your journey! :) Congrats again!

  2. Congratulations Katie!

  3. Congratulations Katie!!! Thank you for sharing a little bit of your life with us. Seeing your journey continues to motivate me.

  4. Happy 5th birthday, Runs for Cookies! Those are some brilliant achievements. Well done.

  5. And you've met so many people and inspired them!!! I wouldn't have lost the weight or started running without you! The effect of this blog goes on and on! I wish we could have connected in portland, darn it! Someday I
    Hope! CONGRATULATIONS on all of your success and continued success! And whatever the blog morphs into, I don't care, I love your writing!
    In it for the long haul! 😊

  6. Congratulations Katie! I'm so glad I took the time to watch your video about your story which led me to your blog!

  7. It is us who are thanking you Katie....so I guess we all win for your effort! Thanks :) I do however wish you would take on some coaching clients!! Like me :)

  8. Yay congrats! I'm often a silent reader (don't comment) but I read daily and i find you so inspiring, fun and real! Cheers to another anniversary!

  9. Congratulations on 5 years of Runs for Cookies! Your blog is one of my favorites and always provides me that spark of motivation. Thank you!

  10. Congratulations, Katie! I've been a reader since 2011 (a Spark People migrator) and have loved reading your blog. Your frank, honest writing style keeps this whole weight loss/maintenance real, and I find comfort in knowing that there are other people figuring out how to feel at home in their bodies over the long haul. Thank you for what you share- it is so fun and inspiring to follow you!

  11. Congratulations Katie. Your blog is the best! You are so inspiring.

  12. Five years?! I can't even believe it! Congrats on the big milestone, and here's to many more great years and accomplishments! :)

  13. Congratulations Katie - I love reading your blog!

  14. Congratulations on 5 wonderful years!

  15. Congratulations and I hope you continue to share your journey!

  16. And cheers to you Miss Katie, my pseudo-daughter. Love your blog, love your attitude, love your family, and love the inspiration you give me every single day! Keep it up Katie!!!

  17. Congratulations on five years! I love reading your blog and I love that you're a local girl. I hope to be reading your blog for many years to come!

  18. Congratulations Katie - your blog inspires me every time I read it! Thank you for sharing your journey with us all!

  19. Congrats Katie's from a long time reader!!

  20. Congratulations Katie!

  21. Happy Blogiversary, Katie! I love reading your writing and your blog is an inspiration to me both on the weight maintenance side and the running side. I always look forward to hearing what's happening in your corner of the blogosphere and can't wait for your documentary to be released! Thank you for all you do :-)

  22. Congrats Katie!! Thanks so much for all you do - you are such an inspiration!! I would have never even thought to believe that I could run an entire 5k without your story. I'm still working on getting there but I know I will do it! Big hugs!!


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