April 17, 2016

Dip netting season

Today was an absolutely beautiful day in Michigan! I've been taking it easy on the running this week (I took four days off after the race, and then I did a couple of easy three-milers. Today, I wanted to take full advantage of the great weather, and do a longish run.

I was thinking it was going to feel colder than it actually did, so I totally overdressed--running tights and two long-sleeved tops. I've noticed that when I do my easy runs, I'm colder than usual because I keep my heart rate low (sometimes, I don't even sweat--which seems totally crazy to me!). So, I've had a hard time dressing for the weather. Of course, it doesn't help that Michigan's weather has been all over the board this year.

Anyways, I headed out, and while my legs felt good, I think my body must still be tired from the race last weekend. I had a hard time keeping my heart rate low, and I had to run in the high 10:00's and low 11:00's to stay under 146 bpm.

Speaking of my heart rate, my heart rate strap decided to totally give out on me just days before my race--so I had to buy one with two day shipping and have it sent to Portland, just so I'd have it for my race! It arrived on Saturday, just in time. I certainly could have raced without it, but it would have bothered me so much not to have it.

There were a couple of odd spikes in heart rate toward the end of my run today, and I know that wasn't accurate. I adjusted the band the best I could while trying not to flash all the cars driving by, and it worked again after that. I don't ever remember my heart rate strap causing so many problems over the past several years!

I ran a lollipop route, which ended up being 5.5 miles. Despite overdressing, it was really nice to be outside this morning.

My dad asked if we wanted to go dip netting this afternoon at the Metropark, and considering it was so nice outside, I decided I wanted to go. Dip netting is a way of fishing in which you drop a net from a bridge, and randomly pull it up once in a while to catch fish. I used to do it all the time when I was a kid, and while I don't enjoy fishing anymore, I thought it would be fun to take Joey and just watch the boys fish. My parents, the kids, and a friend of each of the kids went.

This is the bridge. I was standing across from everyone, just to get a picture:

Joey had a BLAST playing in the water. He was basically just jumping around, in and out of the water constantly.

He may have scared all the fish away, because we only caught two ;) The kids had fun playing on the rocks, though, and my mom brought a picnic lunch for everyone. It was a great way to take advantage of the weather. When we left, my mom and I drove separately in her car, and Joey had the backseat to himself. I looked back at him, and saw him curled up like a cat! I don't know how he can make himself so small. At home, he takes up half of my queen size bed; but give him his own backseat of the car, and he curls into a tiny ball ;)

Silly dog. Hope everyone had a great weekend!


  1. For some reason your posts aren't showing up in my feedly anymore. They are truncated.

    1. Yes, unfortunately, I had to start truncating them because people were stealing my posts and putting them on other sites. Also, Pinterest was linking to other sites rather than to my blog itself. Truncating the posts won't stop it completely, but it makes it harder for people to steal my posts.

    2. If you are using Feedly, you can click on "Preview" and it will display the blog post in it's entirety.

  2. That's funny about Joey! Aren't dogs great!?

  3. That's funny about Joey! Aren't dogs great!?

  4. That just sounds like a happy day!!!! I am going to be inspired by this and head out to the gym tomorrow- first time since my birthday! And work out and do some intervals tomorrow, or try! I stopped weighing myself because I can tell I'm
    On an upswing but I'm so stressed job hunting and looking for photography work I can't focus on food well right now. So I'll do my best trying to focus on running!! I'm getting terrible side aches at running club so I think I need to work on my breathing technique. I'm finally starting to get out a bit again, which is good! And getting some rage towards my ex which is also good! Hopefully I can get my eating back under control. It's so hard without my buddy here with me (who I lost weight with) and no set schedule since I don't have a job and im so spastic. Ugh. TRYING.

  5. It was gorgeous weather here in Wisconsin too! Makes me wish summer would come just that much faster. Although I might have gotten a tad bit burnt (oops!) Lol. Awesome weather for my 8 miler on Saturday though! Looks like you guys had a great weekend as well!

  6. I know you've got a few garmins so this would probably be annoying, but have you considered the models with the wrist HR? My hubs got me one for my marathon and it was SO AWESOME. I have a bigger chest and no matter what I did, my HR band was causing so much chafing (to the point of bleeding/scabbing); not having to worry about the strap has been really great. And I feel like the wrist is accurate, although I haven't been scientific enough with it to wear both strap and wrist watch to test out the theory. Just a thought :) And our dog does the same thing- he'll take up the majority of a king sized bed, or be the tiniest ball on earth. they're so great!

  7. Hi Katie! I found you through google by chance. I have lost almost 80 lbs, and have about 60-70 more to go. Our stories are very similar. I've struggled with binge eating for a long time. I also live in Southeast Michigan, half way between Detroit and Toledo ;) I'm not even kidding...that's exactly how I describe to people where I live. Anyway, I'll be running my first race ever in October for World Vision at the Detroit Marathon. I've always despised running and swore I'd never do it. My mindset is completely changed and I'm so excited to start training. Thanks for showing hope and possibility and sharing your story. I will be following your blog and facebook. Thanks for inspiring!

  8. Joey is so cute I cant stand it!


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