February 23, 2015

Motivational Monday #99

Happy Motivational Monday! This has been one heck of a week for me. My kids were home on winter break, my parents were in South Carolina and I was taking care of their house, I was still getting adjusted to having a dog, and Jerry was working what felt like non-stop. My parents' water pipes froze (twice), which was stressful--I was going over there several times a day to check on them, for fear of them bursting and getting water everywhere.

Our house has had a couple of issues, too--our clothes dryer stopped working (Jerry fixed it this morning). And today, I woke up to a house that was 52 degrees! The furnace gave out sometime during the night, and it was absolutely freezing in here (the temps were in the double digits BELOW ZERO outside). That's the third time it's happened over the past couple of weeks, so I'm really hoping that we don't need a new furnace.

ANYWAY... I have good news! Today, I successfully ran three miles on the indoor track at the rec center. It had been over 11 weeks since I injured my fibula, and over 7 weeks since my last run. I'll write more about it tomorrow, but I am super excited to be back at it :)

I have a few fun Motivational Monday stories for you this week. Enjoy!

Rachel just finished her first 15K! She ran the Hot Chocolate 15K in Nashville last weekend. She had some hiccups in her training, due to the flu and a sore foot, but she finished well under her goal of two hours--crossing the finish line in 1:51:55! She was proud to have finished in the top 50% of her age group.

Meghan has been hard at work to lose over a hundred pounds, using Weight Watchers and running as tools to help with the weight loss. She had a huge non-scale victory yesterday that she is very proud of. She and her husband took their kids, ages 3 and 5, to the park because it was a nice day outside. At the park, she was able to keep up with her children, husband, and dog! They had races, and chased each other by playing tag. She didn't even have to stop for a moment, and her children were thrilled to be able to play with their mom so actively (something they were not used to). This picture below is from the hardest workout she's done to date--yesterday, she ran 5 miles at an 11:00 pace!

"Princess Katie" and her mom, "Princess Claire", completed the Disney Princess Half Marathon this weekend! It was their first time doing this particular race, but their fifth half-marathon together in the last three years. Because they live in different states, they use the races as a way to train "together" and they look forward to spending time together at the race. They had a great time going through the Magic Kingdom, looking at the signs, t-shirts, and costumes!

Cheri just completed the Disney 5K with her husband, after overcoming a very tough year of training! She registered for the race last year, and was working with the AACR to raise money for cancer research. Her intention was to follow the Couch to 5K plan and to run the race, but she had to deal with the illness and subsequent death of her beloved dog, which derailed her training plans. Even though she knew she wouldn't be able to run the race as planned, she and her husband decided to walk it together--and they had a blast! They had so much fun that they already booked their hotel room for next year, and plan to do the 10K race.

Congrats everyone, and thanks for sharing!

Next week, I have a special post planned for the 100th Motivational Monday--some awesome tips and advice from people who have all lost 100+ pounds!


  1. Congrats to all of you and your awesome victories! Kicking butt on this running thing that we all love so much!

  2. Thanks to all these folks for sharing MM posts. It's much-needed inspiration!

  3. Katie, I'm so glad to hear you're back into running and that your stress fracture has healed! Just one word of caution about the indoor track.... We have one here at the University of Delaware that I had been using a lot this winter because I like it better than the treadmill. But after a few weeks of a couple 3-mile runs per week on it, I started having pain on the outside of my left foot, which is the foot that was on the "inside" when I ran counterclockwise on the track- I think too many of those tight turns are responsible for that. So just be careful--I'd hate to see you injured again! Diane

  4. Thanks Katie for sharing these stories of truly motivated folks. And a big congrats to you on your return to running!

  5. Wow, this post was very inspiring. I always figured I had to be finished "getting into shape" before I would attempt a race. Maybe I should think about it differently! I have been looking around in my area for a group of folks who are trying to get into running like me, but haven't had much luck. I tried looking for local running shoe stores to see if they know of any groups, but the closest store is almost 2 hours away! Does anyone have any suggestions? Thank you for sharing these stories, it's always good to read about others who have worked hard and accomplished their goals.

  6. I love Motivational Monday! I hope to be in it someday!


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