February 27, 2015

A weekend break

I am SO looking forward to this weekend! I don't have any big plans, but Jerry is off work and I feel like I haven't seen him in forever. He's been working a crazy schedule for a couple of weeks, and we haven't spent more than an hour together at time!

Last night, the boys had their last day of basketball. I dropped them off, and then to kill a couple of hours, I went to Goodwill to hopefully get a couple of pairs of jeans. I bought a few pairs in August, but they are a little too big. They're size 10, because I really didn't think I'd be able to wear an 8, but I have to wear a belt and cinch it tight to keep them from inching down.

I tried on probably about 25 pairs of jeans, everything from 6's to 10's, and wound up buying five pairs of size 8's that fit pretty well (slightly snug, but I prefer that to being too loose). I resisted buying jeans for so long, because I have a closet full of perfectly good size 4's, but I cannot wear those now. It's been probably nine months since I could wear them! I still have hope of getting back into them, though--preferably before summer. But anyway, it felt good to get some jeans that I desperately needed.

I decided to do my long run tomorrow instead of today so that I could free up most of the day today to work on the Motivational Monday post. Monday will be the 100th MM post, and I'm super excited about it--in honor of #100, I decided to share photos/tips/advice from several people who have each lost 100+ pounds. It has been a HUGE project, and I've spent about eight hours working on that one post, but it's almost done now. I wanted to get it done today so that I could take the entire weekend off of blogging/the internet/social media/etc, and just spend time with Jerry and the kids.

After getting the kids off to school this morning, I worked on the post for about five hours, and then I had to take Joey to the vet to get his final vaccination for at least a year. While I was there, my younger brother, Nathan, called me to see if Joey wanted to play with his dog, Bailey. When I got home, I had just enough time to clean out the car before heading over to my parents' house with Joey.

The dogs played while Nathan and I chatted. I took a couple of good pictures of Joey when I was playing fetch with him yesterday:

He finds any stick, no matter how small, and plays
with it until it's broken into tiny little pieces.

Joey and Bailey played for a while, and then it was already time for the kids to get home from school. The day went by SO fast, mainly from working on the MM post.

Tonight, we have Joey's second obedience training class. I just wish it wasn't such a far drive! The drive is two hours round-trip, and the class was over two hours last week, so it's a minimum four hour commitment. That's a long time. I just hope that Joey is good and worn out from playing with Bailey today, and that he does well in class.

Joey has done SO great with practicing the sit and stay all week; but I have a feeling that as soon as we get to class and he's with the other dogs, he's going to throw out everything he's practiced ;)

Well, I won't be posting at all this weekend, but definitely check back on Monday for the Motivational Monday post!


  1. Can't wait to read Monday's post and hear how the class went! You definitely deserve a weekend off, have a great one!!

  2. Joey is definitely something else! The "stick" picture is too funny!

    Enjoy your weekend with Jerry and the kids,

  3. Your dog is so adorable! I am looking forward to Monday's post. Motivational Mondays are always very inspiring.

  4. With all the work you've put into that post, I honestly cannot wait to read it!!!

    P.S. verryy cute dog!



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