February 26, 2015

Getting my (running) groove back

I started writing this yesterday, but got rather distracted in the evening, and I completely forgot to finish the post! Not that I have a whole lot going on right now anyway ;)

I woke up yesterday morning feeling super sore (in a good way). My legs felt like I was a true beginner runner! I thought that the deep water running would prevent me from feeling sore when I started running on ground again, but that was definitely not the case. It actually felt really good to feel sore, though!

Nathan said he was running late for work, and wouldn't be able to drop Bailey off at my mom's house, so I was a little bummed that Joey wouldn't have a playmate for the day. Hopefully we'll get them together this weekend. It was pretty warm outside (10 degrees! Woo hoo!) so I decided to take Joey to the State Park for a walk.

After I got the kids off to school, I ate breakfast and then we headed out right away. When we got to the park, there wasn't ANYONE in sight. I was kind of surprised, considering it was much warmer than it has been lately. Next to where I parked, there was a garbage can that was overflowing with empty beer cans. We have a 10 cent deposit in Michigan, so after glancing around to make sure there really was nobody watching me, I put all the cans in the back of my car--I counted 40 of them, so $4.00 isn't bad ;)

We started walking the 5K trail, which was totally covered over in snow. It was the good kind of walking snow, if that makes any sense--really crunchy and not slippery. It was super quiet and really pretty through the park today.

We didn't see a single soul during the entire 5K loop. It was a pretty peaceful walk, and I love the noise of the crunchy snow.

When we went past this gazebo that has some binoculars, Joey looked scared to death. He started growling and backing away. I laughed when I saw what he was looking at:

Once I showed him that it wasn't alive, he relaxed. It does kind of look like an animal, though!

I really wanted to run yesterday, but it was a "rest day", so I didn't. Now that I'm able to run, I want to all the time! It's a strange feeling. Today, I was scheduled for 3.5 miles. I briefly thought of using the treadmill, but I wanted to sign up for an exercise class at the rec, so I decided to run the track there instead. If you sign up for a class before the 27th, you get $5 off. I still wasn't SURE what class I wanted to do--I was debating between yoga and water aerobics.

I went up to the track and saw that there was a class of some sort going on in the corner--a bunch of women with yoga mats and hand weights. I know one of the women in the class (she teaches at the library, and I used to take my kids there when they were in preschool). I asked her what class it was that she was doing, and she said it was circuit training. I had thought about maybe doing the circuit training class, but I wasn't sure how my ankle would do with "high intensity" aerobics. But my ankle seems to be completely healed, so I thought about it while I was running.

Going around the track is very monotonous. Today, I actually took a time lapse video--this is one time around the track:

I was actually walking during a cool down during the video, so the guy that laps me wasn't going quite as fast as it seems ;)

While I was running, I was paying attention to the exercises that the women in the circuit training class were doing, and the more I watched, the more I liked the idea of trying that class. I know I need the strength training, and it looked more appealing than yoga. And I wouldn't have to get in the pool... I was sold!

On my last lap, a few of the women were walking side by side, so the "runner's lane" was occupied. As I got up closer, I called out, "On your right!" (something that is considered good track etiquette). I had earbuds in, and I think I said it louder than I intended, because the woman on the right jumped about a foot in the air. Oops!

I ran 3.5 miles, and I was really surprised at how much my pace has improved in just a few runs. My first run post-stress fracture was an 11:08 pace. Today's:

A 9:46 average pace, and negative splits to boot! I'm very happy with that. It felt much easier than that first run, too. I was a little worried when I ran on Monday and it felt like I was a beginner again; but it's coming back to me quickly, and without too much effort on my part.

On the way out of the building, I stopped and registered for the circuit training class on Thursday mornings (starting next week). I'm looking forward to it, especially now that I got a glimpse as to what it is.

I headed down to the locker room, and the woman that I had scared on the track with my loud, "On your right!" was in there. I apologized for being so loud, and she laughed and said something about her dog scaring ME one time. I wasn't sure what she was talking about, but she said that I run past her house sometimes (she lives on the same street as my parents), and one time, her yellow lab was out and charged at me (as you may know, I'm scared to death of loose dogs when I run). She'd pulled her dog back from me, and apologized.

I vaguely remember something about it, but I come across so many loose dogs when running that it's hard to remember. I just hope I handled it well--a couple of times, I've actually cried when dogs have charged me, even if they're friendly! Haha, at least now I know that if I see a yellow lab on that street, it's probably hers. She said she is scared of dogs, too, so she completely understands. Anyway, she seems super nice, so I look forward to getting to chat with her more in the circuit class.

Anyway, when I glanced in the mirror in the locker room, I couldn't believe how red my face was!

I very rarely get red-faced like that after a run. It felt really good, though. Even though it was "only" three and a half miles, and I wasn't pushing myself to extremes, I felt like I'd gotten a good workout. It was nice!


  1. Captain America says 'on your left!' *g*

    Congrats on the running recovery. Keep on being inspirational!

    Karen in Sydney

  2. Very nice!

    I'm starting to make my my weight reduction diet and I'm learning a lot from your blog!

  3. Super happy for you that you are able to get back to running. I am very proud of you for finding a way to stay active (water running).

    YEAH YOU! Time to bring on the endorphins! Can't wait to follow your running accomplishments that are about to happen.

  4. I love that you took all those cans! Hahaha!!!

  5. Enjoy the circuit class!! I am sad that you are so opposed to yoga... It helped me so much with my running pace when I was a beginner. BUT I truly believe that the only way people will exercise is if they find something they really love to do, so props to you for sticking with what you know you will enjoy.

  6. You might find this interesting, in case you don't already read the site:


    Karen in Sydney

  7. Yay!! So glad you're running again!!

  8. So, so happy for you to be running again!!!!

  9. Glad to see you running again! I've been injured since November and haven't been able to run. I can't wait for the day I can get back to it!

  10. "Only" 3.5 miles! Haha! Loose dogs are what I think I'm most afraid off when I start running!



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