February 19, 2015

Coffee & Canvas

This morning was my painting class with Jessica, and it ended up being so much fun! The class was called Coffee & Canvas, and was at new local restaurant called Public House. For $35, you get coffee (tea for me) and a muffin, all the supplies to create a painting, and the instructor showing you how to make the painting, step-by-step. It was a great way to try painting without the commitment of buying a bunch of supplies that you'll never use again.

I am most certainly not artistic, and the last time I painted anything was in art class in high school! So I wasn't doing this so much for the painting itself, but more for the experience and to try something new. There were just three of us (plus the instructor), so it was intimate and a great way to chat while keeping our hands busy.

The painting we did was a rather whimsical scenic landscape. The instructor showed us everything each step of the way, so it was almost as simple as paint by numbers ;) Jessica sneaked this picture of me, and I thought it was so funny because I'm sticking my tongue out! Apparently, I was concentrating very hard...

It was fun to see the three pictures when we were done, because even though we were all painting the same thing, and received the same instructions, there were little differences that made each of them unique.

I'm not crazy about the picture, and it shows just how untalented I am with a paintbrush, but I'm glad I went--it was a lot of fun, and very relaxing. They also have classes at night, where you sip wine while you're painting--I'd love to go to one of those!

Today was another ridiculously cold day. The temp was below zero, and the wind was over 20 mph. There was no way I could walk Joey in that, so instead of walking, I drove him over to my parents' house and played fetch with him. I even had to wear a face mask just to stand outside.

(After I uploaded this, I noticed the terrible dark circles under my eyes. What the heck?! I think it's just a shadow or something, because they don't look like that now.)

It's always nice when we come home from playing fetch, because Joey is completely exhausted, and he crashes for a few hours. I used that time to start a new puzzle! I bought a few puzzles from White Mountain Puzzles, and I thought this one would be pretty fun--it's all well-known places in Michigan.

The table I've been using for puzzles is about two inches too small for the puzzles I ordered. I discovered that fact when I was halfway done with the candy bar puzzle! Jerry ended up finding a board to put on top of the table that was a little bigger, so I'm hoping that will work out well.

Thanks for the input on the exercise classes! I'm actually thinking I may sign up for two classes. The classes only meet once a week, so I may do the yoga class and the adult aquacise class. The aquasise is on Monday mornings when the kids will be in school, so it works out well. The yoga is in the evening on Tuesday or Thursday, so if Jerry isn't home, I'd have to bring the kids with me and they could play basketball or something while I do the class.

This isn't a gym (it's a recreation center for local people in the community), so there aren't a ton of options--just the basic kickboxing, zumba, circuit training, yoga, chair yoga, aquacise, and aquatic kickboxing. Each meets for an hour one day a week, for eight weeks. The circuit training interests me also, but they use high intensity aerobics, and I don't know how that will be with my stress fracture, so I'll wait on that one. I'm going to the rec tomorrow for a deep water run, so I'll figure it out and sign up for something then!

Tomorrow is Joey's first obedience class. We'll go every Friday night for five weeks--I'm curious to see how he does!


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  2. I want to do one of those painting classes - looks like so much fun! Love the Michigan puzzle - I am going to have to check out White Mountain. I am sure Joey will do great in class - the key is practicing a few minutes every day. My mom has taught dog obedience for 50 years and she always tells the people she is training the owners not the dogs - good luck

  3. I think the painting looks fine! Most important thing is that you have fun. As for the circles, could it be a response to the extreme cold? They almost look like bruises, as though all the blood has rushed to the surface. Please stay warm, it sounds horrible! Karen in Sydney.

  4. I have a rescue too. She is small though but I am home a lot and she gets anxiety in her kennel too. I have to leave her in the kennel though when i go out. I've found that exercising her really good before i go works best. But in the winter for me that is hard to do and sometimes i don't have the time. Joey is REALLY cute! Labs are trouble makers! Probably will never grow out of getting into the garbage but the chewing probably. :)

  5. I took my (crazy, 75-pound) Border Collie to obedience classes not so much to teach him anything (he does learn quickly) as to learn HOW to teach him. That has worked.

  6. I love those painting classes! I have done the wine sipping class and it was so fun! By the end of the class I could not have cared less about how my painting looked ;)

  7. Hi Katie

    Fantastic painting ! Looks like a ton of fun : )

    Today we'll make it to 12 degrees (in NC)... moving up from the 7 degrees of yesterday. I know either of these would be the norm for you guys... but us in the South ....we don't do COLD well !

    I hope Joey enjoys his class tonight....I'll look forward to hearing how if goes.


  8. We have a company locally called Sips & Splatters. You bring your own wine/drinks/food and paint a picture. It's fantastic! I've done it once and totally want to do it again. I think your photo is great and you should hang it in your house! It looks great!

  9. Would love to try this! Looks like you had so much fun. Most of the classes here in NY are BYOB (bring your own beer, or wine ;)...need to get on that.

  10. i've been trying to heal up plantar fasciitis in my left heel since early january, leaving me unable to follow my regular fitness routine of cardio/soccer/hiking. i'm doing an aquafit class at my local pool 3x week, as well as my regular strength class at the gym 2x week. although my aquafit class is 99% senior citizens taking it pretty easy, i figure i'm there, i shaved my legs for it, & i'm going to give it 110%. i definitely think you can get a 400 - 600 calorie workout doing an hour of aquafit full tilt. just employ the same basic principles as you would in other strength classes....shoulders back, good posture, stomach in, strong crisp moves at all times, etc... with the resistance the water already provides, as well as the use of the floating dumb bells (that you have to work to keep under the water) you can get a kick butt workout if you put your mind to it! although i'm unable to do the fitness activities i love most right now, at least i know i haven't lost any fitness over it... good luck! i hope to be back 'on my feet' again within the next few weeks...

  11. I love the painting! I think it turned out fabulously. I find that when doing those classes, everyone is critiquing their own and not liking this or that. But if you step back from it or take a picture while you are painting it, you think - Oh, that isn't that bad! And I can honestly tell you that all of the ones I've done (I'm not artistic at all!), I don't even remember what parts I was bothered with while painting any more. I'm glad you enjoyed it! Cheers~

  12. I can tell you right now that yoga was what allowed me to run again. I would be practically crippled if I hadn't done it! I had aggressive plantar fasciitis, but yoga was a major part of my healing. Just remember that with yoga, it's all about being non-judgmental, especially with yourself! Everyone is at different places and can't do the poses the same, and that's totally okay. It's all about the intent you approach it with, and to modify where you need to. I can tell you right now, I still have to modify certain things to make it work for me, and that's okay!

  13. I would love to take a painting class like that. It sounds like a lot of fun.

    The bitter cold (I am near Windsor, ON) has been terrible. It almost hurts to breathe when it is so cold.

    I like doing puzzles too.

  14. Wow, that looks like that was a lot of fun! I have seen some friends do the wine and painting ones in the cities they live in and have always thought that would be a great way to spend the evening :)

  15. That painting looks awesome! I wish I had a creative bone in my body haha!


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