February 07, 2015

Indy virtual training series: The 3-Miler

I had forgotten that when I registered for Indy, I also registered for their virtual training series. They've always done a training series in Indy--a 3-miler, 6-miler, and 10-miler--which is put on like a race, and it falls on the days that typical running schedules have you doing those distances. Obviously, four hours is a long way to drive for a training series, so I wasn't planning to do it, but when I learned that they were going to offer it as a virtual option this year, I thought it would be a fun way to stay motivated during training.

Basically, you do the runs at home, and after you're done with the 10-miler (in April), then you get a bib, t-shirt, and medal in the mail for completing the series. Today was the first run of the series--the 3-miler. I had planned on running this hard, to see if sub-2:00 would even be a good goal for Indy, but obviously that changed due to my stress fracture. I didn't want to skip it altogether, so I decided to walk the three miles with Joey and the kids.

We went to the State Park this morning at around 8:45, and I realized when we got there that the Muskrat Run 5K was today (also at the park) at 11:00. That's a race I've always wanted to do, but I've just never actually done it. Usually, we get a ton of snow right around race day, and the thought of running on the icy bike path doesn't appeal to me. Today, however, was a perfect day for the race! It was about 33 degrees, and the path was plowed pretty well. If I didn't have a stress fracture, I certainly would have done it!

The kids were excited to be able to walk Joey, and thanks to that harness I bought, they were able to handle him. He still pulls a little, but not enough to knock them over ;)

There was a LOT of stopping and going, but over a period of an hour and twenty minutes, we managed to cover three miles. So I completed my training "run" for Indy, at a super slow walking pace. It was so funny to see the Garmin pace chart, because you can see that you stop and sniff every 20 seconds or so when walking a dog ;)

We managed to finish just before the Muskrat Run was going to start the kids' race. The kids were really worried that we would be on the path when the runners came through ;)

I had planned on going to the rec center today to do a deep water run, but I am seriously SO sick that I couldn't even think of it after walking at the park. I went through all six Kleenex that I'd brought with me on the walk within the first two miles. I have no idea how my head can hold so much snot!

I was hoping that the three mile walk would be all that Joey would need today, but after dinner, he was really wound up, so the kids and I walked him to my parents' house to let him play in their yard again, and then we walked home. Now he's super tired, and he's passed out on the floor. Jerry's work schedule is less than ideal right now; I just really hope this cold I have goes away quickly!

The next training run in the Indy series is the 6-miler, which takes place on March 7th. I would really love to be able to run that, even if it's super slowly and carefully. I don't even want to test my ankle for a couple more weeks, though, minimum. Indy is just coming up so fast, and my stress fracture is really starting to make me worry that I'll never run again (dramatic, yes).

My waterproof iPod finally arrived from Amazon, so I'm really excited to try it out in the pool! I downloaded a bunch of podcasts to listen to and help pass the time. If I'm not super congested, I'm going to go tomorrow. Hopefully it'll make my deep water runs go by more quickly!


  1. I totally give you props for walking 3 miles outside when you have a cold. I would be way too much of a baby!! Hope you feel better soon!

  2. You should try 30 day shred while injured. There is a lot of great results from it if you want to do a search for the results. It's even on you tube so if you want to try it out before buying not that it's very expensive either. Also it's only like 25 to 30 minutes long.

  3. Stress fractures are one of the worst injuries to have imo. But you will definitely run again :) Also, I hate to give out unsolicited advice, but be careful with what exercises you do with a stress fracture (even walking). When I had stress fractures in my metatarsals, I was only allowed to bike, swim, or lift weights sitting down. Anything that puts weight on a stress fracture can slow the healing process. I've never had one in the place you have one though, so I don't know if the advice is different, but your doctor didn't sound very familiar with running injuries, so I wasn't sure what he would told you.

    Best of luck with recovering! Injuries suck, but they make you more grateful for being un-injured once you're healed.

  4. Ha ha...I'm still trying to figure out how 33 degrees is a "perfect day for the race".


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