September 04, 2013

Scale free

Well, I don't have a weigh-in to post today. Jerry took the scale and hid it from me somewhere! I've been WAY too stressed out about fitting into the stupid bridesmaid dress in 10 days, and he thinks that taking the scale away will help me stop worrying about it, apparently ;)  I think it might actually work, though.

It's kind of interesting... when I feel pressured to get to a certain weight by a certain deadline, it really gets to me, and I usually end up gaining weight rather than losing. I always manage to get my weight back down when I'm not feeling any pressure at all. It works the same way with races, too. When I set a specific time goal at a race, I feel all kinds of pressure to hit that goal, and I usually fail to hit it; but when I go into a race without any expectations, I usually end up having a great race and a PR! I guess I just work better when I'm not under pressure.

I tried on the dress a few days ago, and it fit well. So as long as I don't go completely overboard with junk in the next 10 days, I should be okay. Then, I will be totally pressure-free to enjoy fall! I try not to put pressure on myself (like with this wedding), but it just naturally happens. I wish I could avoid that. I think I've just been so worried about this because the end of summer is always when I'm my heaviest.

Speaking of that, I went to Weight Watchers for my monthly weigh in a few days ago, and I was up a pound from last month. I stayed for the meeting, and when the leader asked if anyone wanted to share about their weigh in, I actually raised my hand. Most people think a 1 pound gain is a bad thing, but considering I always gain 15-20 pounds in the summer, I was thrilled. My grand total for summer weight gain was just four pounds this year.

Each fall, I spend a few months taking that weight back off. I am really excited that I'll be able to take it off in a matter of a few weeks rather than months this year. And hopefully next year, I can learn to keep my weight within a pound or two over the summer. ;)

Anyway, today was the kids' first day of school. Noah started fourth grade and Eli started second grade.

I can't believe how big they are! Next year, Noah will be in middle school, which is just crazy talk. When I was in school, we went to elementary through sixth grade. Then seventh and eighth was junior high. And ninth started high school. My kids will be in middle school in the fifth grade!

My day went by way too fast. I was hoping to get totally caught up on e-mail, which I didn't. Today was my rest day, but I did manage to go out for a 45-minute walk, which was nice. Yesterday's weather was perfect jeans and long-sleeved tee weather, but today, I was pretty hot in sweats. I think I'm just too excited for fall weather.

Last year, I fell out of the habit of walking with the boys to and from the bus stop. I would just watch them from the back deck until the bus came. But I want to get back in the habit of walking around the block with them again, rather than having them just cut through the backyard to the bus stop; and then in the afternoon, walking to the stop to wait for the bus. It's a little extra exercise for all of us, which doesn't hurt!

When Noah first started kindergarten, I asked him what he wanted to have for dinner that day. He told me he wanted Spaghetti Pie, which I thought was hilarious, because I'd only made it a couple of times, and I didn't even know he liked it much. So I always think of that on the first day of school, and I made Noah's Spaghetti Pie for dinner today. :)


  1. Good job on staying at goal (or very close!)for the summer! Chicago is coming up quickly!

  2. I am the same way about gaining weight when I want to lose weight by a certain date! That is why I refuse to do any more diet bets!

  3. Jerry gets the "Husband of the Year" award ....fantastic idea ! You are amazing everyday...will be in the dress too ! : )

  4. The spaghetti pie looks great! Too bad my son doesn't like tomato sauce and too much ricotta. I'll just make him his usual, then pasta with butter and parmesan cheese!

  5. I'm just the opposite. I do better with a deadline, otherwise I get stuck in the "I'll start tomorrow" loop of insanity. My girls started school today, though mine are just in Year 1 and Preschool (British schools). I may have to try that spaghetti pie-- looks good.

  6. I think it's a good think Jerry hid the scale for you. You have a good handle on things and taking the 'number' pressure off will probably keep you less stressed about it.

  7. Katie, I so identify with the weight-pressure thing. Ever since my class reunion date was set for next month, I have been struggling to lose my last 10 lbs...been maintaining between 10-15 lbs (A victory for me to maintain within a 5 lb range) but can't get below the 10 lb mark. I think it is the pressure! I do not do well with weight pressure! (Even tho I am probably about 65 lbs lighter than my last reunion!)


  8. Great job maintaining your weight! Middle school for me was 6th-8th grade, which I thought was pretty nice. If it's just 7th/8th it seems like too small of a step... stupid to have a school for two grades. 5th-8th also works! Hope they had a great first day of school!

  9. First time reading your blog. I really like how you write. I am working on losing over 250 pounds. I started my journey at 511 and I am now at 484. I struggle with the scales. I want to weigh because it lets me know if I am going in the general right direction. At the same time I notice that the more I weight the more pressure I feel. So it is a little bit of a challenge. I am definetly going to come back and read more of your blog.


  10. I love how one of the boys looks like you and the other like Jerry. So cute!

  11. I hope you put up a pic of yourself in the dress :)

  12. Aww, such a cute pic of them! I am sure you'll do fine and fit in your dress. I am the same way where when I am trying to reach a certain weight I end up gaining weight from the stress, so I eat more. It sounds nuts, but that's what I do. My weight has been up and down since June, and it's slowly coming down now. I would be great for a few days and then overeat, so it's been like an endless cycle.

  13. That's a great job for over the summer. This was my first full year of being at a lower weight and I'm up a few pounds. I'm hoping I can get it back down even though I'm still pretty happy with how I am right now. Stupid numbers ;)


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