September 13, 2013


When Michigan changes seasons, the weather gets really wacky. A couple of days ago, it was 98 degrees outside. Today, the high was 61 degrees! I was actually pretty excited to go for a run this morning--five miles at an easy pace in this nice fall weather.

I wore long sleeves to run in for the first time this season! Maybe it was a little premature for the long sleeves, but I was just too excited. After getting the kids on the bus, Jerry and I watched an episode of Breaking Bad (season one--I'm trying to get him hooked on it). Then I headed out for my run.

I did my usual loop of the neighborhoods. I think I lost my mind today while I was running, though! There is a particular peninsula that I've been running ever since I started to run in 2010. It's a perfect 5K from my house, around the peninsula, and home, so I've done it a million times.

Anyway, I ran that as part of my five miler today, and I must have been really lost in my thoughts. I ran all the way to the tip of the peninsula, where there is a tiny loop turn-around, and instead of running along the other edge of the peninsula, I ended up going back the way I came. I got almost halfway home when I realized that I was doing an out-and-back rather than looping the peninsula. I know this is all incredibly boring, but it felt so strange when I realized my mistake. I was really confused for a minute!

After I showered and dressed in a sweatshirt and jeans(!), Jerry and I went to the mall. I needed some new make-up (foundation) from Macy's. This is pretty pathetic, but the last bottle of foundation I have was from when my sister treated me to a mini makeover in July 2010 (as a gift for losing 100 pounds). That's how infrequently I wear make-up! I'm finally down to the last of the bottle, so I wanted to buy the same stuff that Jeanie bought me back then.

I brought the bottle with me, and just asked the salesgirl for the same thing. When she rang it up, I was a little shocked for a minute that it was $30! But considering it lasted me over three years, I guess it's a bargain ;)

We walked around the mall for a little while, people-watching, and then headed home. We have to go to the wedding rehearsal at 4:30, and then dinner at his parents' house afterward. I hope that Jerry's parents do something to acknowledge his birthday. Tomorrow, he turns 33, but his birthday is obviously going to be overshadowed by his sister's wedding. So I'm hoping they have a cake or something for him tonight.

Noah has been really excited for Jerry's birthday. He's so sweet! He was wondering if we could go out to breakfast or something to celebrate (as a surprise for Daddy), since the wedding is tomorrow afternoon. That's probably what we'll end up doing. We have a busy day tomorrow, so I may not get a chance to write. Have a great weekend!


  1. Happy birthday, Jerry!!

  2. My husband and I got married the day after his sister's birthday. His groom's cake was actually a birthday cake for her. =)

  3. Our family has a ton of weddings on cousins / siblings birthdays, it makes trying to celebrate the birthday weird mixing in a family wedding at the same time! Hope Jerry has a great birthday!

  4. I'm rewatching Breaking Bad as well... I can't wait a WHOLE WEEK for the episodes now, so since the beginning of this latest season starting I am rewatching it. I'm in the middle of season three now... considering I will only watch until the end of season four, I hope it lasts long enough to make it all the way to the finale. Amazing how much of it I forgot though. Happy bday to Jerry!

  5. What makeup do you love so much that you'd by the same thing 3 years later? I'd love to know.

    1. It's the MAC liquid foundation. I love it because you can use such a tiny amount and get great coverage!

  6. You should watch Suits. It is sooo very good. and addictive.
    Also → twisted(AWESOME)
    i use foundation by Bourjous(sp?) its pretty smooth and blends in the skin without giving a cakey look.

    Have fun on the wedding;)
    Happy Birthday to Jerry.

    Thankyou for replying me yesterday.

  7. Happy Birthday to Jerry! You crack me up with your run - I've done stuff like that all the time! Both running AND driving! ;)

  8. Happy Birthday Jerry. You've got a good one there Katie, he's so funny AND romantic. Doesn't get much better than that. Enjoy the wedding!!! Can't wait to see pictures and hear all the details! Hope the dress isn't too uncomfortable.

  9. You must have been enjoying that run to have lost yourself like that - can't wait till that happens to me lol.
    I'm with you on the makeup - I hardly ever wear it and pretty much all mine (barring some mascara) is embarrassingly old.

    Happy birthday Jerry!

  10. I don't even bother with foundation anymore.


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