September 15, 2013

Family wedding

The wedding turned out to be really fun yesterday. In the morning, I had an eight mile run at easy pace scheduled. It was 43 degrees when I headed out! I was loving it--it was cold enough to see my breath :) Because it was cold, and I was feeling really good, instead of doing the 8 miles, I changed my mind and did 10--which is what I was scheduled to do today. I just figured I'd swap Saturday and Sunday.

So I ended up running 10 miles at a 9:17/mi pace, and felt fantastic. The wedding didn't start until 3:30, so after my run, Jerry and I had a pretty lazy morning. The kids were with my parents (who were also invited to the wedding; they volunteered to take the kids with them, since Jerry and I were both part of the wedding party).

I didn't want to have a stylist do my hair or make-up, so I just did that myself. I waited until the last moment I could to put on the dress. It actually went on pretty easily yesterday. Jerry drove me to his parents' house where I was supposed to meet the other bridesmaids, and then he left for his grandparents' house, where the ceremony and reception were held. As we were leaving our house, we both commented that we felt like we were heading to prom!

The other bridesmaids and I went to Jerry's grandparents' house together, and the ceremony started shortly after that. This was the first time my kids have attended a wedding, so I was curious to see what they thought of it.

The DJ announced the bridal party as we went into the tent, and Jerry (being, well, Jerry) got a little crazy and loud when we were introduced . Later, he asked the kids how they liked it:

Jerry: Mama wanted me to do something crazy when we were introduced. Did you guys like it?
Eli: Yeah. Why didn't Mama want to dance like that?
Noah: Because she's mature.

BAHAHA! (For the record, I love the way Jerry's personality comes out at weddings; he loves to dance, and he really is the life of the party).

We sat at the head table, and I was starving. I brought a Clif bar in my purse, because wedding food usually isn't very good, and I didn't think I'd eat any of the dinner at the wedding. But I was so hungry that I really didn't care what it tasted like at that point, so I got a plate of food. Holy cow, the food was AMAZING. They had a pig roast, so there was barbecued pork and smoked pork, and even though I'm not a huge meat person, I was dumbfounded at how good it was. They also had fried chicken, mashed potatoes, mixed veggies, salad, and rolls. I ate a plate of food, and was tempted to go back for seconds, but I honestly didn't think I could fit another mouthful with that dress on (well, except for wedding cake).

After dinner, we mingled a little. I had my mom take a family pic for us...

Several people asked if Noah and Eli were twins. They're 18 months apart, but they are almost the exact same height and they wear the same size clothes. 

I had a piece of wedding cake, which was really good! One of Jerry's aunts made it. After I ate that, though, the dress was feeling really tight and bothersome. I so badly wished I'd brought clothes to change into!

There was a photo booth, and I knew the kids would have fun with that, so we went in and got some goofy pics (Jerry and I got some of just us, too).

The kids thought it was awesome, and they even went in by themselves. It was so cute!

The rest of the evening, I chatted with some of Jerry's relatives and watched him dance. I don't dance, but dancing is Jerry's favorite part of weddings, so he was really excited to get a little crazy. I asked if the DJ could play a Happy Birthday song for Jerry, so that we could at least sing to him, and we did. I'm glad that his birthday was acknowledged!

It started to get really cold, and I was aching to get out of the dress. We ended up leaving at around 11:00. By the time I was in bed, it was after midnight, which is super late for me. But the night was fun.

This morning, I was really glad that I'd swapped my 8 and 10 mile runs. I was feeling SO tired this morning, and really felt like my legs were heavy. I ran 8 miles at a 9:37/mi pace, and it felt hard. I put on some sweats when I got home, and caught up on laundry and paying bills and all that fun stuff.

Don't forget, tomorrow is Motivational Monday! If you have a picture from a health/fitness accomplishment that you're proud of, feel free to e-mail it to me (with a short description) to SlimKatie (at) runsforcookies (dot) com with the subject "Motivational Monday". I may include it on tomorrow's MM post!


  1. Katie... You look so beautiful! An ongoing congratulations for all those mornings you still run anyway, all those times you pass up seconds, and all those blog posts you share with the world!

  2. Beautiful family. Lovely dress. Perfect.

  3. Katie, you look gorgeous and so, so happy with your family. Thank you for continuing to be an inspiration!!!

  4. You all look great :) I too thought your boys looked like twins - they are sooooo alike.

  5. Your whole family looks great & happy. Great job Katie!

  6. Oh my gosh! Looks like such a great time and you looked beautiful! :) the dress turned out to be perfect!

  7. You both look amazing. You look gorgeous and Jerry looks very handsome. Your kids do look like twins here haha. I love how one looks like your husband and the other one looks like you. :)

  8. You are beautiful and your family is so handsome. :)

  9. You guys all look FANTASTIC!!! And it sounds like you had a great time = )

  10. You both look great. My niece is getting married next summer at her father's house and is also having a pig roast.

  11. You look beautiful! You and Jerry remind me of the couple that everyone looks at and says, "They have kids and have been married for quite a few years now but they still look like teenagers in love. How do they do it?"
    I really hope my boyfriend and I can be like that as well.

    Eli and Noah look so cute. You can definitely see the resemblance there!


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