September 16, 2013

Motivational Monday #32

After a rough week, I'm finally feeling much less stressed out. I did a lot of stress eating this week, but today I felt very motivated to get back on track when I woke up. I've been super excited about this fall weather, so last night I made a batch of Pumpkin Cranberry Apple Baked Oatmeal to have for breakfast all week. I also went for a seven mile run this morning, and truly enjoyed the weather!

Again, there are lots of super inspiring stories to share today... enjoy!

Ang completed her first sprint triathlon on Saturday! Despite feeling like the universe was against her in finishing this tri, she made up her mind that she was going to do it--and she did. (Ang's race report on her blog). 

After being inspired by a friend running a half-marathon, Anne decided to take up running. She followed the Run Your Butt Off plan, and entered a 5K to stay motivated. This weekend, she and her husband ran the Color Me Rad! She was sure she was going to have to stop and walk midway, but her husband pushed her to keep going, and she ran the whole distance. She's lost about 15 pounds since she started running, and plans to work her way up to a half-marathon.

Debora ran her first half-marathon yesterday, after a 15+ year hiatus from running! At 58 years old, she finished in 2:09--amazing!

Holly just ran a Dirty Girl Mud Run on Saturday! In June 2010, she changed her diet and started exercising, and has since lost 124 pounds!

Katherine completed her very first triathlon on Saturday! You can read her race report here on her blog).

Kori completed a Tough Mudder race this weekend! She ran/walked the 12 miles on tough terrain, and completed all 20 of the obstacles. She's very sore and bruised today, but she had so much fun with her boyfriend and friend (shown in the pic, which was taken after they'd rinsed off the mud) that she is going to do another!

Kristen started Weight Watchers 6 weeks ago, and has lost 15 pounds! She had a big NSV happen this week, and wanted to share. Last night, her kids were chasing her around the neighborhood, and she was running hard to keep them from catching her. After a mile, she tripped over a tree root and fell hard. Despite the bruises and scrapes, she was only thinking about how great it felt that she wasn't even winded from running around with her kids! The 15 pounds she's lost has made a huge difference.

Despite the extremely hot 90-degree temps and humidity, Melissa completed her second half-marathon! She said she had a terrible race, due to the heat, but she is very proud of herself for sticking it out. She's been running for three years now, has lost 40 pounds, and maintained a weight 10 pounds below her goal for nearly a year!

Melissa got a VERY exciting e-mail... she was accepted into the Boston Marathon! She'd been working on qualifying for 10 long years, and in December, she ran her qualifying time (well, 6 minutes faster than her qualifying time, to be exact!).

When Naomi (on right in photo) realized that she had Sunday off work (a rarity), she decided on a whim to run the 7.2K race in her town--taking place the very same day! She'd never run more than 5K in distance, and this was her first official race. She was determined to run the whole way, and she did it! 

Nicki took an intimidating leap and signed up for her first 5K! She's going to be doing The Color Run. She hopes that the training will help her slim down enough to go sledding with her family this winter.

Nicole hit a couple of milestones this week--she reached 25 pounds lost, AND she ran her farthest distance yet (2.75 miles)! 

Shirlie reached two HUGE milestones this week--not only did she ride the most miles in one day on her bike than ever before, she also reached 100 pounds lost in her weight loss journey! She's been overweight her entire life, and had never been athletic; now, she's walk/running and she's turned into a biking MACHINE. She did all of this after turning 50 years old, so she wants to remind everyone that it's never to late to start!

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  1. This is the second post like this that I've read of yours. I love to see what people are doing. It's very inspiring! Just sent away for a basic Garmin Forerunner today!

  2. I look forward to these posts each week!!! keep 'em coming

  3. Katie- Thanks for putting this together every week. It's so inspiring! Does Shirlie have a blog? Thanks,Lynne.

    1. She didn't submit the link for a blog, so I don't think she does, unfortunately!

  4. So bummed that I missed the thread on FB this week! I actually had something to contribute! For the first time in 11 months I went for a run last night. Between being pregnant, being in a car accident and finally having surgery for an injury during the accident, I wasn't able to run but I finally did it yesterday! I ran/walked 2 miles...I probably walked more than ran but it's a start!

  5. Thanks for sharing my experience Katie. I honestly crossed the finish line and one of the first thoughts I had was "Hey! I have something to share with Katie for MM!!!" LOL. I'm addicted to your MM blog entries. Thanks for all you do!

  6. Wonderful victories this week everyone!

    Marcia - great job!!!!

  7. Awesome! Way to go everyone. :)

  8. Wow some fantastic motivation this week!! WTG!!

  9. Great job everyone...especially Melissa! Boston is my new life's goal, I can only imagine what kind of hard work went into receiving that e-mail!!

    1. Thank you! (thanks, also, to Katie for including my story!). I'm quite proud of myself and realized that it was actually more like 15 years that I've been trying to get to Boston (time flies and apparently I can't add!). I never thought I'd make it and in 2012 gave it one last "go" before calling it quits with trying. So happy I didn't obviously. Even when they changed the qualifying times a few years ago and made it even harder....and I'm not a tiny little runner, either which surprises people. Good luck--if you can dream it, you can achieve it! Now to get to the starting line healthy...


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