September 23, 2013

Motivational Monday #33

Happy Motivational Monday! I am having a hell of a time getting and staying on track over the past few weeks (well, all summer, really!). I'm happy that I've managed to keep my summer weight gain to just five pounds, but now I really want to take that off. Our local ice cream shop will be closing for the season soon, and let me say, I will be relieved when it does! ;)

Anyway, I can sure use a dose of motivation today...

Alice had been working hard for over a year to reach a goal of a sub-25 5K--and yesterday, she did it! She finished it in 24:45. She's crossing her fingers that she'll get accepted into the London Marathon, and will find out next month; if she does, then she's got a 4:30:00 goal in mind!

Amanda ran her first 5K this weekend! It was very tough, but she pushed herself through the hills and finished. She's very excited to do more races now, and has her sights set on the Rock & Roll Half-Marathon in Cleveland next year!

Amy is in her fourth week of half-marathon training, and she just ran her longest distance to date--6 miles! She is slowly but surely making changes that she can live with forever, and has developed a love for running. Her favorite post-run treat? Mini Blue Bell ice cream cups!

Andy just completed her very first race! She ran the Sydney Blackmores Bridge Run, which is a 9K that goes over the Sydney Harbour Bridge. She loved the race, and is very excited to do it with her sister next year. Her husband brought their kiddos along to cheer her on at the finish line. Andy's next goal is a half-marathon!

Jennifer and a few friends ran the Women Rock 10K race in Chicago along Lake Michigan. As if that wasn't enough for one weekend, Jennifer then ran 16 miles the next day--a new distance PR! 

Rachel had thought about getting into running, but the idea of doing a 5K seemed very scary and impossible to her. However, on Saturday, she discovered last minute that the Colorado Alzheimer's Association was having their annual Walk to End Alzheimer's. The cause hit close to home for her, because her family has been heavily affected by the disease, and she finally decided that she was going to do it. She and her mom registered as "Charlie's Angels", in honor of her Grandma Charlie, who is battling Alzheimer's. The two of them were nervous for the race, but as soon as they crossed the starting line, they were motivated to finish. They crossed the finish line in 40 minutes, and were very proud to have honored Grandma Charlie that way. Rachel realized that there is no reason to be afraid of a race, and is looking forward to running another 5K in October!

Sara started losing weight 14 months ago, and to date, has lost nearly 90 pounds! She ran her first 5K race in May, and enjoyed it so much, she immediately signed up for a 10K. Due to bad shin splints, her training suffered, and she wasn't able to run the distance without taking walk breaks, which made her worry about meeting the cut-off time at the race (1:20:00). The race was Saturday, and despite her worry, she did it! She ran the entire way, and finished in 1:12:55.

As a stay-at-home mom of SIX children (only three of which are school-age), Anita always thought she just didn't have the time to exercise. She finally decided she was done making excuses, and she looked up races in her area. She discovered a women's 5K on her 35th birthday. She started training, and despite some setbacks along the way, she finished the race this weekend! Her fastest 5K time in training was 57 minutes, so she was stunned when she crossed the finish line in 46 minutes!

Bethany ran her first half-marathon in a crazy-fast 1:50:56! Her goal was to finish under two hours, so she crushed her goal time. After losing 50 pounds, she reached her goal weight a year ago, and has kept it off ever since!

After training for nearly a year, Jessica just completed her first half-marathon! She was training hard, and even ran the half-marathon distance on her treadmill around Christmastime; and then her father became very sick, so her training took a back seat to her visits to see him. She did what she could manage as far as her training. Just two weeks before the race, her father died. Even though it seemed she had every reason not to go to the race, she chose to run it anyway--and she finished (in the pouring rain) in 2:42!

Jessica ran her first 10K (her farthest distance yet) in 1:08! She started running about a year ago, when she joined Weight Watchers; she's since lost 110 pounds and has reached her goal weight! She never dreamed she'd be a runner, but she loves the way she feels after a good run. (Jessica's blog)

Jill just returned home from a week at The Biggest Loser Resort in Chicago! She lost 100 pounds on her own, was stuck for a few months, and then was lucky enough to win this trip. She said the workouts were insanely hard, for 4-5 hours per day, but she learned that her body is capable of doing things she never imagined she could do! That's her training on her back in the top left; and in the top right she is between Hannah and Olivia, winners of TBL Season 11. (Jill's blog)

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  1. RemarkablyTypicalSeptember 24, 2013

    This post totally saved me from getting a 700+ calories breve mocha this morning Green tea ahoy!

  2. Love Motivational Monday! Did you see this story, Katie? I thought you would love it - the accidental marathon winner.

  3. I love these so much! Way to go everyone!

  4. WTG everyone, you are all rock stars!

  5. Thank you for walking with us! We are always here to help you and your family through this disease. Feel free to call our 24/7 Helpline st 1.800.272.3900 or visit us online at

  6. Good luck to Alex getting into the London Marathon! That was my first marathon way back in 2002. (Which sounds more impressive than it is, I've only done two. Heh.) Anyway, it was a fantastic experience, so I wish her luck!

  7. Love love love reading through all their inspiring stories. Just makes me want to run!!

  8. Love these Motivational Monday posts! Everyone's stories always inspire me to continue on my weight loss journey :)


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