August 21, 2013

Wave pool fun

Jerry was off work today, so we made plans to take the kids to the wave pool. When I went with my mom last week, there were literally about five people in the pool. I was hoping it would be another day like that, but when we got there at around 11:15, it was already pretty crowded.

My dad was able to get us free wristbands again, which was really cool. I wish I'd known that he was allowed to do that! We probably would have taken advantage sooner. It was hot and humid today, so a perfect day for the pool.

Even though I'm not a big fan of swimming, I brought my bathing suit and spent the whole time in the water with the kids. Because it was so busy, I was worried to let them out of my sight (the lifeguards there rarely look like they're paying attention to anything). At first, Eli and I were sitting on tubes in the deep end when the waves came, and we were just rocking up and down.

After a while, we started making our way to the shallower water, where the waves got pretty rough. A wave came and crashed over us, flipping us both off of the tubes. I was expecting Eli to come up crying, but he was laughing hysterically, so we spent the rest of the time letting the waves wipe us out. Jerry got up on his tube to relax, and I playfully yanked his tube into the rough waves--which was funny until he wiped out really hard and wound up with a big bruise on his back. Oops.

After we were done with the pool, we each went down the inflatable slide a few times. I didn't get to try it last time, so I was excited to go down it this time. It was fun! Halfway down, my whole body slid sideways, and I had no control over what was happening. Jerry took some (very flattering) pictures of me:

Hahaha, he always manages to catch my picture when I'm making the worst faces.

It was a super fun afternoon, and I was exhausted afterward. Today was my rest day from running, so I just spent the whole evening relaxing at home.

Today is Wednesday, which means weigh-in day. Last week, I'd gained a couple of pounds, and said I hoped to be about 135 this week. Close, but no cigar...

I was 100% on track all week long, and was down 2.5 pounds from last week, so I can't complain. Maybe I'll see 135 next week. I'm just very happy to be on track, and not having gone over my weekly PointsPlus.

I've been eating for maintenance (32 daily PP, along with my 49 weeklies and all of my activity PP), but I tend to still lose a little when I eat for maintenance. So I'll just continue doing this until I'm back at goal weight. Even though I'm over goal right now (my "official" goal is 133), I'm very happy that I'm only 3 pounds over. Last year at this time, I think my weight was in the 150's. Summer is the hardest time of year for me to stay on track, and each summer, I've gained 15-20 pounds (only to take it off again in the fall)... until now. So to be up just three is pretty good! ;)

I may not get a chance to write tomorrow, because we're taking the kids camping (just for one night) in my parents' pop-up camper. I haven't gone camping in YEARS--I'm definitely not an "outdoorsy" person, so this should be interesting! ;)


  1. you look like you're having a blast! Your pictures are totally flattering, give yourself the credit you deserve! Good for you guys!

  2. That's a really cute swim suit! I'm glad you had fun. And congrats on losing. It might not be exactly what you wanted, but at least it's the right direction!

  3. Whenever you post about things you do with your kids, I think what FUN parents you guys are. Your kids are so lucky to have a mom and dad who get right in there and play with them. They are getting great memories:-)

  4. You look great in your swimming suit--funny faces and all!

  5. I think the pictures are great because you can see how much fun you were having. :) And you always look very pretty.

  6. I took the kids to a waterpark with slides and such ... I was boring and just watched though. I see a few Wednesday Weigh-ins (and even participate in one link-up some weeks). But Wednesday, mid-week seems like a weird weigh-in day to me. I do Friday, BEFORE I blow it on the weekend (I'm getting better) *Ü* I hoping to hit 135 by Christmas ...

  7. Good job, staying on track.


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