August 24, 2013

Post-marathon plans

Sure enough, I was asleep the second my head hit the pillow last night. I was SO TIRED from the very long, sleepless night in the camper. I slept until about 6:30 this morning, and then I got out of bed to go out and run before I could change my mind. I knew I wanted to get it done before it got too hot outside.

I had 8 miles at easy run pace (10:00-10:40) on the schedule. I chose an out and back route, because I knew it would be tempting to cut the run short if I passed by my house. I started running at what felt like easy run pace to me. I wanted to see if I could hit my target pace without looking at my watch.

When the watch beeped for mile 1, I saw that it was a 9:43/mi pace. Close. So I tried again. Mile 2 complete in 9:53--a little closer. And so it went, for the entire eight miles. I've discovered that it's  actually gotten pretty difficult to run a pace over 10:00. When I'm focusing on it, I can do it, but when I space out (which is what I do on runs), I find that my pace automatically goes into the mid-9:00's. I was happy that my pace was pretty consistent throughout the run, though!

The Garmin site is down right now, so this will do.

Today's run made me really nervous for tomorrow's run--I have to do 16 miles tomorrow! It's supposed to be a hot day (high of 88), so I'm going to have to head out as early as possible. I'm going to wear my CamelBak and do an out-and-back run. I'm not sure why I'm so nervous! I did a 15-miler two weeks ago, so it's just an extra mile on top of that.

I saw my little brother, Nathan, yesterday, and he's doing really well with his training. I wasn't sure if I was going to be running with him during the half-marathon in November, or just doing the same race. Yesterday, he said he is kind of thinking he'll run it in just under two hours. I was surprised--that's pretty fast for a beginner! But his training paces show that he probably could do it. So I may not even be able to keep up with him ;) It's four weeks after the marathon, though, so I'm sure I'll be fine to run with him, if he wants me to (he probably won't, even though I'd like to!).

I spoke with my big brother, Brian, yesterday, also. He said that he and Nathan were talking about putting together a "family" Ragnar team for next year. They were hoping for Tennessee (November 2014), but since I'm doing TN with my From Fat to Finish Line team, I said we'd have to pick a different one. Regardless of what one we do, I think that would be SO fun! Brian, Nathan, my sister (Jeanie), her husband (Shawn), Brian's girlfriend (Becky), Jerry, and me--not sure who would fill in the other five spots--on a team would be a blast.

Speaking of Ragnar, John (Runner 12 from my From Fat to Finish Line team) had an awesome idea. He lives in San Diego, and wants to put together a team for Ragnar SoCal, made up of people who have never run an overnight relay race before. I volunteered to co-captain (in the other van, so that each van would have a relay veteran). I think that running a race with 10 relay rookies would be great! We just started talking about this a couple of days ago, so we're still figuring things out, but I'm excited about it. I would LOVE to go to San Diego! I went once, but I was only 17 at the time. The race is in April, so we have some time to plan.

Anyway, if all these plans work out, it looks like next year is going to be the year of the overnight relays. Definitely won't be doing any marathons next year! I'm really looking forward to a more laid-back approach to training after all the marathon training.

I haven't mentioned this before, because I wasn't sure how long I would last... but it's been almost six weeks since I've had peanut butter! I'm not giving it up for good--I just decided to challenge myself to go without it for a little while. On July 17th, Andrea and I started a bet with our PointsPlus (if we go over for the week, we owe each other money). We did it to get to/stay at our goals until the marathon. I made a little deal with myself, as well (after a peanut butter-induced food coma)...

If I could give up peanut butter until the marathon, then I can buy a new set of dishes. We've had the same dishes since our wedding shower in 2003, and I would love a new set! I never really felt justified in buying them, so this way, I feel like I've earned them. It's been super tough without my beloved peanut butter! But Wednesday will mark six weeks since I've had it, so I've actually been sticking to my goal. It's really helped me to stay on track with my eating, because whenever I binge, it's almost always peanut butter-related.

Last year, I gave up peanut butter for the six weeks prior to the Detroit Marathon, and it really helped me to start (and stick with) Weight Watchers. It's weird that it's almost been a year since I joined! The older I get, the faster time goes by.


  1. No peanut butter?! That's my main food, haha. I do love the idea of challenging yourself and rewarding at the end! Keep it up, because I want to see your new dishes!!!

  2. I'm curious. How much did you weigh when you started running? Did you do other things to lose some of the weight first or jump right into running for weight loss/health? Between your posts and the posts of several other blogs I follow, I am ITCHING to run. The thing is, I'm 485 pounds as of my last weigh in (down from 499, but up from 479 since I started this journey) and I'm completely terrified of actually taking the steps toward running. I'm not even sure where or how to begin or if I'm just plain too big to be doing it or what.

    How do you get through the urge to overeat/eat too much crap? I've been a soda and processed junk (think Little Debbie) addict for as long as I can remember. I'm trying SO hard to curb these habits, but no matter what I try, I only make it three days to a week before I freak out. I end up spending another two or three days doing NOTHING but thinking about soda and sweets and then I cave in. Sometimes I only cave a bit (one treat/one soda), other times it takes me days to get back on track. I'm sure I'm compensating for other addictions. I quit doing drugs in 2007 and replaced it with alcohol. During my drinking issues, I went from 456 to 367. Last October, I quit drinking and subsequently turned to food, gaining to where I am now. Obviously, I can't just give up food. :(

    Wow! I so didn't mean to go on a tangent in your comments, lol. You inspire me, so I wanted to ask. :)

    1. Hi there Amy! I think it's awesome that you'd like to start running. I don't really have definite answers for you, as far as your ability; but there are people that start running at their heaviest and do great, as well as people who are near goal and still have issues with joint pain, etc. So it really just depends on your body. I would definitely get the okay from your doctor before you start, and I would recommend starting very slow (just a little at a time, so you don't get injured).

      When I was losing weight, I made it a point to include a treat every single day (for me, it was usually ice cream or a cookie--some sort of dessert; for you, it may be a Little Debbie). I planned out my meals, and allotted enough calories to fit in my treat each day. It helped me to stay on track all day long!

      Make sure you check out my FAQ page--you may find some helpful info there. Best wishes on your journey!! :)

  3. Did it have to do with the Jif Whips? Thankfully I showed the container to my daughter and she's been enjoying it too, or it surely would have been inhaled by me days and days ago.

  4. I just want you to know your trials and successes are such an inspiration to me, Katie. I am just beginning what I hope will be an 80 pound weight loss. Over the past six years I haven't been able to lose a pound, even when I tried, but after my first week on Weight Watchers and doing the Couch to 5K, I've lost 4 pounds. I found your blog when I googled using up activity points, and seeing you running but also tucking into ice cream makes me happy. Thank you for the daily dose of sanity!

    1. That's awesome!! Congrats on such a great first week. Best wishes on WW and the C25K :)

  5. OMG! Giving up PB! THat's tough. I am a total pb addict and was trying to cut back bc i used to have trouble controlling my portions but my nutritionist i just saw told me to 1-increase my calories (that is scary when you are still 25lbs from goal) and 2-increase my pb intake for healthy fats and energy to get thru my marathon training! So...since i have orders to have it i'm gonna go with it...I don't think i could quit so strong work!!
    The ragnar relay sounds soooooo fun! I would love to someday do one! And a family one sounds like it would be's awesome that you have enough ( or almost enough) family to make up a team!

  6. Katie, I am SO excited to run another Ragnar with you. SoCal is such a beautiful course, and we will have such a great time. Now, we just need to recruit our ten running buddies. Let's do this!

    1. John (and Katie)- Ever since reading about your Ragnar Fat to Finish team I was hoping to find a "Part II" team (or something like that). I lost 100 pounds this past year and have been running for about 4 months - currently training for the Rock N' Roll Half Marathon here in Phoenix. Definitely interested in a soCal Ragnar team since Phoenix really isn't that far (and I have family in SD). Not sure how you are recruiting but would love the chance to look into it. Can't say I'll be very fast though - maybe by April! I recently found Katie's blog and have been very inspired. It has helped me make the transition from just running 1-2 miles/day to pushing into longer 4-5 mile distances. Now it just needs to cool off in Phoenix!!

    2. Thanks for letting us know you're interested! Can you send me an e-mail? This time around, we aren't looking just for people that have lost weight, but anyone (FUN) who hasn't run a relay before. The only issue is that we do have to worry about our pace as a team--in Key West, our team was too slow for the course rules, and that caused a bit of a hassle. So unfortunately, pace does matter this time around. But if you'd like, send me an e-mail and we'll see what we can do!

  7. I need to give up peanut butter too. I spend most of my points plus on peanut butter and I'm probably not counting enough points plus for it either. I usually just take a spoonful several times throughout the day.

  8. That is a lot of overnight relays. I just did my first and it was a blast! Definitely a very unique experience and something that can't be replicated like other running feats. You can practice a half marathon, you cannot practice 36 hours in the car with five other people and little to no sleep. :)


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