August 23, 2013

Slow's BBQ

Camping last night turned out to be kind of a bust. Not awful, but not the greatest night for camping. It rained all evening. At around 9:00, the rain let up, so we tried to make a campfire. We were able to light the paper, but the logs wouldn't light. I think the boys had a lot of fun trying, though! It's not often they get to play with matches ;)

I slept terribly in the camper. I was hot and just uncomfortable, and could hear lots of trains. I was tossing and turning. Sometime in the night, Noah actually got up (sleepwalking) and was trying to open the camper door to go outside! That was pretty scary. I was really glad that I was awake and saw him doing that.

This morning, I woke up before 5:00, and just laid in bed, waiting for the sun to come up. As soon as it was light enough, at around 6:30, I got dressed to go for a run. I had a five-mile easy run on the schedule. Since we were already at the state park, I knew a five-mile route on the trail, so I headed out for that. I was aiming for a 10:00-10:40 pace, but I really just wanted to get it done, so I ended up going a little faster, with a 9:37 average pace.

I was hoping to run into Jessica, since I figured she'd be doing a long run today, but didn't see her. When I got back to the campsite, though, I thought I caught a glimpse of her on the trail. Turns out I was right! She sent me a text and said she saw me a ways ahead of her for a while, but too far ahead to catch up. She ran 12 miles today.

We were able to get the logs to light this morning, so we made a fire and sat around for a little bit. At around 11:30, we headed to Detroit for lunch. The kids had been asking us to go to a restaurant called Slow's, known for its BBQ. I'd heard really good things about it, and the kids had seen it on The Food Network and Man vs. Food (which is why they wanted to go there).

Jerry was thrilled to see that they had 55 beers on tap! I ordered the pulled pork (I had looked up the menu before we left, and it had pictures of the food. The portions looked fairly small, so I assumed that's how they'd be in the restaurant. I was very wrong!). I got baked beans and cornbread for my sides (there really weren't any "healthy" sides at all). Jerry got a trio of the pulled pork, chicken, and brisket, with black beans and potato salad. Noah and Eli shared a dinner of ribs, pulled pork, waffle fries, and macaroni and cheese. When the food came out, the portions were ginormous...

I was absolutely starving, and couldn't wait to dig in. But I have to admit, I was disappointed in the food. The cornbread was amazing, but I ate one bite of the baked beans and couldn't even stomach a second bite (they tasted very perfume-y, like flowers or something). The pork was okay, but I am very picky about meat; I don't like to see ANY visible fat, and the pork had quite a bit. So I picked around and ate the pieces that didn't have fat on them. I gave Eli about half of the pork, because he loved it and plowed through his.

I tasted a bite or two of everything at the table, just to try it. The mac & cheese was decent, but I like my homemade mac & cheese better. The only thing that really wowed me was the cornbread (and I gave half of it to Jerry, because he didn't like his black beans). Jerry and the kids loved all of the meat. I'd expected to spend a lot of PointsPlus there, but since I wasn't crazy about the food, the damage wasn't too bad. I ate about a third of the pork, two-thirds of the cornbread, half of Eli's mac & cheese (he didn't like it), and a bite of everything else.

I'm glad we went, because it was fun to try something new, but I wouldn't go back there. Jerry, on the other hand, said he would love to go back. Although, we both mentioned that we've been eating out too much lately (probably once a week, sometimes twice), so we're going to cut back on that. When we left, we drove by the old train station in Detroit to check it out. It's such a cool looking building!

The picture (through the windshield) doesn't really do it justice. It's a shame that it's just an empty building now.

We were super full all day long from lunch, so we didn't even eat dinner. I did have a cupcake for my mom's birthday, though. Three birthdays today--my mom's, Andrea's, and Rik's (both from my Ragnar team).  We went back to the campsite for a little while to hang out with my parents, and then came back home for a relaxing evening. I'm SO going to bed early tonight, after my sleepless night yesterday! Eight miles to run in the morning.


  1. I'm glad I'm not the only one from metro-Detroit that doesn't LOVE Slow's ;)

  2. I've never been to Slow's but constantly hear people rave about it. I don't like to see fat on the meat either. I have heard that the portions are huge!

  3. I love the old train station! It's a beautiful but eerie looking building.

  4. The train station looks like it would fit in on the Vegas strip!

  5. I always say there's only ONE thing I don't like that's fattening--and that's FAT on meat. We barbecue ribs sometimes and they're terribly high in calories, so I try to eat a small portion and always pick around the fat if possible. We went out for lunch yesterday to celebrate Granddaughter's adoption (it was finalized yesterday), and I had this chicken salad served on a croissant. I took off the croissant top and it came with either fries or a yogurt parfait. I do NOT like yogurt (of course I don't--it's good for me!), so I gave the yogurt to Du, and made a meal of my chicken salad on half a croissant. It was good. I too had a bite of my granddaughter's mac & cheese--I could have eaten it all--DELICIOUS!
    Our train station in Lincoln is part of a downtown redevelopment project, it's a very cool old building and I'm glad it's getting used for something. It's no longer a depot, they moved the train tracks, but there's a nice restaurant in there, etc. The UP depot in Omaha is now a really nice museum, and they stayed true to the original building. Across the tracks from the UP Depot is the BNSF Depot, and it's a really cool building too, but in complete disrepair. A local TV station is moving in there, however, and they are fixing it up too. I hope they do something with the train station in Detroit!


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