August 05, 2013

Motivational Monday #27

Happy Motivational Monday! I hope you all have done at least one health/fitness-related thing this week that made you feel proud :)  Yesterday, I had an AMAZING long run, and it reminded me of all the great things about running. But I am most proud of the fact that I got a few free baked goods at the local bakery yesterday, and I only ate a portion of them; I gave the rest to the family. That was very tough to do!

As a child, Ring Pops were one of Amber's favorite candies. The problem was, the ring wouldn't fit on her finger, so she just had to hold it. She's recently lost 65 pounds, and was excited to spot a sugar-free version of Ring Pops at the store. Just out of curiosity, she slipped it on--and it fit!

After 10 months of hard work, and 65 pounds down, Amy has entered "Onderland"! She's super excited that she is now under the 200 mark.

Katelyn finished her second triathlon, and she did it with a four minute PR from last year! At the last one, she had to walk some of the running portion, and she'd set a goal to run the whole thing this year--and she did :)  Katelyn also took a big step and rejoined Weight Watchers this week. She'd lost 60 pounds previously, and just recently gained about 15 back. I love what she wrote next: "The only thing scarier to me than going back to Weight Watchers was the thought of gaining back all the rest of the weight." That is definitely something to keep in mind when feeling embarrassed of a gain and feeling scared to go weigh-in!

Kathy ran a half-marathon with a HUGE PR! She did the same race last year with an average pace of 10:50/mi; this weekend, she finished with a pace of 9:54! Now she's training for the SF Women's Nike Marathon.

This past January, Lauren and her father decided it was time to lose some weight and start exercising together. Lauren's dad has lost 58 pounds, and she has lost 30! This past weekend (the day before her 33rd birthday), she and her dad ran a 4-mile race together. Lauren's goal was to finish under an hour, and she finished in 50 minutes; her father finished in 42. She's extremely proud of herself and her dad, and is happy that she's setting a great example for her four children.

Rebecca is in the middle of training for her first marathon--the Chicago Marathon this October. She's a slower runner, and has been very worried about whether she can keep up a sub-15:00 mile, which is required for the race. This weekend, she had to run a half-marathon as part of her training; and she finished with a 14:53 pace!

Shelley broke her ankle in late May, and was just released to walk/workout on July 2nd. This past Saturday, she (along with her husband and four friends) signed up to walk a 5K. It was their first race ever (and her first since the injury). They all crossed the finish line triumphantly!

On August 1st, just 6 months after starting her journey, Stacie reached "Onderland"! In the pic on the left, she weighed 257.4 pounds; on the right, she was 199.2. She says that exercise is the easy part for her, and she's now able to run three miles at a time. Her diet has been tougher, but she credits Skinny Cow ice cream sandwiches and VitaTops to curb her sweet tooth ;)  (Both of those helped me tremendously while I was losing weight, too!)

Wendy ran a virtual 5K with a couple of coworkers, her husband, and her 11-year old son! When she first started running a couple of years ago, she thought, "When I finish this Couch to 5K program, I'm done running!" Last week, she ran her furthest distance to date: 7 miles :)

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  1. the motivational mondays post are one of my favorite things to read. it really helps me stay motivated and on track

  2. Love this! I could never fit those ring pops on my fingers either. I wonder if I could do it now...Love the father daughter story, but everyone's accomplishments were great. I wish I had e-mailed you, but was out of town. I did something this weekend I've always wanted to do, but could never do because of my weight-Kayaking! It was so much fun, and I can't wait to do it again.

  3. Congrats everyone WTG!!


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