April 19, 2013

Shopping list

Last night, I was feeling really anxious for some reason. Once in a while when my anxiety gets bad, I'll take a Xanax, so I took one before bed. I woke up at 7:30 this morning!! I don't remember the last time I slept in that late. Thankfully, Jerry was off work today, so he had gotten up and got the kids ready for school. He let me sleep, knowing that I needed it.

Unfortunately, Xanax makes me groggy, so it took me a while to really "wake up" this morning. We turned on the news to see the latest info on the Boston bombers; I was surprised to see that one of them was dead, and they were searching for the other. That was fast, considering the FBI just released their photos last night. (Yay! Just before this post went live, he was the other bomber was caught)

I had to go to David's Bridal today to try on the bridesmaids dress I'll be wearing in Jerry's sister's wedding this September. I saw on Twitter that Starbucks was giving free coffee this morning until noon, so Jerry came with me because the closest Starbucks happens to be next to David's Bridal.

First, though, we stopped at Sam's Club. I told Jerry that we had to make a list and stick to the list; I always end up spending way too much money at Sam's Club! We only needed three items.

A very simple in-and-out trip. It never ends up that way, though, does it?! This is what we walked out with:
By that time, it was too late for Jerry to get his Starbucks, so we just went right to David's Bridal. I had no idea what the dress looked like or what color it was or anything. The saleswoman asked what size I thought I needed, and I said most likely a 6, because the bridesmaid dress I wore in Sarah's wedding was an 8, and that was 10-15 pounds ago.

The dress was strapless, and floor-length (it's an outdoor wedding), which didn't thrill me, but I really liked the color. Here is a pic from their website:
The size 6 fit just fine in the waist, which is the "fitted part" of the dress, but I have no boobs to hold up the top (which is why I don't like strapless dresses), so I can already picture myself constantly tugging it up. Also, the dress is probably made for someone who is about 5'8" tall, and and I'm 5'4"--even with the highest of heels, it would need to be hemmed :( 

I have no idea how it looks on me, because David's Bridal doesn't have mirrors in the dressing rooms! I'm guessing that's probably because they want you to step out of the room and be surrounded by mirrors and other people looking at you, but I just didn't feel comfortable doing that. It feels kind of like asking strangers to judge how you look in a dress, before you can even see it. I asked Jerry to come in and give his opinion, and he said it looks "good". Not that he would tell me if it didn't! ;)

After I left, I wished I'd have thought to have him take my picture in it, so I could see what it looked like. The dress was expensive, so I didn't order it today (I don't have to order it until June-ish). Just hoping I maintain my weight until September!

It felt SO strange not to run today. I was feeling really antsy all day, and I wanted to run. When we were walking around Sam's Club, however, I felt that small twinge in my knee, so I knew I wasn't imagining things. I'm going to stick with my plan of no running until Monday, no matter how good my knee may feel tomorrow or Sunday.

It's hard to adjust my eating, though--usually, I earn a lot of activity PointsPlus--about 10-11 per day on average. I'm going to be careful to ration out my weekly PP. Instead of my usual glass of wine and Dove Promise last night, I had tea with the Dove--saving 5 PP right there. Jerry is off this weekend, and we talked about maybe going out to dinner at La Pita tomorrow, so hopefully I can manage to work it in ;)


  1. I know what you mean about coming out with more than you went in for. I swear I can go in a place needing $20 worth of stuff and leave spending $50 or more. That dress is gorgeous! Can you get some of those silicone "cutlet" thingys to help you fill out the bust?

  2. Suggestion: if David's Bridal has the size/color you need in stock, you can do a payment plan! In Ohio, you just have to put 25% (+tax) down, then you have 60 days to pay it off... I know the details vary slightly from state to state, but just something to consider if you're able.

  3. We always do that when we go to Costco. It's like, "Oh, we just need a couple things!" We leave with a giant cart full of stuff. LOL I totally understand your feelings about the dress. I had to wear a dress that was similar in a wedding back in September. I remember last year when we all went together to try them on. I felt completely embarrassed walking out for everyone to see. They all liked the strapless dress, and I didn't. Having lost so much weight, I had/have a lot of loose skin on my arms and back. :( I have D size boobs, and it was too loose on top. I had to pay $150 for the dress, and then another $60 to have it hemmed and re-sized where I lost weight. If anyone ever asks me to be in a wedding again, I am not doing it. It was so stressful for me. I couldn't sleep for days beforehand because I was so anxious about standing up in front of everyone. I hope your knee feels better soon!

  4. Target gets me everytime!!

  5. I think this Boston thing has us all antsy! I have the same issue with Sam 's! Last time I went for protein I spent $150!...shouldn't have taken my husband, he's worse than me!

  6. I do that at Target every single time.

    Can the bridal shop adjust the bust when they hem it? It will probably cost more, though. You could also look into silicone "cutlets", as the Mrs suggested, or a push-up strapless bra from Vicki's Secret. :)

  7. I always overspend at Sam's too. Looks like you got some good healthy stuff though--so I would say it was justified spending!

    I always hope, when I'm putting away seasonal clothes that next Fall or Spring (whatever), they will still fit. I see that's what you said about the bridesmaid dress. It is so pretty and I LOVE that deep red! It will photograph beautifully! It's the color that my daughter-in-law picked for her wedding almost 8 years ago. With all your running and your fierce determination, I'm sure that lovely dress will still fit in September!

    Now, however, when I think about future events my thoughts are about my Du and his health. , I always pray that he will still be healthy and feeling good....it's a scary way to live.

  8. I wore that dress at a wedding a couple of years ago in the truffle color. I lost quite a bit of weight between fittings and I had to have it taken up a lot. I'm 5'5 and I also had to have it hemmed. I think they assume everyone is amazonian tall!

  9. That always happens when I go to Costco too... can't get out of there for less than $100!

  10. I'm actually surprised that this 'strapless' trend has hung on as long as it has. I don't like strapless gowns because of my arms (no matter how much I tone, that loose skin just hangs on and on..) When I got married almost 5 years ago, every single wedding dress at David's was strapless. What if a woman doesn't want a strapless gown, I asked the saleswoman; she said I was out of luck unless I'd rather wear a dress from the nineties with the big puffy sleeves (yikes). I'm sure you will look awesome in yours. There has to be something to help hold up the top. I had a girdle-type thing that had rubber on it and THAT part hooked to the dress. Red looks so good on you, too!

  11. You should keep an eye on ebay....many people sell bridesmaids dresses after they wear them especially the expensive ones. Then a dry cleaner can alter it MUCH cheaper than the bridal store. Good Luck.

    1. http://www.ebay.com/itm/New-with-Tags-Davids-Bridal-Strapless-Dress-Size-6-apple-red-style-F11165-/290902600529?pt=Bridesmaid_Dress&hash=item43bb256b51

    2. Great idea to look online! The style number is F32185, but it looks very similar to the one you linked. The only one listed on E-bay is a size 2 :/

      But I did find one for $66 in a size 6, and I'm working out the details with the seller now! Thank you for the suggestion!


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