April 12, 2013


I've been training so hard for about five months to get my sub-2:00 half-marathon. In training, I've even managed to finish around 1:54, which is just crazy to me. But, of course, it doesn't "count" unless it's a race. When I chose my goal race, I had three (fairly local) options--Rock CF, Glass City, and Martian.

I was in Dayton getting my RRCA certification for Rock CF, so that one was out. I agreed to run Glass City as part of a relay team, so that one was out. That left Martian.

I've run the Martian 10K for two years in a row, and I really like the course, so I was excited to do the half this year. I've done awesome in my training, I'm injury-free, everything was looking good. Until the weather forecast kept getting worse by the minute. Doesn't this look like a joke?

Tomorrow, it is predicted to be freezing cold, with a mix of rain and snow, and very windy. Oh, and let's not forget that some of the course may be flooded. This is supposed to be SPRING!

I'm really bummed out about this. I'm praying for a miracle, but planning for the worst. I was very confident that I'd get my sub-2:00 time, considering the pace of my long runs is faster than the pace needed for that finish time. But I wasn't planning on horrible weather. Now, I'm not feeling so confident.

I'm still going to try my best, but I can't pretend this doesn't put a big huge wet (and snowy) blanket on my outlook for the race. So I started thinking of alternative options, in case this doesn't work out. I don't want all my training to go to waste.

Option 1: I could register for the Glass City Half-Marathon, and be Runner #1 of the relay. That way, I could do both the relay AND the half-marathon at the same time. Problem with this is that it won't be nearly as much fun as just concentrating on a fun relay race.

Option 2: I am already registered for the Indy 500 Festival half-marathon on May 4th. I was going to try and sell/give away my bib, since I wasn't planning to go. It's a little over a two-hour drive, so I could get up uber early on race day, drive to Indy, run the race, and drive home. The (obvious) problem with this is all the driving.

The main reasons I chose not to do Indy were because I didn't want to spend time away from my family (doing "my" trips without them), and because of the expense (the hotel and food for a whole weekend). By doing it this way, my biggest expense would be gas money, which wouldn't be that bad.

If I do decide to drive to Indy the day of the race, are any of you, dear readers, planning on doing Indy and could you possibly pick up my packet on Friday? There is no race day packet pick up. I'd also kind of be looking for a place to park...

I'm just hoping I won't even have to worry about it. I hope I have an awesome race tomorrow and get my sub-2:00, and be done with it!

So anyway, I will think it over as I'm dying running my race in the tornado-y flooded blizzard tomorrow. Should make for a good race report, right?

Yesterday, while Jerry and I were getting the boys ready for school, Eli said that he wishes he could jump on his bed (pretty much impossible with a bunk bed!) and Noah agreed. I said, "Well, we could separate you guys--you could have separate bedrooms." And they thought that would be really cool.

When they left, I said to Jerry, "Let's do it today! We can surprise them when they get home from school." So we went shopping for bed frames. I didn't want anything expensive, and we ended up getting some stackable bunk beds at Wal-Mart, which was cheaper than buying two separate beds. This way, we figured, if they hated being separated, we could always stack the beds and they could be together again.

We came home and took apart the old bunk bed, then put together the new twin beds (and by "we", you know I mean "Jerry", right? Good.) We separated the rooms, and cleaned them to look nice when the kids got home. Then we waited around, super excited for the bus to come drop them off. When they got home, I told them I had a surprise in their bedroom.

They walked in and were stunned, and super excited. They kept hugging us and saying "Thank you!" It was the perfect reaction; I would have been disappointed if they thought it was no big deal. Eli was excited to sit up on his bed with his back against the wall and color on a little lap desk:

Noah was very happy to have the smaller room. He gets scared of the dark, and with the smaller room, his lava lamp keeps the whole room lit up. He was thrilled with his bed:

Tonight, I'm planning to make myself feel better about my race by fueling up with some La Pita. Jessica and I are going to the expo to get our packets, and going to La Pita for dinner!


  1. First off ... GOOD LUCK tomorrow! Hopefully you get your sub-2! Maybe the weather will give you a little reprieve for a little while in the morning. Regarding Indy, I'm here and ran the Mini last year. I don't think I can get down to pick up the bib because my day before is jam packed, but I'm planning to try getting to the race to greet a few friends crossing the line. I'm not running it this year. My one thought on it - it is not a good race to get a PR. It's jam packed, I had a hard time with the crowd last year getting around people, I feel I lost a lot of time just on the crowding. The crowd stuck with me all the way through mile 13, I was frankly amazed at how it never really thinned out that much. My opinion, being a resident here, is that the Indianapolis Monumental is the one to drive here for. Just my imo :) Oh, also on the parking, that is one thing not to worry about. There are parking garages all around near the start and they are usually about $10 and always have spaces. I've run 3 times downtown Indy and never have a parking issue! Lindsey might be able to get down for a bib the day before?

  2. Katie - I'm doing the Indy mini and would be happy to pick up your packet. I'm coming from out of town so I don't have a parking spot to offer. Let me know and good luck tomorrow!!

  3. Good luck tomorrow! Where's the fun in having a perfect race day? It will make a better story when you tell us how great you did with the terrible weather.

  4. Good luck tomorrow. Your option should be there is no other option. Don't look at the weather. Trust you training and run your best. You will do just fine.

  5. I bet no matter what the weather is you'll do awesome! I can't wait to hear about it. The pictures of the boys are so adorable! :) I am running my 2nd 10k tomorrow, and I don't know why I am nervous. I want to beat my time from last year, and I am pretty confident I will. I always get nervous before a race, even a 5k.

  6. I helped the Running Fit staff input kids run entries and could have run one of the races free but I decided not to because it's such a long drive for me and I don't do mornings well! Now, I am so glad I declined! I hope that it doesn't rain and there is no flooding and you have a great race. Go, Katie!!!

  7. Katie, I just wanted to say that I think you have way more than sub-2 in you! ;) I'm always REALLY impressed with the speed of your easy runs. I typically do around 9:15 min/mile easy runs; anything faster than about 8:40 feels somewhat challenging... and my half time is 1:44 flat. Sub-2 is a monumental goal, but I don't think you'd be remiss to aim for sub-1:50 :)

    1. I meant to add good luck!!!

  8. I love the use of "we" ... I do that too and joke that it's the royal we.

    Whatever option you choose, I'll be rooting for you!

  9. Oh that weather forecast is for the birds! I would be so annoyed too. April is so iffy.

    Yay for the boys! Those pictures of them are so cute :)

  10. Katie,
    You are going to rock this half marathon. I don't know you personally, but I've been following your blog for several months. You totally inspire me! My half marathon PR is 1:55 and your long runs are always a faster pace than mine! I have total confidence in you, no matter the weather! Good luck!

  11. Hey Katie!! We live in Indy and my hubs is doing the mini. I am happy to pick up your race packet. Plus, we can help with a parking spot .....and even a place to stay if you want it. Feel free to email me at tonyajtaylor21@gmail.com. Good Luck tomorrow and let me know if I can help.

  12. Don't be discouraged! I'll bet you've run in worse and still had a great race! When you are struggling out there, just think of me and how much I am WISHING to be there--crappy weather and all!! I KNOW you can do it--have faith and have fun!! xoxo

  13. I completely understand! I'm in Wisconsin and it's 28 degrees here right now. Usually it's 58 by this time of the year... I haven't even taken my road bike off of the trainer stand. :( Makes me SO sad!


  14. Don't you just love Michigan weather? Next week's supposed to be warmer, but still rainy. I wish Spring would get here already!

  15. Hah! That's too funny, I just wrote a post myself on weather-related anxiety (shortlink - http://wp.me/p1N36Q-4T). I'm approaching the anniversary of my first half-marathon and at this time last year, I agonized over the forecast for the entire week leading up to it. Then it turned out to not be too bad - wishing you the same luck!

  16. You just had an empty spare room? My 4th bedroom is chock full of craft supplies, holiday decorations and yard sale crap, but my dream is to make it a guest bedroom/craft room!

    How did their first night alone go?

  17. Good luck! I have no doubts that you can do it. Hopefully the weather clears up. The forecast looks the same for us (Illinois) but my window shows it is bright and sunny.

    I miss my bunk bed. Would it be frowned upon to be 30 and have a bunk bed?

  18. Good Luck Katie--I hope the race today worked out. Can't wait to read your report tomorrow. The boys look super cute and happy in their new private rooms. They're growing up so fast.


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