April 23, 2013

A fall half-marathon

I woke up this morning at 4:45 with a very sore, dry throat and a very stuffed up nose. I'd been feeling the sore throat, along with a headache, for a couple of days, but just kept hoping it would pass by and not turn into a cold. My throat was so dry this morning that there was no way I was going to fall back asleep, so I just got out of bed at 5:00.

I had been planning to run my four miles outside after the kids left for school, but since I was already up so early, I just decided to do it on the treadmill. Thankfully, I still have Sons of Anarchy to keep me entertained! I think I'm midway through season four right now.

I just did a mile warm-up and then three miles, each one slightly faster than the previous (only because I wanted to get done sooner!). Again, no trouble with me knee, so I think it's safe to say that I either overreacted last Wednesday, or I caught it very early and it's fine now :)

I had a really great food/exercise day yesterday; I stuck to my plan exactly, and I felt so good about that when I woke up. I managed to stick to my plan all day today, too. After lunch, when I usually have a hard time staying out of the pantry, I went for a walk in the woods. Well, what used to be the woods, rather. The changes from the construction that has been going on are huge!

Here are some comparison pictures, from roughly the same position and angle (the green ones look prettier, but all that green is from the phragmites, a really invasive reed). I'm so excited to see how it looks once everything gets cleared out and flooded. The top photos in each set are from July 2011, the bottom ones were from yesterday.

I'm not sure what they constructed this little dock for.

As far as I understand, everything to the right and left of this path will be flooded

I walked the path with Jerry last week, and dreamed of when the construction is done. I think it would be AWESOME if they put a path that would go all the way around the "lake" (in quotes because there is no lake yet, but the plan is to flood it). It would probably be about two miles around, and would make an awesome running path. But I highly doubt that will happen. I'm just dreaming for now.

I'm super excited for my race this weekend. I'm doing the Glass City Marathon as part of a relay team with my friend Ty (whom I met from my blog), my sister, Jeanie, and her friends Jen and Deb. The race is on Sunday morning, so we're going to get together for dinner in Perrysburg on Saturday night, and then have a slumber party at a hotel. That way there is no chaos of driving to the race in the morning.

Ty is runner #1, and then I'm runner #2, so she'll make the hand-off to me. My leg is 6.1 miles, which is actually the longest leg of the relay. I don't have a time goal or anything, since we're doing this just for fun, which makes it even better ;)

In December, when I met up with my friend Stacie for coffee, she mentioned that she was trying to put together a half-marathon in our hometown to benefit the Special Olympics (she's a special education teacher, and also in charge of the Special Olympics).

As if she didn't have enough on her plate already, with the teaching and the Olympics stuff, she is now the race director for our hometown's first half-marathon this fall! This is super exciting news--I'm so glad that it's on November 10, about a month after the Chicago Marathon, so I will have enough time to recover and  run it. Here is the Facebook page, if you're a local and are interested. They are working on a website, but it's not ready yet. There is also going to be a 5K and a "Friendship Relay", which I'm assuming is the half-marathon, split up into legs.

Finally, I just have to share this poster that Eli did at school for Earth Day. It's hilarious:

Apparently, my 7-year old wants to learn how to stop smoking?! Hahaha, I know that he meant he wants to somehow learn a way to get everyone to stop smoking, but I thought it was funny ;)


  1. That is HILARIOUS. Kids are the best!

  2. Kids are so funny. I saw on facebook the other day where someone posted a pic of a paper that their daughter made at school. It was supposed to say "I love my whole family" but the kid sometimes writes her "L's" upside down. So it said "I love my whore family" hahahahaha

  3. Those pictures are so different! I'm glad you over reacted with your knee. It's much better to play it safe. And super glad you're back to running! And Eli should figure out how to get everyone to stop smoking. Think of how much healthier everyone would be! My brother's girlfriend just quit and I have a facebook friend who is 8 days without smoking. I'm sure they'd LOVE his advice ;)

  4. About the sore throat: try this it works!
    Cut off a slice of fresh garlic about the size of a pill.
    Throw it in the back of your mouth and swallow with water.
    This does WONDERS for me. Hope it does for you too.

  5. That is awesome! I showed everyone at work tonight Eli's pic and we got a much needed chuckle. Kids are hilarious.

    I can't wait for it to stop raining and flooding so I can walk outside.

  6. Oh, the poster of Eli's made me laugh out loud. What a sweetie--could he run the world please?

  7. Love the poster! Too funny! I live in Perrysburg, so let me know if you need restaurant suggestions! :)

  8. Ha ha, that is very comical, how to stop smoking. Kids are funny :) Enjoy your relay, I am actually working on getting a group of friends/neighbors to do one with me next year. I've got a team of 3 so far so it's looking promising!

  9. I laughed out loud at that poster - too cute!

  10. That poster is too cute!

    Will you be running The Color Run -Eastside MI in May by any chance?

    1. No, I won't be... Unfortunately, I'm not a big fan of the novelty runs (color runs, mud runs, etc). I don't like getting dirty ;) But I've heard great things about The Color Run--hope you have fun!

  11. That "stop smoking" thing made me laugh :) he's so cute.

  12. I don't know why it took me so long to find you, but I LOVE your blog and I'm reading back just to follow your story. I love when I find someone that has a similar story to mine! Just wanted you to know I'm reading!


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