April 05, 2013

Peanut butter cream

Today started out on a really crappy note. Jerry got up SUPER early to go to Detroit for the Tigers opening day tailgating. I fell back asleep, and then at 5:15, the phone rang, waking me up. It only rang once and then whoever it was probably realized it was way too early to be calling, and hung up. So I didn't know who called, but there was no way I was falling back asleep after that.

Then I fed the cats (I've gotten them on a feeding schedule, which has been a huge pain in the ass for me, but I'm hoping will help with Chandler's obesity). Paolo wolfed his food down, then ate Estelle's leftovers. Within a couple of minutes, he threw it all right back up (which happens sometimes when he eats too much, too fast).

So I was cleaning up cat puke, and then the boys woke up, and I was getting them ready for their camp. I made them eggs, and Eli came to the table from the bathroom. The kids are constantly tattling on each other, and Noah said, "Eli used three butt wipes!" I knew, before I even asked, that he'd clogged the toilet. So there was that.

It wasn't even 7:00, and I was already having a bad day. I got dressed in my running clothes, so that I could take the kids to camp and just head out for my run from that parking lot (it's right next to the trail that runs through the state park). I signed the boys in to their camp, and then headed out for a 12-mile run.

I had a couple of goals for today's run--first, to run sub-9:00 miles throughout; and second, to try and run a negative split (the second half of my run faster than the first half).

About a mile in, I started to doubt that I would even be able to finish 5 miles, let alone 12. I just felt tired and "off" for some reason. Mentally, I let go of the idea of trying for a negative split, but I still held on hope to run the sub-9:00 miles. Next weekend is my goal race, and I wanted the confidence of a good last long run before the race.

I didn't bring my iPod, and listening to the wind, I realized why keeping pace felt so tough. The wind was brutal coming off the lake! I really didn't want to run through the park, and then past my car to do another five miles, so I decided to try and fit all 12 miles into the park. It was kind of fun just running without a planned route. Since I know the mileage of the park so well, I would think in my head, "Okay, from here it's 0.6 miles to the bend" or "From here, it's a straight 3 miles to the car," etc. That helped pass the time.

Once I turned away from the wind, I felt some relief. I was able to pick up the pace a little, and felt a little peppier. I saw a couple of women walking together, but each was listening to her own earphones. I thought it was so odd! At one point, I saw a man (probably about my age) running on the path coming toward me, and when he noticed me, I could see him run a little taller and pick up his pace ;)  (Although, to be fair, I tend to do that when I see people, too!)

Toward the end of the run, I really wanted to take a short break--either walk, or stop and rest a minute. I was so ready to be done! But my pace was great, despite feeling tired, so I just struggled through it. The last mile was killer. I deliberately tried to get stopped by a red light, and I managed to catch about a three second break before the light changed again. Funny, when I don't want to get stopped I always do for a full minute or two; but when I want to get stopped, I almost never do!

I got back to the parking lot at mile 11.85, so I ran past it to get to 12. When I heard my Garmin beep, I was SO relieved to be done. I had actually met both goals for today's run! All of my splits were under 9:00/mi; the first six miles, I ran in 52:41, and the second six miles in 52:00--negative split.

Based on today's pace, I'm estimating my finish time for the half-marathon to be about 1:55. I'm not really aiming for anything, as long as it's less than 1:59:59, though ;) I tend to do best when I don't feel pressured, and I'm very confident that I can finish under 2 hours, as long as nothing drastic happens with my body or the weather.

After I got back to the car, I went to Subway to pick up lunch for the boys; I dropped it off at their camp, and then stopped for my long run treat on the way home. I've actually been thinking about what to get for the last couple of days, and I decided on a peanut butter cream-filled doughnut from an amazing local bakery. I wasn't sure how many PointsPlus it would be, because their doughnuts are bigger than typical ones from other places. So I weighed it when I got home to calculate the PP.

It was 5.5 ounces, and I calculated it at 16 PointsPlus--not too bad, actually! In comparison, the cookie sandwich I was getting for a while was 23 PP.

I was ravenous when I got home, so I quickly showered and then ate lunch, and still had plenty of room for the doughnut. It was delicious! I could eat that peanut butter cream for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Jerry, who I'm sure was having a much better morning in Detroit with his friends than I was while out running 12 miles, sent me a text that made me kind of excited:

I don't think I will ever get used to having random people know who I am because of my blog!


  1. Way to stick it out on your run!

  2. You are going to kill it in the half. Can't wait to hear about it! I also love it when people say hello Detroit Runner when I'm at a race. Makes you feel that you are doing some good for the industry.

  3. You're famous (although I bet you already knew that!)

  4. I am truly addicted to your blog! Look forward to reading it everyday. Sometime in January I ran my first mile (pretty much because of reading your blog and deciding I would try running) and posted it in comments on your blog. I have since finished my first 5K (jogging the whole way-yay!) and have signed up for a second one in June. Thanks so much for providing inspiration to me.

  5. Thank you for your blog. I recently found it and just started my weight loss journey in March( down 14.8lbs so far!). All your advice and tips as well as links to other blogs have really encouraged me when I needed it most- thank you

  6. LOL at the butt wipe thing. Great job on your run! And did the people recognize Jerry or did your blog/running just randomly come up?

  7. Cat puke, butt wipes, goals gained and peanutbutter donuts and everything else...I love reading your blog. I wake up in the night to nurse the baby and I check my phone for email.I get little excited when I see RUNSFORCOOKIES. I love that you are real, that you live i the Metro Detroit area (like I do) and you really push yourself! I really need to stop this night time habbit but I am hooked.

  8. I think you're running the same race I am and, judging by the training you post, you're in better shape at this time than I. So... if I see you pass me, I'm gonna do just what that guy did. :)

    Good luck at the race! Seriously, if you do beat me, that's cool. :) That should mean that you ran a great race and beat your goal!

  9. You really are famous. Personally, if I ever met Jerry--I would be thrilled. You've made him a celebrity too!! I didn't get a chance to comment on yesterday's anniversary blog. (We are vacationing in DC this week.) I wanted to let you know how much your blog has meant to me. You inspire and motivate me every single day, and that's been going on way longer than the two years of Runsforcookies! You and I lost our weight during the same time frame. I'm celebrating an anniversary of my own soon. On April 15--it will be two years since I hit my goal weight and you Katie, with your cat stories, your Noah, Eli, and Jerry stories, your running recaps, and your constant dedication to maintaining your loss have not only kept me motivated, they have made me grow very fond of you and your whole wonderful family and life. Thanks Katie and may I offer a toast (of wine--of course) to us both, with the fervent wish that we both celebrate many more anniversaries!!

  10. Corry in CanadaApril 06, 2013

    I used to be a runner until I tore a ligament in my foot running a 1/2 marathon one and a half years ago. It never healed properly or to the point where I can run again...I try every six months or so and can run for about twenty mins for a couple of days, then my foot acts up. Reading your your blog makes me very lonesome for running...maybe some day. But the point that I'm getting to is that when I was a runner, I found I was a faster and stronger runner when I was doing leg strengthening exersices. Just wondering if you looked back to when you were doing the Wii fit challenge and the kettleball workout, if your running times were faster??? I came across you blog a couple of weeks ago and read as far back as I could and now I'm addicted!

  11. I love how you are honest about what you think during/before your runs (feeling tired, changing up your goals, wanting to take a break) and how you overcome those thoughts but still listen to your body. It makes me not feel so bad about dragging my feet before I workout and how sometimes I just want to not finish- I know it's normal and I can overcome it and I'm not the only one thinking it.

    Sometimes it can feel like everyone else LOVES working out til they puke (some of my friends) and they never have any doubts about the tasks at hand. Odds are, they just aren't talking about it. ;)

    So, thank you for that! It helps push me on.

  12. Now that is a doughnut!!! I'm glad I don't live near a bakery!!

  13. I'm not trying to say that I like to see you struggle, but I like seeing how real you are with your struggles (ie: you share them with us!) because it's so encouraging to me when *I* struggle with my runs - "if Katie can push it and finish 12 miles when she wanted to quit at 5, I can surely finish my 4 miles!" :)

    And that text? So awesome. Your guys' relationship is great. :)


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