April 08, 2013

Motivational Monday #10

I've made some really bad food choices this week, and I was feeling pretty down about it all weekend. I've been spending way too many PointsPlus on sweets. I don't mind using some every day for a sweet treat, but it was pretty ridiculous this week (I spent more PP on sweets than I did on regular food!), so I'm going to work really hard to rein it in. I want to feel GREAT for my half-marathon on Saturday!

I am proud that I didn't let the overeating of sweets turn into a binge, though. It was SO hard not to, but a long conversation with Jerry helped me quite a bit, and kept me on track. I'm so glad that Easter is over, and the candy at the stores is almost gone (Kroger has Cadbury Creme Eggs on sale for a quarter each!)

I'm also proud of the fact that I have been going on lots of walks lately. I should start keeping track of my mileage, just out of curiosity. I probably walked about 15 miles this week, in addition to my running. 

Anyway, I did not let the poor choices make me say "screw it" and eat everything in sight, and for that I'm proud. I'm back on track and had a great day today. I'm not sure what my weekly weigh-in will show on Wednesday, but I can handle it, even if it's a legitimate gain.

Reading your Motivational Monday accomplishments has me fired up to have a great week! Here is what a few readers have been up to:

Shanna finished her first 5K in 42:19! When she first started walking/running, she couldn't even go a half mile without "wanting to die". Since late December, she's lost 26 pounds!

Leslie has been trying to get into the 170's for a very long time, and this weekend, she finally did it. She's lost a total of 93 pounds, and just PR'ed a 5K, taking 6 minutes off of her time from the same race last year! (The photo shows a comparison of last year's race and one year later...)

Danielle hit a huge milestone in her weight loss this week--the big 50-pound mark! She's lost 52 pounds in five months by doing Weight Watchers and exercising.

As always, there is a ton of motivation to be found on the Facebook post. Here are just a few:

If you ever want to share an accomplishment, you can always e-mail a photo with the subject "RfCMM" to SlimKatie (at) runsforcookies (dot) com, and I may include it on a Motivational Monday post. (Make sure you use that subject, or "Motivational Monday", because it's basically your way of saying you don't mind if I include it on the blog.)


  1. Thanks for including me in the motivational Monday!!


  2. I always feel so motivated by your Monday posts! Love reading the successes. :)

    Glad to hear you had a good mindset for the overindulgence. With all that damn Easter candy around, it was hard NOT to go overboard last week! Good for you in getting it under control and not letting it wreck you!

  3. I love your motivational Monday posts, they are really inspiring!!

  4. Way to go everyone! And Danielle, that dress is so pretty!!

  5. Oh thank God our Kroger doesn't have that Cadbury egg deal, I'd be in serious trouble. Good job on not bingeing, I know that can be hard especially when sweets are involved. Congrats to all of the MM peeps and their accomplishments!

  6. Good job to all these women! And good job resisting the urge to binge!!

  7. Thanks for including me in your MM post! I love reading your blog! You are actually one of the only blogs I read. You are so honest and real and that is why I love your blog. It is so inspiring. I know you hear that a lot, but it's so true! Great job on not going into a binge. That is something to be SO proud of!


  8. Great job everyone!

  9. As always... LOVE your MM posts :) And I'm so proud of you for not letting the extra sweet treat eating turn into a binge. You've got this under control :) So inspiring to me!

  10. I needed motivation this week! Thanks for the consistency! I'll also add super cute dress Danielle!

  11. Katie

    I'm glowing in happiness for you YOU and your progress of NO regrets, acceptance and MOVING on !

    You have gained more strength than maybe you know : )

  12. Thanks so much for including me in your MM post!! I always get so much encouragement from reading about other people's successes. I have a huge sweet tooth, too, so I totally understand the battle...you're doing great!!

  13. I am so glad to know I'm not the only one with a Cadbury Egg problem:) Good job not binging:)


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