November 16, 2012


I had a hard time getting motivated for my run this morning--it was 27 degrees outside, and today was my long run day. I had eight miles on the schedule, at a 10:30 pace.

When Jerry got home from work this morning, he brought my Weight Watchers meeting materials. I had to join via the Weight Watchers at Work program; his work paid for 13 weeks for me to do the meetings. Now that I got the materials, I can go to any WW center that I want to.
I haven't done an "official" weigh in yet, and the more time that passes, the worse off I am. To reach Lifetime status in WW, you have to lose at least five pounds from your joining weight. I don't want to weigh in for the first time super close to my goal weight, because then I'd have to lose five more pounds. So I'm just going to have to drink a ton of water or something before I go weigh in.

It's kind of funny, because I've lost well over a hundred pounds, but it doesn't "count" because I didn't go to the WW meetings. Even the weight I've lost as a paying WW Online member doesn't count.

I had thought the first day was last Thursday, but they said no, it was next week (yesterday). But the leader said I don't have to weigh in until next week. I just don't get it. So, I just have to hope that I can be heavy enough when I weigh in to be able to lose five more pounds. I just wished I'd known a long time ago that Jerry's work would pay for the meetings!

Anyway, I got the kids off to school, and then headed out for my run with zero procrastination. Usually, I don't do eight mile runs near my house, because the routes have gotten so boring to me; but I didn't feel like driving anywhere, so I just came up with a lollipop route from my house. A lot of it was on busier roads, so I dressed in my uber-bright race t-shirt on top of a long-sleeved shirt.

People always wonder what I wear to run in cold temps:
Jerry was sleeping, so I had to do my best to take a pic of myself. I'm wearing my Under Armour Cold Gear compression fit tights; a long sleeved spandex shirt with a race shirt over it; Bondiband over my ears; and I did have gloves on, too. I won't break out the fleece jacket until it's in the low-20's.

I actually listened to music instead of podcasts today. My playlist is really lame, and definitely needs updating, but since a few people were curious what music I have on there, here are a few of my favorite songs to run to:

Lose Yourself by Eminem
Move Along by The All-American Rejects
I Like It by Foxy Shazam
Some Nights by Fun.
Tik Tok by Kesha
Into the Wild by L.P.
'Till I Collapse by Eminem
Ride to California by Paper Tongues
I'm Not Okay (I Promise) by My Chemical Romance
Lay Me Down by The Dirty Heads
Drunken Lullabies by Flogging Molly
Famous Last Words by My Chemical Romance
Audience of One by Rise Against

The Way I Am by Eminem
...pretty much anything by Eminem

Yes, it's embarrassing. ;) But I'm honestly not a big music person.

Eight miles went by rather uneventfully, which is always good. I wasn't as cold as I expected to be, and I even took off my gloves after about six miles.
After I showered and ate breakfast, I tried to catch up on blog reading for a little while before Jerry got up. We had a hot date to go to Sam's Club today ;)  Remember how I said to remind me never to go on a Saturday again? Well, today was just as bad, if not worse, than a Saturday. There were TONS of people there hovering around the employees who were giving out samples. I never taste samples (not sure why), so it was annoying to have to maneuver around all that.

When I got in the car, and looked at Twitter on the way home (Jerry was driving), I saw why it was so crowded:
We happened to be there right smack in the middle of their holiday tasting. So now I'm revising my reminder... remind me never to go there without at least having a glass or two of wine first.

We also stopped at Victoria's Secret so I could get my free panties :) And at Kroger, so I could get some ice cream to spend my weekly PointsPlus on today.

Tomorrow, I've signed my kids up to do a one-mile fun run. It's free, and they won't get anything for it, but I've been trying to get them to do a run with me for a long time. So I bought them each a medal to give them after the run, to hopefully motivate them to want to do more! I'm going to be their "pacer" so that they don't go too fast and burn out, quit, and then never want to try again ;) I'm actually looking forward to it!


  1. Wear jeans and a sweater to your first weigh in. Maybe put some rocks in your pockets. :D

  2. I usually listen to I heart radio while I walk/run. But I had my oldest daughter make me a music playlist recently that I like too. Costco was packed yesterday too, must be that time of year.

  3. That is such a fun idea to run with your kids. I wish I would have been more active when my kids were younger!

    I can't believe that after losing 100+ lbs. you have to worry about not being too light at your WW weigh in. :D I totally understand the situation, I think it's just so funny (in an ironic way) that you are on that side of the fence now. I love it! And really hope that I am in those shoes some day!

    And be careful having too much wine before shopping! I know my inhibitions would be low and I'd be picking up all kinds of crap; both unhealthy and stuff we don't even need. LOL

  4. I just wanted to say, I make sure I read your blog posts regularly to help keep me on track. I've caught myself thinking some nights (my prime snacking time) what would Katie do? lol That sounds silly reading it, but it's true!

  5. Put some weights in your shoes! Or wear pants and ankle strap weights.

  6. Hah, that's funny. Listening to Eminem... while on an 8 mile run... yeah? (I watched 8 Mile the other day, so it was on my mind!)

    Anyway, I just wanted to say your blogs are always a joy to read and I like to turn to them sometimes when I have trouble staying on track. Keep up the good work!

  7. I agree with the others, heavy pants, boots, and maybe eat some Chinese food the night before. That always adds a few pounds because of the sodium.

  8. You don't want to gain TOO much and hit goal the next week. That'll look fishy! Weigh out the shoes and clothes you'll wear and then make sure to never wear that again! I wish I was in your shoes right now!

  9. Anne Marie WoodgateNovember 17, 2012

    I listen to Eminem while I go running too! haha I find it motivating! I also like S&M - Rihanna, Ravers in the UK- Manian and fighter by christina aguilera!

  10. Great idea--the wine before going to Sam's. Might try that myself!

    Hope the boys had a good run. Isn't it great that you will be raising your boys with good attitudes about exercise and eating. You're doing a better job than I did with my boys, for sure!

    It's a real screw that WW doesn't count the time and weight you lost in their on-line program. So what they're asking you to do, (so that you can maintain) is gain weight first?! Water water water---that's good thinking. I would probably be thinking: potato chips, candy bars, brownies, ice get the drift!

  11. You might like the band, Bullet for my Valentine!
    Here is a song I LOVE:
    And another:
    And Skillet is a-m-a-z-i-n-g!!

    I love Eminem too, they where pretty big in High school.

  12. I'm pretty new to running and just did my third 5K yesterday. So far my times have improved with each one, but I wanted to know what you recommend to improve your speed. I still have trouble between mile 2 and 3....I know I slow down but I try to keep running and not walk (although I did a tiny bit yesterday)'s not easy but hoping someday it will be! thanks!

    1. I'm the same way... I've done quite a few 5ks now and I'm not really improving my speed much. I feel like maybe I go out too fast? But I'm not sure how to slow down at the beginning. So I feel you!

  13. I don't take the time to create playlists and don't really have much music from iTunes, so I like to listen to Pandora. I can create my own stations and the one I find most upbeat for races is my Me First and the Gimme Gimmes station!

  14. I love to listen to Rise Against! I find all of their songs have a really good rhythm to run to =)


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