November 01, 2012

13 pounds of candy

So Halloween last night was cold, but at least it stopped raining for the trick-or-treaters. I volunteered to go pick my brother Brian up from the airport in the afternoon, and on the way home, we stopped at Kroger. I got a bottle of wine to have a glass while we sat outside that night. Then we went to my mom's house for dinner and to celebrate Mark's birthday before trick-or-treating.

I wasn't planning on eating cake, but my mom made homemade cupcakes with buttercream frosting, and I decided to eat one. I also planned on eating a lot of candy--I had survived the entire season so far without a single piece of Halloween candy, and I had promised myself that I could eat as much as I wanted on Halloween night.

After dinner, I had to drive Noah and Eli to meet up with Jerry, who was taking them trick-or-treating at his parents' house. Then I went back to my parents' house and sat outside near the fire. My dad always puts copper in the fire so that it makes different colors while it burns--it's really cooling looking, but the picture doesn't do it justice:
You can see a little of the blue and purple there. The fire felt great, because it was freezing outside. I brought a long, warm winter coat, gloves, and a hat, and I was still cold. I was drinking red wine, which you are supposed to drink at a warmer temp (about 60 degrees, give or take) and by the time I was halfway through my glass, the wine had gotten too cold (of course I finished it anyway!).

My parents were giving out Reese's Cups and Kit Kat bars (full size ones), and I chose to have the Reese's. I went home at 8:00, and the boys came home about a half hour later. They had SO much candy! We weighed their bags, and they each had 6 1/2 pounds. They dumped it out on the floor and we sorted it all out.

Estelle was keeping inventory
Eli doesn't like Butterfingers, and I happen to love them, so he was giving me his Butterfingers as he came across them. As I ate the candy, I saved the wrappers so that I could tally up the PointsPlus later. I ended up eating 5 Butterfingers, a PayDay, an Almond Joy, a Tootsie Roll, a Take-Five (all fun-size), and a mini Reese's Cup. I could have eaten more, but I felt satisfied enough to stop when I did. The damage wasn't too bad! I counted those against my weekly PointsPlus, and I didn't even blow through all of them.

It was hard to resist eating any candy today, but I told my kids not to give me any more, even if I ask. They are more than willing to share with me, but I told them that I don't need any more, so please don't let me have any ;)

The kids didn't have school today, so I had to do my run on the treadmill this morning. I had three miles at race pace on the schedule for today. My race pace for the Ragnar Relay is 9:00/mi. So I just set the treadmill to 6.7 mph (8:54/mi pace) and ran for three miles. It was over so quickly! I'm used to doing six miles on the treadmill from marathon training, so three flew by. Love that :)
I got an e-mail today from NYRR about the 5K that I was registered for on Saturday in NYC:
They canceled it. There are absolutely NO refunds or other compensation for our registration ($55). I think at the very least, they should donate that money to the relief efforts to clean up after the hurricane. I know they've already ordered shirts and and bibs, but there is no way those cost $55.

However, I'm glad I am missing the race because it's canceled, rather than missing it just because I chose not to go. The more I read about the aftermath of the hurricane, the better I feel about my decision not to go. I feel so awful for all the people that are still dealing with problems with their homes, and power outages and all that. I read today about the woman whose two little boys died--they had been ripped from her arms in the flood, and were missing, and today, their bodies were found. Reading about that completely broke my heart--the boys were 2 and 4, and as you know, I have two boys that are two years apart.

I hate to end on a sad note, so go check out these pictures on BuzzFeed--26 Truly Inspiring Images from Hurricane Sandy. Seeing things like that makes me feel good!


  1. Can you at least get the shirt?

  2. That's a ton of candy! Lucky boys! We had two trick or treaters this year, so I had my husband hide all of the candy so I wouldn't have any. He's happy to do so, that way he gets it all! ;D

  3. Thanks for sharing the 26 pics! So glad to see news like that after all the heartbreaking things I've read.

  4. Thanks for posting the Hurricane Sandy pics!! I simply CANNOT IMAGINE what these people are going through!!!

  5. Katie, Be happy you are not coming to NY. It is total chaos. I think it is terrible that the mayor is allowing the Marathon to go on considering it starts in Staten Island and they are one of the hardest hit areas. I just got my power back on last night and have been able to finally watch the news. My heart goes out to all those people. Hug your boys a little tighter tonight and stay where you are!!! Hugs from NY

  6. Never thought about weighing the candy. That's a lot! And I forgot about separating the candy until I saw those pics. I used to make those piles as a kid, too!

  7. Thank you for the post of inspiring pictures! I am sorry your race was cancelled. It would have been cool if you got to stay out here but i have to say if you did take me up on that offer to stay you would have been are some pictures of what happened to my road. Such a small drop and I am realizing we are some of the lucky ones but your first trip to LI should not be into darkness.

    Offer still stands if you are ever out here :)


    1. Those pictures are unbelievable. What a mess! I hope you get your power back asap.

      And I still may take you up on your offer some day! :)

  8. Thank for posting the inspiring pictures. I haven't been home to watch the news much this week, but I came across some pictures yesterday that gave me goosebumps. I visited NYC, Jersey shore and Atlantic City last year and it's crazy to see the state all those cities are in right now.

  9. I agree, they should donate the money and thanks for sharing your stories, they have motivated me to do the same!

  10. It might be too late for Renee, but I thought I'd share this in case she wanted to take him up on it:

    1. She's actually running the Indianapolis Marathon today! I'm so glad she found another one to do.

  11. LOVE the little piles of candy! Our youngest came home with a small bowl full of candy. I had 3 fun size bars and a roll of smarties. Not all that I could have eaten, but was enough to satisfy the need for sugar. :-)


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