September 30, 2011

It IS possible

The other day, when I asked if anyone was planning on doing the Indy 500 Festival half-marathon next year, I got some responses that said there was no way they could do a half-marathon by May. I just wanted to convince you that you CAN do it. You may not be running it, but you can certainly be prepared to walk it!

I am so passionate about this particular race, because it is the race that changed my life. That was the goal I placed so much focus on while I was losing weight. I wanted to have pictures from the race that I could be PROUD of, so I kept trying. And I did it!

My first time doing the race was 2008. I was about 207 pounds at the time, and I didn't do ANY training for it. I figured, "I know how to walk, so of course I can walk 13.1 miles!" And it was a HORRIBLE experience because of the fact that I didn't train for it. Even though it was "just" walking, it does a number on your body!

The next year, 2009, I weighed my heaviest--253 pounds. However, I had learned my lesson in 2008, and I trained very well for it. I followed Hal Higdon's walking program for a half marathon, and I completed the race feeling much better than the previous year, despite being heavier. However, when I saw those pictures, I was HORRIFIED at how I looked, and they later became my official "before" pictures for weight loss.

And you know the rest of the story. I lost 88 pounds before doing it again in 2010, and knocked about 30 minutes off of my finish time. I still wasn't a runner, however. I walked the whole race. After that race, I made a goal to run the next year's race. And I did, finishing in 2:10:40!

So my whole point is, if I could do this race at my heaviest, you can certainly do it, too. It's a great race for a beginner, because the whole course is very flat. It's also the largest half-marathon in the country, with 35,000 participants. There are THOUSANDS of walkers, and there is no shame in walking it. There are tons of bands set up along the entire route, and thousands of spectators that cheer you on.
See that glass walkway waaaay in the back? That's where I was ;)

I just posted the blog posts that I wrote back in 2008, 2009, and 2010... so you can read those to get a feel for what the experience was like. I wish I had been more detailed in the first two years.

Thank you so much for your nice comments yesterday about my depression and anxiety. I realize that I'm not the only one who goes through this, unfortunately. It was interesting to learn that I'm not the only one who gets the lump in my throat for weeks on end.

I had the most interesting breakfast today--and it was delicious!! I wanted to try one of the NuNaturals recipes, so I picked out a chocolate smoothie recipe that sounded good. I made the smoothie and it tasted just like melted chocolate ice cream(!!) and then I had the idea to make a peanut butter bowl and pour the smoothie into that to eat with a spoon.
This recipe used the NuNaturals vanilla Stevia drops and the cocoa bean extract drops, but I imagine you could make any chocolate smoothie recipe you like and then pour it into a peanut butter bowl--I can't believe I never thought of that before!  Seriously, chocolate + peanut butter was a gift from God.

I've been thinking about going back to doing weekly weigh-ins on Wednesdays. Remember how I said I was only going to do them once a month, on the 19th? Well, the 19th came and went and I completely forgot about it. I need to feel accountable, even though my weight isn't budging much from 148. So I will weigh-in on Wednesday and post it. Please call me out on it if I don't do it!


  1. I would LOVE to do a half marathon one day, even if I mostly walk it. I know I won't be able to in 2012, between going on a much-delayed honeymoon with my husband and my sister getting married in May. It's going to be a busy, travel-filled, expensive year to start with. But maybe I can make it in 2013. I don't mind planning that far ahead. :D

  2. Hubby and I are doing are FIRST half marathon on Oct.'s called "Monster Dash" ...people dress up, there are thousands (not 35,000 wow!), and I just hope to finish with out pulling some thing or not being able to finish at all.

    I just started running THIS year..did my first 7K in March and wanted a challenge so we signed up for the half back in May and now I can't believe its weeks away.

    I am super excited...I've lost about 6 pounds from all this running and can't wait til the big day arrives.

    (By the way we are not dressing up...since its our first time we thought we would just take it all in...there's always next year to dress up if all goes well this year.)

    PB bowl??? Looks interesting but different too. ha!

  3. I plan on doing a half next year. I think I'd like to do it in October or November, when I know it will be cool weather and I have a year to plan for it. I'd also like to find one attached to a good cause (and a nice, scenic course won't hurt either!). I'll be busy with Relay For Life until June. I plan on walking at least 13 miles that night since I logged 12 and 3/4 miles last year. Always have to strive for improvement! I'm thinking of doing another 5k in October because it's the same course as the one from 9/10 and I want to come in under 30:00!!! I can't wait a whole year to cream that!

  4. It would be a pretty long drive for me! :) Sounds like fun.

  5. LoveAnAnimalSeptember 30, 2011

    If I did a marathon, even if it was just walking, my family and friends wouldn't believe it. In my realm of family and friends, I know of no one who has ever participated in a marathon. Indy is not terribly far from me, and what a hoot it would be if I did participated. The prospect of walking 13.1 miles at my weight would be something to be extremely proud of.

  6. Twinpower 7 SparkpeopleOctober 01, 2011

    Do you ever have trouble with your knees when you run? I know you're a lot younger than me...I'm 44. I've been doing my running on the dreadmill during the summer because it's so stinkin hot here in FL. I went running this morning...first cool day since May...& my knee was giving me a fit. I don't have problems on the dreadmill or the eliptical.

  7. I am thinking about it for my next goal. This year I did 2 sprint triathlons and I never thought I could do even one.

    Katie- Do you have anxiety with large crowds? I was suppose to go tailgating at the Wisconsin/Nebraska game today and I backed out because of the 100,000+ people that were going to be there. I think people can't understand how I can have a fear of large crowds but I do and I wanted to know if you have any advice?

  8. @Twinpower 7 Sparkpeople

    I do have problems with runner's knee, but I've learned that it only flares up when I run really hard on it. If I take it easy (read: slowly) it usually feels okay. I haven't noticed a difference when I use the treadmill vs. running outside, but I know a lot of people say that there is less impact on the treadmill.

  9. @Michelle - From WI

    I actually do get anxiety in large crowds if it's in a claustrophobic setting; but it's not a huge fear of mine. I'll still go places with large crowds, even though it's a little uncomfortable. But I can totally relate to a fear of something irrational like that! There are quite a few situations that I avoid because of unnecessary fear. I wish I had advice for you, but I'm still battling those demons on a daily basis!


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