September 21, 2011

Running, Dad's birthday, and TBL

I don't know if it was the afternoon wine yesterday or what, but my head was killing me when I woke up. I decided to put off my run until late morning instead of my usual 8:00 time when the kids go to school. I drank tons of water (and coffee) and felt a little better. I had a 5 1/2 mile easy run scheduled, and I decided to go a different route just to change things up.

I listened to a new (to me) podcast called YELL AT YOUR FAT or something like that. It was kind of boring and I was spacing out, and the run felt like it took forever. Then on the way home, there were some trucks fixing potholes in the roads, and they were driving right on the shoulder. I had to run in the grass for about 1/4 mile. That wasn't fun at all.
Tomorrow I have intervals... groan.

Last night we went to my parents house for my dad's 60th birthday (today is his actual birthday). We sat down by the lake and cooked hot dogs over a fire. The weather was gorgeous.
My dad spotted me taking a picture, and that's his imitation of a video camera--a reeeally old fashioned one!

Thankfully Jerry wasn't cooking MY hot dog

My parents (who just celebrated 40 years married!)
 After that we went inside and ate some of the pecan pie that I made. It was delicious! I told my dad I'd make him a pie every week if he would let me eat one piece and then he could eat the rest. Then we both win :)

Did you all watch the season premier of The Biggest Loser last night? I think the show is going to go downhill very quickly with Anna as a trainer. I was SO BUMMED when they announced it during last season's finale. She annoys the heck out of me for some reason. And watching her "train" her contestants? I wasn't impressed.

I had a hard time even watching the show without spacing out--normally I love the first show of the season, but this one was kind of boring. I wanted to hear more about the contestants' stories, and see their INITIAL weigh in.

The one twist that I think is really interesting is that there will be a marathon at the end of the season on the ranch--and ALL of the contestants get to come back to run it. Whomever wins the marathon is automatically in the finals, whether they were on the ranch of not. While I think it's totally irresponsible to go from obese couch potato to running a full marathon in just 3 months, it definitely makes interesting television!

Do you watch The Biggest Loser? What do you think of Anna Kournikova as a trainer?


  1. i just watched the episode online, i am not a fan of Anna, but I like the other guy. I wish they would have shown a little more of the contests as well so we could get to know them. Also the previews for the season, it looks like some drama and I am not sure about all that!!

  2. I'm skeptical about Anna. I'll give her a chance though... but she really is no Jillian! The other new guy looks pretty awesome so far. He has good energy. Anna just seems...almost wimpy and fragile in a way. But NBC may be painting her to look that way at first on purpose. They're sneaky blokes! ;)

  3. I also watched the show last night... I kept waiting for something to happen! Anna was boring, but hopefully she'll be able to step-it-up. The other guy seemed great so far, he's really going to push the young group...we'll just have to wait and see!

  4. I didn't see TBL. I usually get sucked in half way through the season. I did see the end last year and wasn't too excited about Anna. My husband thinks she's great but I don't think that has anything to do with her training/coaching abilities!
    Your campfire looks great! I miss living close to Lake Michigan - I love the great lakes!

  5. I'll probably watch it on Hulu later - but a MARATHON?!?! That is insane. I am currently training for a marathon and it has taken me a whole YEAR to get in shape for it. Gahh someone is going to have medical issues at the end of that race.

  6. I was unable to even give Anna a fair shake, since my bf said, "Hey, Anna Kournawhoravich in on this season!" (he has never wanted to watch this show before. ever.)So. I am not a fan of her because my bf is obviously in love with her. And that bugs me :)

  7. I just watched Biggest Loser on Hulu this morning. I definitely wanted to get to know the people a little more. I really like the other trainer (and of course LOVE Bob) but was not impressed with Anna. It seemed like she was really trying to appear tough and there's a difference between training for a sport and weight loss. I'm going to keep watching-the whole marathon thing has my interest.

    As for the drama...thats the miracle of editing...

  8. Yah, I had the same thoughts about TBL. No stories, no initial weigh ins, SO not the show I enjoy watching. I'll still watch, but so far, not so good.

  9. I cannot stand Anna AT ALL.....

    Oh and Jerry can cook my hotdog anytime...BURNT hotdogs are AMAZING!!!!!

  10. I didn't get to see the show last night but I plan to watch it on 'Free on Demand.' It always inspires me to see the hard work that the contestants put in for their dramatic results, so I'll grin and bear the new trainers for that benefit. I didn't like the other 2 from last season, either, so I'm glad they're not back.

    The good thing about the show is that even though we see 3 months worth of tv, a lot more time has gone by since they started filming. So, I think there's more like 6 or more months from the beginning until the finale. Now that I know about the marathon I'm really excited. That was always my favorite episode (missed it last season!) and it was Tara's marathon in season 9 when my husband asked if I would ever run a marathon and if I did he would join me. That began my weight-loss journey and my desire to run!

    You have your dad's eyes!

  11. never watched the biggest loser...although I don't really watch any tv...besides Keeping Up With the Kardashians...I guess I am a groupy when it comes to that sad.

  12. I did watch it and I was so bummed to be reminded that not only is Jillian not on it anymore but Anna Skankakovia was a trainer. She annoys me but to be honest it may just be because she is pretty and my hubs thinks she's hot. I know they announced it last season but I guess I forgot! I usually love the show but it was a boring premier! Hopefully it will fall into place.

    -Jen (jennygump21)

  13. Happy Birthday dad and congrats to your mom and dad both for 40 years! That's no small accomplishment! I'm a yankee transplant to Texas and Michigan is looking great to me!

  14. I don't watch much tv, although I have seen BL before. Anyway, I don't even know who this Anna chick is! LOL. Is she someone I should recognize frm some other show? Is she famous? :)

  15. Yes, I watched too, pretty disappointing. I really don't like how they are seperating the contestants by age either. Anna . . . not feeling it! "I am a tennis pro, now I am a trainer" . . . NOT. Love your blog!

  16. now that everyone mentions it, i do wish they had done more intros with the contestants. i'm not so sure what i think of separating by age either. I kept thinking every time they showed anna, that she needed to start kicking their butts, especially Debbie, who was a whiner. and i couldn't stand that she called Bonnie a crier. ugh! if only jillian was there...yeah, i already miss her.

  17. Wow! Not one person liked her? I got admit when I heard she was going to be a trainer I wasn't excited. I mean come on she's a tennis star. But after watching the show, I fell for her. I mean she was picked last, remember being picked last for the doge ball team, IT SUCKED! Then she ran out to great her team, that was cool. Plus to sink or swim on such a big stage, in something that is obviously very new to her. I give the girl props. Sure she is getting a huge paycheck, and I doubt her team will win. But I'm not going to hate on her for trying.

  18. Your parents are so cute, and what an accomplishment to be married 40 years! My parents divorced after 19 years, which I still feel was a mistake...but you didn't hear that from me. It does make me feel insecure at time with my marriage, but my husband is honestly my best friend and my well, everything! So I just have to work on it and be as positive as possible!

    Anyway, on a slightly less personal level lol...I felt EXACTLY the same thing about TBL! I don't like Anna, I have no idea why though. I think she's going to fuck up the seniors chance at losing what they should! I'm interested to see the marathon, plus a couple of those "younger' aged guys are gonna be super hot when they lose weight!


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