September 14, 2011


Today, my husband is 31 years old. WHERE DID THE YEARS GO?!  When we first started dating, he was 18. I'm having such a hard time coming to terms with the fact that I will be 30 come January. No longer in my 20's. It will be a sad, sad day for me.

Anyway, Jerry left for work at 5 this morning, when the rest of us were in bed. When the boys woke up, I told them that it's Daddy's birthday today, and the first thing Eli said was, "We should buy him some beer!!" Hahaha. Jerry is just as into beer as I am into wine. He loves trying all different beers. When I go to the grocery store, I'll pick some random six-pack hoping that he hasn't tried it before (but he always has). So Eli was right on when he said we should buy him beer.

My mom came over to walk with us to the bus stop. After the kids went to school, I went for my scheduled five-mile easy run. I didn't look at my Garmin even ONCE the entire time, which is good. On my easy runs, I've been really focusing on trying to run easy enough to be able to hold conversation (if I had someone to converse with), and when I see how slow I'm going by looking at my Garmin, I get discouraged and speed up--which defeats the purpose of an "easy run". My average heart rate was 145, which is pretty much right where it should be for an easy run. 

WOW! Just as I was writing this, I heard a loud helicopter outside. Which isn't unusual, because we live next to Lake Erie and when people go missing (fishermen, swimmers, etc) the coast guard flies around looking for them. But I stepped outside, and I seriously thought this helicopter was going to crash across the street from my house. It was going a sharp downward angle, and then flew about 15 feet off the ground. It took me a minute to realize what was going on. They were spraying something on the marsh. My dad told me that the state got a huge grant to fix it up, and they're going to kill all the weeds and crap down there and then it'll be like a man-made lake or something. Which I'm excited about!
See how low it's flying?
This is what it looks like now... they're going to kill EVERYTHING and clean it up

A couple of years ago, I heard helicopters all night, and later discovered that a bank robber was hiding out in the woods and marsh across from my house--the helicopters were looking for him. Since I live on a peninsula, there is only one way in and one way out, so there was a road block for a few days. The cops would search your car every time you drove down the road to make sure the robber wasn't in there. He ended up getting away anyways, and they found him in another state a few weeks later.

The news came out here and interviewed Jerry (while I wasn't home), but I made Jerry call the news channel later to tell them not to use his interview. In it, he had said that his "wife is scared because she's home alone at night while he's working midnights." REALLY, Jerry? Why don't you just leave the doors unlocked with a sign on it for the robber to come right in, too?

Does your husband say stupid shit sometimes where you just want to smack him?


  1. I just love reading your blog! You always have me laughing. I found you through Krista and Krista through an MSN slideshow type of deal. Both of y'all are great and such an inspiration :)

  2. Happy Birthday to your hubby!

    OMG my mom did that when we moved into our house-I am moving stuff & walk out to find her at the fence with three of my neighbors spouting off how her kid is home alone all the time....Gee thanks! Thankfully they are nice.

  3. I am dying laughing because of the stupid shit husband's say: because my husband is the WORST about saying stuff he shouldn't and... REPEATING stuff he shouldn't!!! I have to tell him OVER and OVER if something I've told him is a secret or he will just spill it at the most inopportune time. Ugh! LOL! Is this just a "man" thing? I mean really...I think before I talk, and most of the time I have my filter on. Hee! Hee!

  4. That is so funny and yes, husbands are kinda clueless most of the time. It's not their fault, they were made that way :) AND I hear you on the turning 30 (although I'm 37 now). I wasn't sad my 30th b-day but on my 29th it was hard, cause I thought "I'll never be 20 anything ever again" and that was really sad to me. But now 40 is right around the corner and that's a whole other can of worms!! So I guess I'd love to be turning 30 soon!! HA!

  5. Omg why would Jerry openly say that?!! Hahaha I'm cracking up. He was not only telling the robber, but every other person watching the news or living around you would now know that you are home alone at night and scared! That is terrifying! Thank god my husband is really quiet, so he rarely gets him or myself into trouble with the things he says!

    - Amanda

  6. OMG this nearly exact thing happened here 2 weeks ago. A convict escaped from the courthouse (1/4 mile away) and ran into our neighborhood and there were cops frigging everywhere for 12 hours. They even searched all our houses. I'm actually the dumbass who said something dumb to the newspaper though and had to call them and beg them not to use my statement. Doh! But yeah, it's usually my husband who says something dumb. Like accidentally racist or something like your hubby said.

  7. OK..I knew you were younger than me since your kids are so young and the fact that you just look younger than me...but, not that you look old or like someone who should already be in their thirties...but, but, are 29!! Gawd...once I again I am old. (Yep 42 here girl...thirties are nothing...forties are great...)

    Enjoy your last few months...don't worry just keeps getting become so much wiser. Which will be interesting in your case because you already seem very wise. ;-)

    And oh, hubby *ahem* age 45 ...says a lot of stupid things I cannot believe and then later when I yell (I mean speak softly) to him about what he said he will answer with ...."Oh, I guess I didn't hear the whole conversation...I probably shouldn't have said that" DUH!

  8. Well, a big Happy Birthday to Jerry :)
    He and my husband must have been twins separated at birth. Beer (specifically, microbrews) are what my husband begs for on his birthday. He loves trying new ones and then rates them. The more hops, the better for him, but I can't stand them because honest to God they taste like feet. Blech. No chance of me swigging any of his beer - ever.

  9. LoveAnAnimalSeptember 14, 2011

    Happy Birthday to Jerry! Beer is a good gift! My husband also tries different beers & I'm right there sampling with him. And please don't be sad about turning 30. It's sure beats the alternative. You are still very young and most importantly you are healthy. I'm 48 with the quickly approaching milestone of being half of a century old, and I'm thrilled for each healthy day that I'm allowed to have. Regarding to husbands saying something stupid to where he deserves to get a smack, (LMAO on that one)my husband never mucks up and says something that he shouldn't least to other people. But to me? Well, that's a different story. LOL

  10. I am very intrigued by your running summary that you post in some of your blog entries with the mileage, type, duration, etc. What program do you use to get those summary charts?

  11. LMAO! My husband says stupid crap routinely...although lots of times he does it on purpose just to get a reaction. Last year he asked our son's kindergarten teacher during a parent-teacher conference if she was pregnant...she wasn't! I almost died of embarrassment right there. I couldn't say anything at the moment, but I lit into him later. You never EVER ask a woman if she's pregnant unless you know for sure!!!

  12. My husband is the reserved one- he usually gets annoyed with me because I "share" things he's told me and I didn't realize I was under a gag order! Now I know.

    Alas, I turned 40 on Tuesday. My husband turns 45 next Tuesday. Haven't gotten around to writing my blog about the blessed day or send you that e-mail about the Garmin. I'm babysitting 4 kids this week and I'm also their chauffer. UGH! I did get myself my very own Garmin on Monday at Target and I LOVE IT!

  13. One more comment on this post Katie, to you and Jerry: I also was sad when I turned 30, hated to leave my twenties, BUT the upside someone told me, and it seems to be true, YOUR THIRTIES ARE WHEN YOU MAKE YOUR MONEY! So here's to good fortune for you and Jerry in your thirties!!!

  14. bwahahahah sounds like something my husband would say... if i had one.. hahha. crazy i know.


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