September 22, 2011


Well, I survived my interval run this morning. It actually turned out to be a nice run! At first, I decided to go to my old high school and run on the track here. I drove there and some guy was working there (spraying weeds around the track or something) and I chickened out. So I drove to the State Park and ran the trail there instead.

On the schedule was 10 x 400's with equal recovery in-between. Basically that means to run 1/4 mile fast and then jog 1/4 mile... and repeat for a total of 10 times. I tacked on a warm-up and cool-down, too. Once I got home and looked at my stats, I realized I definitely should have been running faster on the fast intervals--it felt like I was going faster than a 9:00/mi! Oh well.

This is the "fast" part in total

This is the "recovery" part in total

The run as a whole

I was surprised that there weren't more people at the State Park. Michigan is GORGEOUS this time of year. Oh, but wait... check out what I found in a magazine recently:
Yep, good old D-town is the NUMBER ONE unhealthiest city in the United States. So I guess I shouldn't be surprised that I rarely come across anyone exercising around here ;)  Toledo is #4--and I might as well mention that I live about halfway between Toledo and Detroit. Right smack in the middle of unhealthy cities.

I leave for Arizona in 20 more days!! It's coming up so fast. I couldn't fall asleep last night because I kept picturing being on the airplane. As you probably know, I'm TERRIFIED of flying. I hate it more than anything. Which is kind of ironic because my brother is a pilot for Delta. When visiting him one time, he took us to the flight simulators that they use to train pilots for the airlines--and he let us fly them. Even though it was inside a building and it wasn't even a real airplane, I had a panic attack and had to get out of the simulator. THAT is how bad my fear is.

Speaking of that, someone asked me a while ago what the story is with me and the open-airplane I flew on last summer. Jerry and I took the kids to Minnesota to visit my brother Brian (we drove there, of course). Brian's roommate from college has a few different airplanes, and he invited us to the hanger for a barbecue and ride on the Breezy (a two-person completely open airplane). I had NO INTEREST WHATSOEVER in flying, but I went along to the hanger because Jerry wanted to go.

There was another family that knew Steve (my brother's college roommate), and they all went for rides and loved it. Jerry went last, and when I saw the pictures he took of himself, I thought, "What a cool pic to post on Facebook!! I so badly wish I could do that!"  which led to my thinking about how this truly is the opportunity of a lifetime. And how SHOCKED would my family and friends be if I actually did this?!

So I told Steve I wanted to go for a ride. And I almost threw up. I went to the bathroom and literally was dry heaving. Steve knew I was terrified, and I really trusted that he wouldn't do anything crazy. I told him, "I'm going to cry and look completely miserable. So if you turn around and see me sobbing, don't worry about it. Just finish the flight." Hahaha. He promised that he'd get me back safely.

So I threw on a sweatshirt and the leather cap and goggles, and strapped myself as tightly as possible to the seat. My heart was racing and I couldn't breathe. I just kept reminding myself that in 10 minutes, I'd be back on the ground. And off we went...
This is the Breezy... and no, I did NOT let my kids fly on it ;)

The view from the Breezy

Jerry's picture that made me decide to brave the Breezy myself

I wasn't faking the smile... I really loved it!

But I still held a death-grip to the seat
My kids really wanted to fly, but I refused to let them fly on the Breezy. Steve generously got out a different plane and took the kids (and Jerry) for a ride on that. They loved it!
I forget the name of this airplane

It was Eli's very first time flying
So needless to say, flying on the Breezy was a HUUUGE deal for me!! But I was still terrified of flying. Shortly after I got home, Brian asked me to fly out there for The Ragnar Relay, and I did. My friend Stacie went with me, and we went to the airport early so that I could drink a few glasses of wine first. That helped a lot!

My flight to Arizona is in the morning, so I'm not sure if I'll be able to drink beforehand. I'll probably take some Valium, but that usually doesn't help. Just 20 days left of worrying.

Well this turned into a really long entry and I didn't mean for it to. Are you scared of flying? How do you deal with it?


  1. Ugh-I am near 3 places on that list and I believe it.

    My hubby is a pilot & I won't lie-not my favorite thing because I get super motion sick. So I load up on the bonine & read non stop until we get to the destination.

  2. I used to HATE to fly, but it was mostly due to my fear of NOT fitting in the seat and having to ask for a seatbelt extender. SO EMBARRASSING! I didn't really have a fear of flying though. I have not gotten to go on a trip yet, since I will no longer need a seatbelt extender, but honestly, I can't wait. The walks through the big airports, like at Vegas or Minneapolis, or even Omaha, about killed me too, and now that won't be bad either.
    I have to say though--if you flew on that little flimsy open plane, anything else (like a big jumbo jet or even a smaller plane--just so it's enclosed) should be EASY. Cause that open plane would have just totally freaked me out. I am scared to death of heights, and in that open plane, OMG, I probably would have been puking. For some reason looking out the window in a regular closed-in plane doesn't bother me though.
    Great pictures of Jerry & the boys. They're so darned cute!

  3. I dislike flying b/c I always think MY plane will be the one that goes down. I have only flown 3X...or 6 b/c obviously it was a roundtrip...each time I spend the WHOLE trip praying. One time I did have a couple of drinks but I was still praying the whole time. ;-)

    Great pics...I would NEVER have taken a ride on the once again you rock!

  4. I am scared of flying! I have never stepped foot in an airport and have only been on a helicopter once. My dad's friend took us. I got to sit up in the passenger side by him. I think I was 8 or so. But I haven't flown commercial because like KJ said...I'm afraid it would be my plane crashing. Eek! I would like to overcome this fear, hopefully soon! My honeymoon is in about a year or so....who knows maybe we will go somewhere and have to fly. Good for you going on the breezy!

  5. I am not afraid of flying.
    While growing up I watched many of my friends go off on holidays to the islands, Disney, spring break, etc. My family didn't have that kind of money. I remember flying to Toronto when I was 21 (a whole 45 minute flight) and just being over the moon excited. Since then I have been to the other side of the world and back. I feel pure excitement every time I get on a plane because usually it is taking me on vacation or to a place I've never been.

    Congratulations on riding Breezy and working towards conquering your fear. Don't let fear make you miss out on life. ♥

  6. My first flight ever was our honeymoon, to HAWAII! So, from NY, that's a flight to San Francisco, then a flight to Oahu. From Oahu we took an island hopper to Maui and then one to the Big Island. We then took a flight back to Oahu to get to San Fran and finally, home to NY. After 7 flights for one trip, I couldn't help but be over any bit of fear. In the last 6 years, we've been to New Orleans, San Antonio and Florida 3 times. I want to travel and flying is the quickest and sometimes ONLY way. I can't wait to get to Europe eventually!

    Hey, Nassau-Suffolk Counties made it to #4 on the healthiest cities! Hmm...who did they survey??

  7. I don't have a fear of flying, but ever since they've enacted all these new "security" procedures, I have absolutely no desire to go up in an airplane. I've only been on an airplane a handful of times, and once the plane was in the air I usually fell asleep. LOL!

  8. First of all, congrats on your tummy-tuck news!!! That is sooo exciting! And yes, 11-11-11, 11:11AM/PM is supposed to be The BIGGEST Wishing Moments of the CENTURY!!!! (As least according to the Facebook event page for that day.)

    As far as flying, the only thing I'm afraid of is if the seatbelt doesn't fasten. Aaah! I only had that happen once when I was on a silly prop plane heading from Salt Lake to St. George, Utah! Those planes are made for little people!

    But, you did great on that Breezy! I think that is more frightening than a regular jet but if your brother was flying it, I'd enjoy the ride a lot more because..... He's HOT! Hah hah

  9. Talk to your doctor about an quick-acting anti-anxiety medicine? I know others who have done that, and it helps a lot!

  10. I'm so sorry that you hate flying :( The only thing I hate about it is that I feel so cramped and herded in like a sheep. I always think, I'm paying (a lot of money)to be treated like a farm animal.

  11. I'm not afraid of flying, but I have a friend who is petrified! She only flies when forced to. She recently discovered that taking an Ativan made all the difference in the world. She too would worry for weeks about it - which of course makes it worse when the day comes. Anyway, took an Ativan before leaving for the airport and she said it worked great for her. She didn't have the usual panic in the car heading to the airport. She wasn't 'out of it', she just didn't think about flying. She said it was weird - the flying just kind of left her mind and she stopped focusing on it. Ask your doctor - it could make a big difference on the actual day you fly.

  12. I am also scared to fly for the same reasons that the other 2 said-I always feel like MY plane will crash (even though realistically I know it is unlikely). I just came back from CA this week (long flight from NY) and was still nervous the whole time. I have probably flown 15 times but it doesn't get much easier :/


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