May 11, 2023

Three Things Thursday: [Chuckles]

Most of the time, when Jerry and I watch TV, we turn on the captions. When I was a kid, I always hated when adults would have the captions on--and now I'm one of those people. Anyway, we always laugh when we see the caption [chuckles] so it's kind of become a thing between us.

The only reason I named this [Chuckles] is because it gave me some laughs as I went through ideas of what to post here. I am working on a Mother's Day project for my kids (yes, I'm making them something for Mother's Day). I'm putting together a simple photo album of pictures of me with each of them (they will each have their own book, filled with pictures of the two of us).

Included in the book, I'm going to write out some fun stories about them from when they were younger. So, I thought for Three Things Thursday, I'd share three stories about each of the kids that made me chuckle.

(Now that I think of it, I could've sworn I did a post about this before--and after a search, I realize I did! I'm kind of bummed; but I'll choose stories that I didn't share before. In case you're interested, though, here is the link to that post: Kids Say The Darndest Things.

(I'm going to write these as I wrote them at the time--most of them were Facebook posts.)


1. As you may know, I've been working my ass off since August to give our home a makeover. I can't even describe the difference, and will post pictures when we do the finishing touches (hopefully next week). 

Anyway, I came across this list that Noah wrote when he was about seven years old. He was on an HGTV kick, and was constantly telling us how "dated" our kitchen was--he kept insisting on "granite countertops" and and "darker cupboards". These were the updates he wanted us to make:

paint rooms; new carpet; update kitchen; new toilet; new couch; new chairs; new doors; new bathroom floor; paint cupboards; new knobs on cupboards

2. [In 2013; Noah was nine years old at the time]

I was out driving with the kids this morning, when I saw a sign for a "Poker Run" and party. 

Noah: "Mama, do you know what a poker run is?"
Me: "No, but I'm curious if it's an actual RUN or if it's something to do with Poker."
Noah: "It's when a bunch of motorcyclists go from one bar to another, collecting a card from each bar; then at the last one, they have enough for a hand of poker, and they play."

Well, it's official--my kids are grown. Might as well retire!

3. [In 2008; Noah was four years old]

Noah is SUPER into anatomy. He even has a realistic skeleton and a torso with removable parts--you can ask him any of the bones or organs and he knows them well! Today, he tattled on Eli:

"Mama, I think Eli just broke my sternum AND my clavicle!"


1. [In 2009; Eli was three years old]

Today I told Eli that if he vacuumed his bedroom, I'd give him a sucker. Ten minutes later he told me he was done vacuuming, "but don't go see it". I said, "Well, when can I go see it?" His reply; "After you give me a sucker"

This was from years later; apparently I don't have many pics of him with a sucker!

2. [In 2011; Eli was five years old]

My kids were watching Gremlins, and one of the gremlins had 3 cigarettes in his mouth at once. Noah said, "Eli, look--that gremlin is smoking three cigarettes at one time!" And Eli responded, "You mean he's WASTING two cigarettes?!"  (For the record, neither Jerry or I smoke--I'm not sure why he responded that way! haha)

3. Eli asked me if I wanted to go for a walk today, so of course I said sure. The two of us were walking around the block, and I told him that if he could sing the entire alphabet to me, I would buy him a pack of Pokémon cards... and if he could identify all the letters of the alphabet, he could earn a whole tin of Pokémon cards. He didn't like this idea because it takes too long, so he said, "I'm just going to save up my money instead."

I know for a fact that he only has a couple of dollars, so I explained that he'll need to earn more money by doing his chores. Of course he didn't want to do chores either, so he had another solution.

"I'm just going to earn my money from Aunt Jeanie. I'll just have her do a scavenger hunt with all the money at the end for me."

This wasn't one of her scavenger hunts (she did many!) but rather a game that they had to play "hot potato" with a gift and had to try to open it before passing it on--while wearing gloves to make it harder. Basically, Aunt Jeanie=gifts ;)

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  1. You're such a good Mom and you boys are splendid. Happy Mother's Day in advance.


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