May 01, 2023

(Almost) Wordless

A packed day today--meal planning, cleaning the garage, and Eli's baseball game. Jerry and the kids are all off school/work tonight, so I'm hoping for a game or movie night.

I wrote a fun post yesterday, so I'm going to just make this an (almost) wordless post. I searched my photos for May 1st, and realized that it was exactly eight years ago that I met up with my Ragnar SoCal team in Indiana!

We ran the Ragnar in 2014, and then most of us met up a year later for a reunion at the Indianapolis 500 Festival Mini Marathon. I would love to plan another reunion; seeing this picture makes me nostalgic. We had so much fun!

Bonnie, Thomas, Dean, Martha, Cat, Hilary, Paige, and me (missing Colleen, John, Tay, and Caitlin)

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  1. Have a great week! I'm headed off the grid until May 7th.


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