May 12, 2023

Friday Night Photos #115

Somehow Friday feels like it has more meaning now that I'm not going to be posting on Saturdays and Sundays. It's not really going to change much--I still want to do my Friday Night Photos posts--but it feels different somehow.

I'd made plans to go to a city-wide garage sale this morning and I was *so* excited to go! The pandemic kind of ruined garage sale-ing for the last few years and I've missed going. The city-wide sales are the best because, depending on the street, you can just walk from one sale to the next. Saturday mornings are usually the best time to go because that is when most people have their sales; but this city-wide one started this morning.

I was bummed, then, when Eli's orthopedist appointment was at 8:15 this morning. The appointment was obviously more important, so I told my mom I wasn't going to be able to go to the garage sales. However, Jerry (bless his heart!) said he'd be glad to take Eli to his appointment this morning (Jerry got off work at 6:00 AM, so he usually sleeps right when he gets home). He said it would make him feel good to take Eli since I'm the one that usually does the appointments, and he really wanted me to go with my parents. I was so grateful!

Eli had his finger x-rayed again, and we were able to clearly see the break:

The orthopedist said that there is a chip that broke off (which you can see in the x-ray) and he taped Eli's index and middle finger together and he's hoping it will heal that way. He wants to see Eli again in two weeks for another x-ray. I'm crossing my fingers (haha) that it will be okay! But the doctor said no sports for four weeks--which is the rest of the baseball season. Eli's worried he's going to lose his position as catcher on the team for next year. I feel really bad for him--he still goes to the games to support his team, but he said it's hard watching someone else play his position.

Meanwhile, I found a few things at the garage sales that I was excited about! First, I got this set of armchairs. I really don't *need* chairs, but I couldn't help it--I love them! And they are extremely comfortable. I haven't decided where to put them yet, though. I'm going to have to move some things around.

The best part? I got both chairs and the ottoman for $40! We had them in the back of my dad's truck, and several people commented while we were out that they really liked them.

My mom actually wanted them too, so she said if I can't find a place for them, she'll buy them from me. I'm determined to find a spot, though! Estelle was on there in about two seconds flat, and she hasn't moved ever since.

At one sale, I was so excited when I was rifling through a huge container of clothes and I found several Lululemon items--the clothes were listed as $2 a piece, and for Lululemon, that was a steal! They were in great shape, and in my size, so I ended up with about 12 pieces. When I went to pay, however, the woman said, "Oh, those aren't $2--the Lululemon stuff is $10 a piece." I couldn't believe it! My mom had even double checked with her when I was digging through the box of clothes, and she'd said $2. So, I gave everything back and didn't buy any of it.

At another sale, I found a ton of Mr. Potato Head stuff. This may sound odd, but I wanted to get it for Riley. I don't have very many toys here for Luke and Riley to play with when they come over, but Riley LOVES playing with the Mrs. Potato Head set that I have (she doesn't have one herself). When I got home and started going through all of it, I noticed that there were some Star Wars pieces in there! Jerry hasn't seen them yet, but I know he's going to flip out when he does, haha.

I'm not sure if I should hold onto everything for when Riley comes to visit or if I should put it all in a box and mail it to her. It's always fun to get mail, but it would be nice to play it with her.

I also bought something completely random on a whim--I saw it and thought it would be fun for the family to play:

I had to ask Noah if it was even compatible with Jerry's X-box--I have no clue! And I'm sure Noah and Eli have never seen Wheel of Fortune or Jeopardy in their lives, but they're going to learn ;)

I can't remember what I've posted this week or not--I'm sure I wrote about some of these things on my "Weekend Happenings" post. But anyway, we got together with Dave and Renee last weekend to play Euchre and it was so fun! It'd been a long time since we played with them. Dave and I were partners and we won both games. It was fun to catch up with Renee, too.

I think I've decided not to coach cross country this fall. My life doesn't seem to be getting any less overwhelming and I really don't want to commit to anything yet. Renee isn't sure if she wants to do it either, so we'll see what happens.

I needed to get out of the house yesterday--everyone was in such a negative mood and I just couldn't take it! So I ended up going to the library to write my blog post. I was hoping for peace and quiet, but it was kind of loud in there. And they had several windows open, so it was breezy and cold. Next time, maybe I'll just go out for a walk when I need some space!

I actually moved spots three times to try to find a quiet/non-breezy spot, but no such luck. I just ended up finishing my post and going back home.

However, a book that I requested had arrived! A reader suggested to me that I read 'Eat & Run' by Scott Jurek (a badass vegan ultrarunner) because she had found it really motivating to get out and run. I'm really in need of that motivation, so I requested the book at the library. I wish they had the Kindle version, but the hardcover was all they had. I've yet to start it--hopefully this weekend.

I finished a new bed for the cat wall/room. There was a hole in that top shelf and I didn't have anything underneath it. I'd been debating over what to do with it--what kind of bed or shelves or whatever to put there--and I finally decided to use the wooden posts from the really ugly cat tree I was so happy to get rid of. I used that fake fur I'd sewn together a while ago to create a bed. And then I hung the bed very close to the shelf above--the cats like to be in tiny spaces so that they feel like nobody can see them. Chick really likes it!

Yesterday, I was noticing how Duck's pupils were SO razor thin--and just how pretty he looked in general--so I took a picture of him.

Kroger recently had those bags of three tri-colored bell peppers on sale (usually they are about $6 and they were on sale for about $2) and they looked really good! I bought two bags and they sat in the fridge for a few days--I wasn't sure what to make with them. Finally, I cut them all up and stir-fried them with homemade fajita seasoning. Then I rehydrated some soy curls (with fajita seasoning in the water) and added those to the skillet.

We ate it over rice and it was SOOOO good! Jerry and I kept exclaiming it was "the best thing we ever ate" (we say that a lot--every time we try a new food we really like). The next time I can get peppers for a reasonable price again, I'm definitely going to make this again.

And finally, I noticed these flowers up on our bookshelf in the living room and I had no idea where they came from. When I got closer, I noticed that they weren't flowers--they were Legos! Noah got the kit (I think it was something he'd wanted for Christmas) and he finally put them together. I love how they look!

And that's all I've got. I'll be back to write on Monday! Have a great weekend. xo


  1. I've crossed my fingers too (ha ha) for Eli's finger to heal properly with just the tape. That's how mine healed. Sending lots more hugs.

  2. I love those Lego flowers!! Too cute! I hope you had a wonderful weekend and Mother's Day!!

  3. I think the catcher has the most important job on the team, and the most dangerous. I couldn't imagine those balls flying at you so hard and fast, and you have to respond so fast. I've got a lot of respect for athletes, and love to watch the games. Hope he lets it heal, and not get in too big of a hurry to get back in the game.


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