October 26, 2022

Wednesday Weigh-In: Week 74

The costume in the photo above is what I wore for our cross country trick-or-treat run last night. I told the kids that I built up all those muscles from carrying my huge bags full of prizes and games and running "stuff" that I brought to practice everyday ;)

I almost forgot to weigh in this morning. My dad was scheduled for surgery this morning and my mom asked if I could drive them to the hospital (which was an hour and fifteen minutes away). It was raining and they had to leave at 5:00 AM; they really didn't want to drive in the dark and the rain in an unfamiliar area, so I agreed to drive them.

I couldn't fall asleep last night until about 1:00, and then I got up at 4:45. I jumped out of bed to get dressed quickly and then remembered to hop on the scale. I have to say, I was pretty shocked at the number.

I weighed 129--which isn't a huge deal (I'd like to stay between 125 and 135)--but what shocked me was that I'd put on quite a bit in the last two weeks. I was at 125.4 two weeks ago. I'm not upset about being 129--it's below my "goal" weight--but I am a little worried about how quickly I put those extra pounds on. I really don't want to continue the upward trend like this.

I really shouldn't be surprised about the gain, however; I ate WAY too much peanut butter this week! The peanut butter isn't bad for me (the ingredients are just peanuts and salt), but the two ounces that I used to eat in the evening has been getting bigger and bigger. Also, I've been eating a lot of fruit! Which again--not bad for me, but I don't need to be eating three bananas and two apples a day. A couple of days this week, I had pretzels with hummus before bed, too, even though I wasn't even hungry.

Sooooo... it's no wonder that my weight has gone up. And I know what I need to do in order to tone it down. Since I'm starting 75 Hard next Tuesday, I'm hoping that it will help me to keep my weight from jumping up and down so much. While my preferred range is 125-135, I'd like to try to keep it pretty steady rather than the big jumps.

It's so interesting how I can actually feel the weight difference in my clothes when it's only a few pounds! I just altered most of my jeans to fit me the best I could, and gaining five pounds makes them feel a little tight in the waist. When I went for a walk with Jen a couple of days ago, we talked about clothes--how we have several sizes and it's hard to know what to keep and what to get rid of when your weight doesn't stay very consistent.

I've felt like this current weight loss is permanent (at least for as long as I can foresee) because I've lost it more as a lifestyle change than temporarily counting calories. However, it's always in the back of my mind that the loss is only temporary, so I wonder if I should keep all of my clothing "just in case".

Anyway, I just hope it doesn't come to that. I'm going to cut my peanut butter back to 1-2 ounces, eat only a couple of pieces of fruit, and if I really want hummus, I'll *try* to like vegetables with it instead of pretzels. I really love red peppers, so maybe I'll start with red pepper strips.

I'm actually really excited to start 75 Hard! I decided against creating a Facebook page for those who would like to join in with me--the pages I've done before are pretty inactive and I feel too much pressure to try to keep things moving. But I plan to write frequently about how things are going, so hopefully everyone who is doing 75 Hard with me will check in as well. Maybe I will do some sort of giveaway for anyone who makes it through all 75 days (without modifications!). I plan to follow it exactly as written, and I'm looking forward to seeing how I feel at the end.

I really like the idea of doing it for self-discipline, but the main thing I hope to accomplish is establishing a regular exercise routine. When I did 75 Hard before, I didn't finish the challenge--but I did complete the exercise part and the taking a photo per day part. (You can read all about it here--this is the final post in my 75 Hard series from 2020.)

Well, I'm super tired from my early day today (my dad's surgery went fine!) so I'm going to chill with Jerry and watch a movie or something. I worked on the bathroom all day long yesterday and I'm making some serious progress! I'm hoping to put in another long day tomorrow.

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  1. Sending healing vibes to your Dad and calm vibes to you and your family. Hugs too, always.


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