October 27, 2022

Three Things Thursday #4

Now that cross country is over, I feel like I've been trying to catch up on all of the things that I neglected for the last couple of months. Especially the bathroom and bedroom project! I've worked more on it over the last few days than I have in the last month.

Anyway, for Three Things Thursday today, I figured I'd write three things that made me laugh recently...

This first one had me in awe and I was cracking up. Brian came over today to get the bathtub/shower hooked up. It works! We just can't use it until I finish the drywall and stuff around it. But we have running water there now. Anyway, he brought Riley with him (she's my niece who just turned four years old in August). Luke is in kindergarten now, so Riley has been coming over with Brian when he's here working on the bathroom.

I have to say, Riley is literally the smartest four-year old I've ever known. I'm not exaggerating or being biased because she's my niece; she has an adult vocabulary and sometimes she uses words that *I* don't even know what they mean! She can work things out in her head really easily, too--how stuff works, why things happen the way they do, etc.

Even knowing all of this, I still laugh when she says something that is totally not typical of a four-year old. So today, she was sitting at my kitchen island (remember the one that was a total nightmare to make?), and she was asking me questions about the pictures on it and she was spelling out the words.

Then out of nowhere, she ran her hand over the top of it and asked, "Is this made of epoxy?" 🤣  I had never even heard of epoxy until we decided to use it on our countertop. Anyway, she is so goddamn smart. Here is my favorite picture of her, so you can see how cute she is as well:

The second thing that made me laugh recently was the first Halloween costume I ordered for cross country. I had a pair of muscle pants at home (just a fun pair of tights that I'd used for running) and I was looking for a shirt that would go with them, but I had no luck finding one.

I found a full-body muscle suit, however, and it had next-day shipping (I needed it for our trick-or-treat run on Monday, and I ordered this on Saturday). I wasn't sure about it because it had a hood that covered the face, which I wasn't crazy about. I ordered it anyway, thinking I could just cut off the hood if needed. I found another muscle body suit that would be delivered Monday and I hoped it would arrive before I had to leave for cross country practice. Then I could return the one with the hood.

Well, the one that arrived on Sunday was SO HIDEOUS. It was totally creepy! When I put it on, I couldn't see anything at all because of the mask, but Joey started growling and barking at me and even Duck ran away from me at full speed. Since I couldn't see, I asked Noah to take a picture. I nearly died when I saw it! Hahahaha. How creepy is that face?! It was weird because it covered my entire body, including my hands and feet.

I am SO glad that the other one was delivered in the early afternoon Monday, because there is no way I would have worn that one above to cross country practice. The kids would have cried, hahaha. This one below is what I ended up wearing--I really like it!

And the third thing that made me laugh recently was what happened to our poor pumpkins that we'd carved. I don't know if it was the warmer weather we had for a couple of days or what, but they basically turned totally black and moldy on the inside, shriveling up and inward.

They all looked funny, but Jerry's looked the creepiest. When Riley came inside today, she said, "Jerry's pumpkin looks very creepy!" So we ended up throwing them over the dike into the woods. But check out Jerry's pumpkin. It looks so evil, haha.

Anyway, those are three things that made me laugh recently. Now I'm going to go work on the bathroom some more. Dave and Renee are supposed to come over on Halloween, and I *need* to get the garage cleaned up. The mess is ridiculous--drywall, plywood, dust, etc.


  1. That body suit is indeed terrifying! Great costume for someone else though. And your niece is indeed adorable. I wonder if she knew epoxy because of her dad's line of work. Thanks always for the smiles.

  2. Riley is soooo cute! I would be cracking up at a 4 year old asking me about epoxy too! :) The first Halloween costume scared me too ;) It was the face! But I mean if someone wanted it for a creepy Halloween costume, they would have succeeded! Your second muscle costume was much better, super fun and cute!


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