October 21, 2022

Friday Night Photos #88

I've been in a bad mood this afternoon. I want to get our bathroom done so badly, but I am waiting on my brother to hook up the shower--and I'm not upset with him, because he's doing it for free (beggars can't be choosers). Drywalling the tub surround is going to be a huge pain in the ass and I can't really do much more with the rest of the bathroom until after that is done. Jerry hasn't had time to work on the floors because he's doing a special project at work. Today, I went to Lowe's and bought the green drywall I needed for the tub surround (it's meant for areas with moisture).

I had to cut the drywall in the parking lot in order to fit it in my car, and thankfully it all worked out. But I can't work on it until my brother gets done with the plumbing. 

Anyways! Here are some pictures from this week...

I'm actually sitting in the bathtub right now, writing this post. I used to go in my closet when I needed quiet time to myself, but I think this bathtub (empty) will do just fine!

As I plan what to do with the new space when the construction part is finished, I want to make a little cat haven/ cat jungle gym wall. Right now, they love going on top of the closet I built in the bathroom. Duck climbs the ladder up, and then when he's ready to come done, he just meows until I go get him. He has me trained. (He's actually up there right now, watching while I write.)

Here are a few ideas I found on Pinterest that I am considering to use as a sort of "ladder" for them to climb up and down:

The first one would be the easiest and I like that I'd easily be able to move it around. I also like the second one with all the long shelves. It looks more decorative. But I'll see what I can come up with!

This is the start from our cross country meet last Saturday. I love this particular meet! You can see the whole thing from the top of the hill. It's notoriously cold, though. Every. single. year. This year was probably the coldest yet! It was SUPER windy.

I wasn't surprised that two of our kids got medals. These two are the fastest on the team.

This is very hard to see, but when I was driving home from therapy on Tuesday, I saw a car ahead of me on the expressway that had these decals on the window. I was driving, so I couldn't get a picture. Then, completely coincidentally, I was stuck in line behind this car at the cross country meet! The car is a minivan and on the left side of the window, there is a picture of a minivan that says, "Never say never". And on the right, it says: "Cool minivan" -Nobody.  Hahaha! I thought it was hilarious. (I owned a minivan when my kids were little.)

This made me laugh. I love Joaquin Phoenix. He and Natalie Portman actually narrated the Dominion documentary I saw that changed my life (made me become vegan). 

Duck was so happy sprawled down my legs (he's huge!) and I could tell that Estelle wanted up. She knows that I don't let her bully the other cats to get off my lap for her. So she tip-toed around, watching Duck like a hawk, and finally settled on my stomach. I had been trying to blog, but there was no room for my computer at that point. So I just held out as long as my bladder did.

This was a spicy peanut noodle bowl I made a couple of days ago when I was in need of comfort food. It was so good!

The starting line of our final race! (We have one more on Saturday, but it's optional and I think only seven kids are going.) On Monday we have a Halloween run, and then the season is over. Just like that! Can you believe it? Karen, a blog reader, donated a trophy (it's a runner and the plaque says "future olympian". I brought it to practice and the kids all wanted it of course. So, Renee and I are going to look at things like most improved times, who runs without complaining, who shows up to practice the most, etc. And then we'll award them with the trophy.

I went to the dentist yesterday to have my teeth cleaned, and I was shocked when I saw my hygienist's room! It was totally decked out in an 80s theme. How fun! She even had 80s music playing. (I hate 80s music, but it went along with the decor nicely.) She said they are doing a contest this month where all the hygienists are decorating with a different theme. I think this one far outweighs the others, but they still aren't done yet. They'll have voting starting next week, I think.

She took me on a little tour to see the rest of the rooms: 

Yesterday, on the way home from cross country, I stopped at Kroger to pick up some soy milk. I was in and out in less than five minutes. When I went inside, the weather was perfectly normal. And when I came out, it was snowing! Big fat snowflakes. It snowed even harder on the way home. I couldn't believe it.

We're supposed to have great weather this weekend, though. Tomorrow, I have a cross country meet in the morning and then I'm meeting my old friend Jessica (remember her?! We ran our first marathon together) for a walk at the state park and then Sunday, I'm meeting a blog reader-turned friend, Jen, for a walk at the Metropark. It'll be nice to catch up with each of them while taking advantage of the weather!

And that's all I've got. Have a great weekend! xo

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  1. OMG those dental rooms! Love it. Hope you have a great weekend. Wish I lived closer. A walk with you would be splendid. Some day.


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